Cjdropshipping vs Nextsmartship Features and Comparison

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Each online brand has its own unique requirements, which is something that business owners need to consider when selecting eCommerce platforms and partners. It is difficult to make a decision with all the options available.

This article will provide an in-depth comparison of NextSmartShip and CJDropshipping to help you choose which one is best for your online business.

CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping provides a mix of product sourcing and order processing. Drop shippers can connect products to CJ and then the tool picks up the orders from their shops and handles them. CJ also offers add-on services such as Print on Demand, API Support, Photo, or Video Creation.

CJ can store merchandise for your private inventory and fulfill customers’ orders in addition to the other complementary services. CJ also offers after-sales services in the event that your packages get lost or damaged. CJ stands out from other drop shipping fulfillment platforms because it offers a lot of free services. This platform offers all services required for dropshipping.


NextSmartShip provides simple and effective order fulfillment services to eCommerce retailers and crowdfunding campaign coordinators. NextSmartShip offers clients the ability to expand their business globally by providing fulfillment centers in Hong Kong and China, Australia, Europe, Europe, and America.

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NextSmartShip does not offer dropshipping. You can still use NextSmartShip’s order fulfillment service as dropshipping, because there are no minimum orders. It will not require inventory management or storage costs, making it as cost-effective and risk-free as traditional dropshipping.


NextSmartShip, and CJDropshipping both operate in the eCommerce B2B space. This means that other companies can use their services. They target different niches.

  • NextSmartShip works as a third-party order fulfillment firm. They handle inventory, pick, pack and fulfill customer orders. Shipwire, ShipBob, and Easyship are their top competitors.
  • CJDropshipping is, as its name implies, a Dropshipping platform. CJDropshipping’s competitors are Oberlo and wiio.


CJ can integrate with many platforms, including Shopify, eBay and shipstation, WooCommerce and Lazada.

NextSmartShip also offers many integrations and is more flexible than CJ. It allows seamless integration with the following platforms: Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Amazon.

NextSmartShip can also integrate with unsupported platforms. You just need to ask NextSmartShip for a customized solution for your brand and they will help you get it set up.

Customer Service

CJ provides support to its clients in many ways. They can be reached by phone or email. You can also access the platform’s knowledge base, which includes video tutorials for using its features. CJ’s knowledgebase is intuitively designed. It categorizes the content into sections that offer video, content, and expert topics.

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NextSmartShip provides live chat, knowledge base and dedicated client support so that you can be sure of a prompt, helpful response to all your questions. Your account manager will help you with logistics management so that you can concentrate on your business.

NextSmartShip’s resource center provides valuable information such as how to get started on the NextSmartShip website and frequently asked questions. Pricing, product management, and pricing are all included. NextSmartShip’s resource center, just like CJ is organized well and integrates search functionality.


CJ’s main offering is a powerful dropshipping platform. CJ’s dropshipping app has many attractive features.

  • With just a few clicks, you can import products into your store.
  • Free product sourcing and thousands print-on-demand products
  • Source directly from Taobao and 1688
  • CJ’s can ship same-day from US warehouses to your US market.
  • The company can provide custom packaging and help you to monitor the quality of your product before shipping.
  • Automated order tracking and delivery analyses are available.
  • Dropshipping businesses can get 24/7 support

NextSmartShip offers fulfillment services. They will pick, pack and ship your orders when you sync with them.

NextSmartShip also offers crowdfunding services. You can get rewards for your customers with their low-cost, quick service. They will help you optimize shipping so that you can concentrate on your customers.

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NextSmartShip can help you prepare your merchandise to be stored in Amazon’s warehouses. Amazon has a lot of rules regarding fragile products and items sold in sets. The NextSmartShip team will assist you in ensuring that your packages comply with all requirements.

Although subscription boxes are very popular with eCommerce retailers, it can be difficult to do right. NextSmartShip has extensive experience with multiple subscription companies and can offer expert solutions for subscription fulfillment.

Nextsmartship has you covered, from custom packaging to order management and quality control, NextSmartShip, like CJ dropshipping offers dedicated client support and order synchronization.

Here, scope is the most important difference between NextSmartShip’s services and CJ.

CJDropshipping can only be used for dropshipping eCommerce. NextSmartShip offers many other services, including FBA preparation and Freight shipping.


CJDropshipping pricing

If they have the product you want in stock, they will only charge for shipping and price. However, if the products you wish to sell are not available in their US Storage locations you will be charged a shipping fee, processing fees, and warehouse fee. Storage fees start at USD 0.80 per cubic meter. New customers get the first 30 days free. The item weight will determine the processing fee.

CJ charges 1.5$ per cubic meters per day for inventory turnover rates below 5%.

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NextSmartShip pricing

NextSmartShip does not charge for its platform. It also doesn’t charge a fee to receive inventory. Handling will cost USD 0.99 per item. This includes packing, packaging, stickers, promotional inserts and other related services.

Signing up for the platform gives you access to significant shipping discounts from leading carriers.

NextSmartShip offers free storage for 90 days in China fulfillment centre, and 30 days storage in all other fulfillment centers.


Cjdropshipping warehouse locations

CJ maintains warehouses in Thailand, the United States, China and Germany. CJ has warehouses in several countries, allowing them to deliver products to customers around the globe. These facilities might not have the full capabilities of a fulfillment center, as they are listed on the CJ website as warehouses and not fulfillment centers.

NextSmartShip warehouse locations

Nextsmartship’s fulfillment centers and warehouses are located in some of the most important transport hubs around the globe. It doesn’t matter where customers live, they can still get their orders in 2 days. The Nextsmartship fulfillment centers are located in Europe, Australia, China, and the USA.


CJ and NextSmartShip both offer appealing features. CJDropshipping allows dropshippers to source products from top suppliers such as Taobao. If you don’t want to alter your business model and are looking for a dropshipping platform, this may be the right fit. CJDropshipping alternatives such as Oberlo or Spocket may also be available.

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CJDropshipping, unfortunately, lacks the ability to scale as a fulfillment partner. This makes it unlikely that they will be able to support your business in times of expansion.

Nextsmartship can be a trusted partner that will help you achieve long-term growth at a reasonable price. Nextsmartship offers many services that will help eCommerce businesses achieve sustainable growth.