Dan Vas Shopify Freedom Dropshipping Course Review

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First impressions from Dan Vas’s Shopify Freedom Course…in one word: underwhelming.

There is no logo on the official website.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Vas uses the exact same font for the course name or the course logo header.

It is amazing that someone who talks about building a brand and longevity doesn’t do the basics of Shopify Freedom landing pages.

Are you being too critical?

If someone claims to be a master of brand marketing, it would appear that they would apply their knowledge to their course website…

I’m not kidding, a logo is branding 101. It can be made in under 20 minutes.

This is my opinion.

You can see that I was concerned immediately about this course.

But I can’t.

Let me explain.

Introduction Dan

Dan Vas is someone you may have seen on YouTube or maybe you’ve invested in his Amazon Freedom Course Review. The Amazon course continues to get a lot more attention than the Shopify Freedom Course.

In 2017, Dan opened his first Amazon eCommerce shop. He had some failed attempts, but eventually he was successful and launched his first eCommerce company with Amazon in 2017. He launched a dropshipping business in 2018.

The Amazon Freedom Course.

Dan spends a year creating a business model. Then he becomes a master, in his words. He then creates a course to share all of his knowledge.

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(I don’t know about you, but you’re not able to do much in a year …..

Dan claims he invented dropshipping branding.

He created branded stores that ship in 2-3 days. They also offer high-quality products.

Sorry, …. that was completely ridiculous.

Dropshipping is a proven business model that has worked well for many years. Gymshark has been dropshipping and building their brand using custom packaging and short shipping times since 2012.

All that will be left aside is Dan’s claim to have made a lot of money. His courses made him even more money, I’m sure. But, I’ll still give him the benefit.

I was determined to see if he could keep his word.
I searched Reddit for experiences from people who took the course, but couldn’t find any. ….

Dan Vas has more than 4k fans on his FB Page and Dan had over 25k Instagram followers by the end of December 2022.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Dan is a popular social media user with accounts on YouTube, Instagram and YouTube.

Dan has 279k Youtube followers who keep up with his fast-talking.

One favorite comment was “Solid Information, I watch all of my videos at 1.5x speed. Thank You!

… What Can You Expect from This Course?

9 modules and 75 videos in just over ten hours.

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Shopify Freedom asserts that this is all it offers:

Unlimited 24/7 Access

True Unlimited access to the course, private Facebook groups and other content

Over 75 hours of step by-step video

False More than 75 videos and not hours

The complete training is broken down into 10 modules. This course will teach you everything you need to start a successful 6-7 figure eCommerce company.

True. However, this is just one step.

Side Note: Get my FREE Dropshipping Guide to help you get started. It consists of 14 steps. Click on the button to see it.

Key points and downloadable PDFs below every course video to help you as you go

True –

Complete Plan of Action with Expert Mentorship and Guidance

Ehhhh! I’m wary of courses that contain the word “complete”. While you might believe it’s complete according to the instructor, 3 year college degrees aren’t considered “complete”.

– The FB Group offers mentorship and guidance.

Unlimited Mentorship With Dan Vas Via his Private Facebook To Ask Any Questions You Have About Shopify & Online Businesses

It is understandable, I have to admit. Keep in mind, however, that he offers “unlimited mentorship span>” to thousands of Amazon Freedom Course students.

Red Flag – He has many students. Don’t let Dan advertise something he can’t or will not deliver on.
2 hour bi-weekly LIVE Mentorship Group Calls

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True You can access the Group calls. There are hundreds of students participating in the calls.

Private Facebook Group Access to Ask Questions and Receive Additional Support

True. You can get feedback and support from other members, but not Dan.

– Millionaire Mindset Secrets Course Access to A COMPLETE Mindset Training Program With Dan Vas Unreleased Anywhere Else (value $22,497).

It’s true – it’s not available elsewhere. But, it’s in the same vein that Dan’s YouTube videos on the subject…

A word of caution. Remember that “student results”, such as these, are sales figures.

This is what I will be trying to get right: Total revenue IS NOT profit.

Dropshippers need to subtract all expenses from the income to calculate how much they make each day.

It’s not possible to determine the exact advertising cost of dropshippers.

It is best to ignore people who reveal their incomes, but not their expenses.

That’s it… Let’s move on to the course.

Shopify Freedom Course Breakdown

This course contains 9 modules (including the Bonus section), 75 videos and more than 10 hours worth of content.

Module 1 – Introduction

Module 1 introduces Dan and what you can expect from the course. Dan highlights these things:

  • These are the fundamental steps to building a worldwide eCommerce store that is profitable.
  • A continuous mindset that allows you to be focused on your success.
  • You can expect to see the progression of a Shopify store that is successful and grows to 6/7 figure per year.
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Module 2: Intelligent Product Research

Module Two is where Dan will explain how to choose a product that will last.

Dan shares practical examples of dropshipping products which have been successful. These examples will help you to see what to look out for. To sell these products or obtain licenses, an LLC must be registered.

He can also show how much your competitor makes and where you can find Amazon FBA products. Although his “mastery” of Amazon was a positive, I wanted more.

Dan will show you how to validate your product in order to sell it.

Dan’s method reminded me a lot about Anton Kraly Dropship Lifestyle, Scott Hilse Simplified Dropshipping Methods. It’s not new.

Module 3 – Finding a High-Quality Supplier

Dan will help you find the right supplier.

It is crucial to establish strong relationships with your supplier. Dan has also included a Supplier Checklist.

Dan will show you how to get samples from potential suppliers so that you can verify quality and delivery.

It is important to locate suppliers with US warehouses. It can take several weeks for your products reach you if they don’t have US warehouses.

Note: AliBaba deals only with manufacturers, not suppliers. They have a minimum order amount. Once orders are received, you will need to order them and then ship them yourself.

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Module 4: Creating Your Store

Dan shows how to set up Shopify in this module. These videos look similar to those you’ll see in many courses on dropshipping.

You can find this information on YouTube.

Dan covers: how to get your domain name, building your brand, setting up pages, retargeting and other techniques- setting up shipping.

Making video ads.

The module included outstanding training on how to set up email campaigns and deal with abandoned carts. A highlight was product remarketing via SMS.

Mod 5: Zero to Expert with Facebook Ads

Dan demonstrates how to set your FB Ad account. – FB Ad optimization. – How to launch a FB Ad. – Setting up Lookalikes and Broad Audiences and scaling.
How to save money on ads and kill ads that don’t work

Module 6: Facebook Ads

Module Six contains Dan’s strategies for scaling your Facebook ads.

Dand’s methods of scaling are the most important. Dand will share five strategies that you can use to help you choose the right strategy.

Module 7: Elite Influencer Marketing

This module is about Influencers. Influencers are a powerful tool for marketing your product.

These are some excellent tips from Dan. How to find the right influencers. Social Media setup for maximum marketing effectiveness: Striking deals with influential people without breaking the bank – Locating and using micro-influencers

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Module 8 – Store Automation & Scaling to 1M/Year

Module 8 is for people who are able to make consistent profits, grow their business and have mastered the art of making money.

You might be spending too much time on repetitive tasks such as placing orders for customers. It’s time to scale your business.

Some aspects are not possible to automate, so it is important to hire a VA (virtual assistance).

Management of your business is all about controlling your cash flow. To grow your business, it is essential to establish customer service functions.

This should be done from the beginning, not after you have made money.

BONUS: Millionaire Mindset Secrets ($2,497)

My sincere desire is to learn how Dan reached $2,597. It is especially true when success strategies and methods are repeated, such as those of Napoleon Hill, Grant Cardone and others.

This module is basically an extension to Dan’s YouTube videos about the same topic.

Dan also recommends the 80% mindset, 20% work principle (The Pareto Principle) and the Us vs Them (91%-1%) principle. These principles are easy to find online and can be researched easily. This post is great about these principles.

It is important to have the right mindset. If you don’t visualize your goals, you won’t be able to achieve them.

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Is It Senseful?

Dan seems like he is living the laptop lifestyle. Follow him on social media to view his extravagant locations, flashy cars and luxurious apartments.
He can now afford the money.

It’s a smart idea to ask “Where did the money come? “
Are dropshipping gurus still making money?

Course description:

Is Dan Vas’ Shopify Freedom Course worth $497?

It isn’t the most expensive dropshipping course. The Ecom Success Academy course costs $2,497. It has more than 140 hours of content …)..

Shopify Freedom Course is a great value.

Franklin Hatchett’s Ecom Elites offers a great value at $197. Oberlo 101 is the same content but only $49.97.

It’s not the price..it is what you put into it.

Dan is already a fast runner. Dan is a fast runner and can run at 1.5x speed.

This course may be for you if your goal is to get started like Dan Vas did. I don’t recommend this course if you aren’t aware of better courses.

includes my top dropshipping courses recommendations.

Dropshipping can make me up to $10k per month.

Dropshipping will not be my main source of income.

I make more money elsewhere and it takes less work.

Dropshipping is something you should seriously consider if you’re serious. Before you make your final decision, you can read my #1 recommendation.

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Review Conclusion

Shopify Freedom’s selling features are what I reviewed at the beginning. These selling points are not repeated here.

The sales blurb for the course is great. It covers everything and even more than one FB Ads scaling strategy. This course will teach you how to build a brand that lasts.

Despite Dan’s passion for mentoring, I have seen many online forums where students claim that Dan has a tendency to ban people from the group.

The course is disappointing. It’s not worth the $497 price tag.

Which do you like?

  • Dan says that only those who are willing and able to work hard can follow the course. It’s nice that he doesn’t try to make it easy or quick.
  • 5 Scaling Strategies for Facebook Ads
  • Support such a private FB group or biweekly group calls.

The thing I didn’t like:

  • The content of the course is not complete or sufficient.
  • Dan speaks fast and grasps concepts quickly. This is difficult for beginners.
  • In student “results”, there is no mention whatsoever of any real profit margins.
  • False promises and claims include “Complete plan for action and expert mentorship + guidance”, “… Scaling to 1M/Year”
  • This isn’t the best model of online business for 2022.

Dropshipping is Really Amazing?

This was once. In 2017, it was possible to make a lot of money with very little input.

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Dropshipping is still a profitable business. I don’t need your email.

Dropshipping will be difficult in 2022 because of the rapid changes in the market. Dropshipping doesn’t work.

Dropshipping success stories are much less common than they were three years ago. It is now rare for a dropshipper to reach five figures in six months or one year.

Dropshipping is a failure rate of 90%

Reddit has an excellent thread explaining why dropshippers fail.

(The thread on Above Reddit can also be found.

This is often due to people entering a new business model without thoroughly researching it. I might believe that if I take a course they will have no mistakes and I’ll be successful.

I’m afraid it’s not so easy.

It comes down to hard work and determination. You may even find yourself in the red before the light at the end of the tunnel.

It is getting harder to find dropshippers in 2017 Being a smart marketer will help you stand out from your competition

It is essential to understand how to build a brand and run Facebook ads. You also need to know when to scale up and how to retarget.

Dropshipping requires patience. Dropshipping requires patience. If you are willing to put in the effort and fail often, you will be able master most of them.

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The first step is Experience. A course can’t teach this.

Dropship shop made $48k in one month You might be skeptical. Read more.

Dropshipping is a more lucrative business now than it was in the past. If I’m lucky, I can make around $10k per month.

I was less hardworking when I made $48k within a month than I am now. Dropshipping is going to be more difficult in 2022. This is my opinion.

Dropshipping Looks Deadly…But How Do You Get There?

…. I have great news!

Another option is dropshipping, which allows me to earn more income per month.

My online business model makes me more money than my one most profitable dropshipping months (yes the $48k).

More details can be found here: I make $50k/month from local lead generation.

This is a totally new concept for you. Here’s an example of one of my lead generation websites:

This lead generation website was established many years ago. My client still calls it every month, and he is happy to pay $2k per month.

This business model provides passive income and practically unlimited growth opportunities.

Rent one lead generation website and rank it Continue this process until you have an empire.

While passive income is more lucrative that dropshipping, lead generation is my preference over dropshipping.

  • Dropshipping is more expensive than lead generation . To rank your website and to be skilled in what you do, you will need to invest more time.
  • There is very little maintenance required once your site has been ranked. Dropshipping involves responding to customer inquiries, placing orders, tracking shipping, refunding customers, and launching ad campaigns in order to retarget audiences.
  • Dropshipping is very cost-effective. Dropshipping is a business that requires you to promote in order to make money. Lead generation allows you to rank organically (i.e. It’s completely free. You don’t have to pay marketing costs and you don’t even need a virtual assistant.
  • Local Lead generation lets you live a true laptop life.
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Let’s not forget about the potential earning potential of lead generation.

This is also a great way for you to connect with your local community. You can help entrepreneurs start new businesses or grow existing ones. These are life-changing experiences that can truly change lives.

People do well when they do well.

We have more of it than ever.

This is a better business model that selling useless crap online.

There’s no comparison.

You have it. Local lead generation is my top choice for 2022 and beyond.

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