Best Refurbished Mobile Phones Wholesale Suppliers

This guide will help you find the best distributors that wholesale used and refurbished mobile phones at a low price. It also includes answers to the most common questions so you don’t make any mistakes.

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What is a Used/Refurbished Mobile Phone?

A refurbished phone is also known as a preowned or reconditioned phone. It can be said that someone bought the phone and returned it to the manufacturer or retailer due to any defect in the product.

The problem is usually with the phone’s hardware. For example, the phone case has cracked or the display screen has been damaged. In some cases, the problem might not be apparent but the client changes his mind within 30 working days. The item is called a “refurbished” item and it can be sold again once the problem has been resolved.

Before being put up for sale, all these phones have been thoroughly tested and verified. The phone will be completely wiped of all data and will then be sold in a brand new condition.

The only difference between a new and refurbished phone is that it has been used. Although technically a refurbished phone does not qualify as a new one, it functions exactly like one.

Why are Refurbished Phones in High Demand?

Although it might not be a brand new phone, buying at a discount siphoneo is a great deal. Many consumers save a lot of money by buying refurbished mobile phones wholesale in india. It is easy to buy refurbished mobile phone wholesale in india.

The primary reason that users choose to resell or use refurbished cell phones is their cost savings. This is a fantastic opportunity for buyers to purchase a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

The retailors grade these phones based on certain specifications. These grades are:

Grade A: The phone appears new or the client has not reported any signs of using it.

Grade B: This category includes phones that have chips or scratches from being used over time.

Grade C: This product will appear used and will show signs of wear.

Where can I buy wholesale refurbished cell phones?

Mobile phone users often have a hard time finding a phone that is affordable. They may consider purchasing their favourite brands from a wholesaler or whole sailor. They can still enjoy the latest iPhone model while paying the lowest price.

Many online platforms offer huge savings on wholesale refurbished phones. Let’s take a look at each platform to find the right one for you.


It is a well-known platform that sells refurbished, pre-owned, and open box phones at huge discounts. Prices range from 10 to 30 percent from different companies. You can find the most recent models of mobile phones here. They were bought, opened, and then returned to you.


You can contact Apple directly if you’re interested in purchasing refurbished iPhones wholesale for your company. All iPhones available in the refurbished store have been tested and verified. Apple offers a minimum one-year warranty on all unlocked iPhones. The products can be returned without a restocking fee.


The platform repairs mobile phones purchased directly from consumers. You can get great deals and prices on used and new items. Wholesale uk mobile phones are also available.

Q & As for Wholesale Refurbished Cell Phones

Q1: Is it possible to trust a distributor to sell refurbished phones? What are your thoughts?

When purchasing a refurbished smartphone, make sure you only choose a trusted distributor. Both the seller and distributor must be verified. If you don’t have any details on the refurbishment, both can be reexamined.

Q2: What can I do to complain about a wholesaler who sells refurbished phones made by Makehit?

Contact the customer service department of each whole sailor 24/7. If you purchased from a well-respected whole sailor, your complaint will be immediately taken into consideration. Chinabrands, a global leader in wholesale business, offers attractive discounts and offers to purchase refurbished phones.

Q3: Is it possible to get insurance for wholesale refurbs? How?

If you buy from a trusted store, you can get insurance for wholesale refurbs. When buying wholesale refurbs products online, the warranty is the most important factor.

Your warranty covers any defect that may occur in your product. Most refurbs products come with a warranty of varying durations. The warranty is provided either by the manufacturer or wholesaler.

You can contact the manufacturer directly if there is a problem with your product. You can get a warranty for up to one year. Or, it could be less than one year. Retailers often offer warranties with varying lengths that can vary depending on the refurbishment grade.

Q4: Where can I find a reliable wholesaler to sell refurbished mobile phones in India

You can find many sites online that sell refurbished phones at wholesale prices. Chinabrands is an international platform you can use for buying refurbished mobile phones from India.

It is a trusted wholesaler and has gained the trust of millions of customers all over the globe. It’s a trusted platform with the best customer service. You will find top brands to buy refurbished mobile phones in India, including Samsung, Apple and Canon.

The platform frequently reduces prices and sends out notifications to customers about exciting discounts. The platform allows you to view all of their products.


You should now be convinced about the benefits of a refurbished smartphone. There are many options available to those who are looking to save a lot of money by buying cheap refurbished phones.

Chinabrands is the best place to buy refurbished mobile phones wholesale. Wholesale refurbished phones are in excellent condition and at very affordable prices.