Dropshipping Success Stories – From a 18 Year Old Guy

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There is a lot of motivation that is needed when it comes to Dropshipping business model. As we know that it is one of the most time taking process so tricks & tips and some motivational stories from other Dropshippers always help in this regard. In this article we will share some Dropshipping success stories with you that will make you believe that You can be successful as well with correct steps and hard work in Dropshipping.

We will share you story of how to make $90k in two to two and a half months in influencer market. There are Dropshippers who made as much as $50k through Instagram alone. The money that has been spent for producing such profit was between $8 to $15 in marketing. This money was enough to gather huge traffic on the Dropshipping website.

The profit will still be the same even if the conversion rate is low. If your breakdown Facebook ads for example, if you get ten thousand people to your site. When it comes to influencer market it doesn’t create much difference if you are not getting enough sales because you are somehow collecting data for your store. You will get to know what type of audience you should target. Things like brand awareness and data are very beneficial for the long run.

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Data which comes to you through your Dropshipping website is very much valuable to you in terms of influencer market.

How to make $54k?

The approach that you need to adopt is to go for influencer marketing and collect as much data as you can. Then you can use this data to target audience on Facebook ads. In this way you can earn money more efficiently.

How influence marketing works?

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful ways to get success in Dropshipping business. Influencers in the current scenario are so powerful. If an influencer gives a shout out to your products people will definitely buy those products. There are people who look to some influencers so much that they do whatever these influencers say. People usually buy the products that some influencers suggest. So, you can imagine the potential of these influencers.

First you have to collect data to determine which products will be suitable for Facebook ads and which will be suitable for Instagram. We, suggest you to make use if influencer market as much as you can as it can reap huge number of profits.

It may take a lot of time for you to get a lot of followers on Facebook page but its not the case with influencer market. Its easier to get followers in influencer market.

Its very important to collect as much data as you can before getting into Dropshipping business. After getting 200 to 300 purchases transit your products on Facebook. It is a very good idea to make use of Facebook ads along with influencer market.

So, it was all about how you can get success in Dropshipping in less amount of time.

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