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Last Updated on September 29, 2020

Drop shipping – an outline

For most of you drop shipping might be a new concept. Well, if you are not aware of what exactly does it mean, here is the synopsis of the same. Also, to understand the term, it is vital to be friends with the new trend of business, i.e. e-commerce. With the advent of technology, e-commerce business has reached a new level, and this is the reason, businessmen find it difficult to reach and every customer. 

Here comes the solution; drop shipping. In this, a seller does not take the responsibility of keeping the stocks or holding a warehouse. Rather, the lists of the shipment details are directly transferred to the drop shipper. The work of the drop shipper is to connect with the wholesale business provider with a view to ship the products to the customers straightaway. 

Alas, drop shipping is an escalating business with no risk attached, if you are following the proper steps. As well as, it will not cut down your capital in any manner; in fact, your home will turn into your office and will revert with enormous returns.

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The niche of drop shipping can’t be well-read overnight, and even one tries to gather knowledge it is time taking. Hereby the only solution available on the foot front is getting educated with the drop shipping courses. You might be confused concerning the courses; considering is it there or not? The answer is, yes, there are many numbers of renowned courses that you can learn without spending a single penny. 

The free learning podiums of drop shipping

If you are a beginner and have less idea on the subject, then it will eat up most of your time. On the contrary, the time you keep your focus on grabbing knowledge on cross-border e-commerce, things will fall in the track. Also, get caught up in training projects to ascertain much professionalism into your business. It will make your path easy and successful too. 

A quick look at the renowned companies that offer free drop-shipping courses for the interested ones!

Chinabrands University 

This university is the wholesome solution for the beginners who are looking for a reliable drop shipping course. It has worked on each and every corner, so the concerned person need not go out of the borderline.

  • The availability of warehouse and inventory to ship the products to the targeted customers
  • System integration support to Amazon, Shoppe, Jumia, eBay, Aliexpress, Wish and the list goes on. 
  • An online forum is structured to keep the drop shippers updated with news. Along with this, it also offers SEO, analysis of data, promotion and platform operation. 


It is an online website dedicated to the drop shippers with latest courses in the niche. Here you can join classes and sessions with a sign-up, and it is totally free too. 

  • Option of mini-courses of drop shipping with advanced features
  • The course includes more than PPC, searching suppliers, creating a site for drop shipping etc
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Even paid courses are also available with 4997$. Depending on your choice, you can also proceed with the drop ship lifestyle course.

Online Empire Academy 

Learning with the help of blogs and articles are the new trend, and drop shipping is not so far from it either. In this blog website, you will come across experience of the real drop shippers, tools used in the e-commerce business and many ideas.


It is the finest podium for learners coming from anywhere in the world. On this site, you will find amazing courses, lectures and classes not only on drop shipping but in various other subject streams too. With 65,000 courses online, Udemy has made a remarkable place for both free and paid courses.


It is a learning community holding around 19,000 classes and counting. The community offers the courses membership, free of cost. One who is looking for complete access needs to pay around 12$/monthly. 

If you are really interested in learning the online business and drop shipping, then this site is the perfect place to approach for. With much information on the topic, the site will direct you towards doing legitimate online business.

MIT Open Courseware

The name says it all; yes, the course has been part and parcel of MIT. On this site, you will be showered with several free online courses. Added to this, here you can also hunt for search engine courses together with supply chain management and marketing ones. 

The untold secrets of learning drop-shipping course online 

To begin with a business online and when it is drop shipping, get ready for the cut-throat competition. During this time, no matter how efforts you are pouring in, despite proper knowledge, nothing will work at all. Therefore, your journey must begin with learning a drop shipping course for free and mint the benefits. 

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Dealing with the absolute product 

Not every product is suitable to jump into the drop shipping business. In this scenario, you must keep two things in mind – competition and customers. Entering the market with something new is not essential, but you should give the customers what they are looking for. Plus, never the competition that is already there around. You will get to know the basic difference of the product selection in the course. 

The right store for the business

Unless you are ready with the precise or the spot store for your online business, it will become a difficult task to succeed further. Consequently, there is nothing to worry about, as you can learn the basics here. 

Entering the virtual world through a store

An online store is very much different from an offline store. Here the customers don’t have the liberty to approach the product physically. Instead, they are made to believe the chosen products are outstanding and worth their expectations. Now, this is a challenging task and needs extreme efforts. To excel in creating an online store, these drop-shipping courses will proffer you with the exact track.

Optimum utilisation of the free applications

In this world, you have to spend your time doing smart work. In this same manner, while you are setting up an all-new online store, various cost-free applications will come into action. But the question appears which application will be a correct resort and which can be skipped? You will get the answer from the courses listed above. 

Understanding the importance of advertisement 

Without creating a meaningful advertisement, it is impossible to reach the heart of your customers. It is merely for the reason that the business outside is flooded with competition. In a way, the pressure to succeed and connect with the customer lies solely on the ads. The dilemma of advertisement depends on choosing the correct podium, alternative methods, and fulfilling the purpose. All of these can only be gained through the courses of drop ships. 

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Wrapping up the story of drop-shipping 

After going through the entire analysis of the courses, basics, and why it is crucial; you must be thinking, why I don’t read the books on this subject. Bookish knowledge will work you up to a limit but coming to the practical field; perception of the business will inevitably change. You should implicate both on theoretical and practical knowledge equally to attain success in the online business. 

Read out the books and do implement the practical know-how altogether to meet the goals and satisfaction of the customers. To mint money with incredible numbers of traffic, you have to keep your eyes on all the possible elements. Last but not least, no single factor will make you reach the business stars unless you mould each of them with your best efforts. 

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