How to Find Dropshipping Winning Products from Facebook Search?

Business is fundamentally about selling and buying. You must ensure that the product you sell is viable in the market where you intend to place it.
Your business’ success is dependent on your ability to succeed. If you are interested in eCommerce,
Market, think about your niche and how you want to be perceived.
Products that you decide to sell

So, I’ll go through every step you should take to make sure you are happy.

We’ll go over all the steps to help you choose the best.
Products. You’ll also find tips and information on how to choose the right platforms to search for products.

Take five minutes to learn how dropshippers can find the best products for their businesses.

Five Platforms where you can find the winning products for dropshipping

You should know that virtually every online shop has a selection of top-selling products. Most entrepreneurs don’t make use of this tool enough.

Although there are many online shops selling the same product, that does not mean they all sell them.
You won’t succeed in selling products that aren’t already on the market. The right product selection is key to success.
You can sell these products by researching the markets and finding products that you are able to successfully market
Even the most well-known products can be a challenge

Let’s now take a look at some of the top platforms that you can use for finding suitable products.

Amazon Bestseller – The Most Renowned Platform in the World

Although this is a obvious choice, there are many reasons why it is so popular.

Here’s an example: The list of top-selling and most popular products is updated every hour so that you always have the latest data. You will also find many brand products, such as Lego, Apple and Nike.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t non-branded products on these lists. Guess what? And guess what?

This is your job: Find the most common generic items and then determine if they are available on Oberlo.

The next step is to sell the product on your own. Simply put, if they are best sellers on Amazon they can also be on your website.

You’re probably thinking, “I can’t compare with the largest online retailer in the world – people already trust it and their prices are much better.”

Bonus Tip: Dropshipping Secrets You Need to Know

Proper branding is key to sales success. People are often not aware of their branding options.
They are purchasing the winning products and the winning brand by buying them.”

Why would people shop at your store over Amazon? They want to feel part of your company and will share their support with others. Remember to use your own name and create your brand around the product you find.

For example, look at leggings. Generic pairs can be found for as low as $10 to $15. However, most people prefer to purchase the Nike ones and pay an additional $30-40. Why would people do this? It’s easy – they love the brand and want to be associated.

This strategy could work in your store. Start by taking a generic item and creating an appealing brand to sell it.

Wish – Great for Dropshipping Products

Another eCommerce platform is very popular and offers the best.
Selling is just as important as winning products. Wish is a very popular platform for shopping.
You can find popular products by looking at ratings and reading active reviews.

Although it can be a little more difficult to find the best-selling products on Wish, many of their most successful products are generic. This allows you to easily feature similar effects in your eCommerce store.

This platform has one exciting feature: most of the items can be purchased.
Impulsively. These products are easy to market via social media platforms such as
Facebook and Instagram

When browsing Wish, remember to look for unusual, colorful and fun items. These are the products we consider winning. Remember, you want to catch the customers’ attention and make them think “Oh wow! This looks cool; I guess that I can afford $10 for it!”

To find the best products, take a look at your competition

It’s always a good idea to look at similar stores to yours. Look at the products and services offered by successful eCommerce shops. You can still learn from their success, even if you don’t have the exact same product.

Let’s say you are opening a fashion store. You can find current trends in fashion by going to a fast-fashion shop like H&M.

It is important to create success online shops within your niche. You will discover patterns and connections that you can use for your business by looking at the websites of competitors.

Take a look at the eBay Watch Count to Win Products

The watch count is an excellent tool to help you decide which products to sell on your site. This allows you to see which items are most popular on eBay.

Searches can be based on keywords that are related to your niche or store. You can also add a detailed description to get more precise results.

Let me give you an example. You can search for “fitness bands” in your store and check the watch counts. If you are looking for a unique selection to add to your store, and want to know if it is popular, you can search eBay for “tube fitness band” and check out the results.

The most popular items in your store will be the ones that get the most views. Remember that the more specific you are with your search, the less views you products will get. This is normal as most people won’t search for specific items.

Oberlo – Another Place to Find Winning Products

Oberlo is your gateway to thousands of AliExpress products. You can access one of the largest eCommerce stores worldwide and see which items are most popular in the past month, half year or even a year. This allows you to see if the product has been a success or not.

You can also see many different metrics for each item. You can also see how customers rate the product by reading their comments about what advantages they have.

Another statistic is import. This gives you information about how many stores sell the exact same product, as well as how many new products have been launched within the last month.

The order numbers allow you to see how the product performed over the past 30 days. This will help you decide if it is a trending or dying product. This is important because you don’t want your product to stop selling.

You can choose from a variety of products for your dropshipping store

It’s impossible to find products or niches that appeal to everyone. This is why it’s important to choose the right customers for your store.

Let’s look at some products that will make your eCommerce store a success.

Hobbies are the winning products

Imagine that you have ever met someone who is passionate about a hobby. If that’s the case, then you will know they are obsessive about their hobby and will purchase anything for their pets, including stickers, tools, equipment, etc.

They are willing to spend large sums of money. If you target the right people and offer something that appeals to them, your store will succeed.

Products that appeal to business customers

They are often recurring customers and buy bulk. If you have a good relationship with them, they will be loyal customers for life.

If you are going to sell business-related products, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

One is to make items more accessible to large businesses and the general public. Remember that business customers are very sensitive to price, so make sure you charge reasonably.

Repeat purchases

You can make recurring income by selling disposable items or products that are frequently in need of replacement.

It is important to remember, however, that selling products that are easily found in any store will not work.

Five Tips to Choose the Best Products

We have so far covered two areas: where to find the products for your shop and factors
There are many things to keep in mind when selecting products to sell. We have many more tips.
You can find more useful information below.

Search for products that have no advertising restrictions

Facebook and Google have banned advertising products that are related to the tobacco industry, adult material, and even face-masks. But the list doesn’t stop there.

Before you buy a product, make sure to read the terms.

Ads are a major driver of sales for most eCommerce stores. These two platforms are the most popular advertising platforms. You don’t want your products to be sold if you can’t advertise them.

Find a Solution to a Problem With Your Product

People are always searching for ways to simplify their lives. This idea is the basis of some of the most popular business ideas. You can think of robotic vacuum cleaners and washing machines.

Although I don’t recommend selling household products, it is a good idea to look for products that can help clients save energy and time.

It is difficult to find products

You don’t want your batteries to be sold online. Why? Because it’s not your style to sell a product that customers can buy at any nearby store.

Customers will only buy items that aren’t easily available in their region. They will pay for shipping and wait patiently.

Here’s an example. Assume you are looking for a witch’s costume. Every shop you visit
If you’re looking for Halloween-themed merchandise, there will be one in stock.
You can purchase the item you need in minutes. Let’s say that you need medieval knight armor.
Show – maybe it’s not available in your area, so we’d be delighted to place an order
It can be done online.

Avoid selling items that are too expensive.

Impulse purchases such as neck pillows and dog leashes are a major part of online stores.
Necklaces and phone cases. These products are usually priced between $10 and $15.
To $50 If you want to have a successful event, the price should not exceed $50
When you start off, store.

Why? It’s simple. Customers won’t give you money.
A new online brand can cost $5000 or $1000 They are willing to spend that amount if they want.
They will look for a brand that has a good reputation in this space to sell an item.

Stick to the proven to work options – smaller, more affordable options that customers prefer
You can buy without second-guessing.

Market Potential

An eCommerce store’s biggest sales driver is marketing. You are not being marketable.
Your business cannot rely on its reputation or organic reach if it is well-known. You must rely on an effective advertising campaign. You must market a product that is simple to sell in order to achieve this.

You can determine if a product is marketing-ready by brainstorming the types of ads that you could run. Are you able to write blog posts about it It would make a great promotional video.

This product will not be a good fit for your store if you don’t have the means to market it.

These Trending Niches Will Help You Find a Winning Product in 2021

Trends change every month and every single day. Trends can’t be predicted for a year.
Topics. However, you can make educated guesses with the right research.

You need to be aware of several things – what is happening outside?
What are the implications of this for eCommerce? And what trends will it continue to influence?

For instance, 2020 was the year to stay at home. People were naturally looking for activities – such as puzzles, board games and DIY kits. They were also looking for ways to keep fit and active while staying at home. This led to an increase in sales of gym equipment.

Things are looking the same for now because of constant lockdowns. You’ve got to keep inside.
Find ways to keep you busy. This is a great opportunity to explore product possibilities.


Many people look for ways to pamper themselves at home. Women are the most vulnerable.
Because non-covid days don’t offer them, they are drawn to longer beauty rituals.
You will not have enough time. This will allow you to purchase crystal rollers and face and foot masks.
nail polish supplies.

The market is expected to continue growing in 2021, particularly as warmer months approach.

Fitness and Health

Many people realized how important it was to be healthy and stay healthy during the pandemic.

Many customers chose to stay in their homes, as they had limited access to the outdoors and a gym.
To exercise at home, you can purchase things such as yoga mats and jump ropes.

Electronic Devices

Everything can be done online these days: school, work and even lessons in swimming.

What allows us to do this? The devices. As we spend more time with our smartphones, tablets, and laptops, we naturally buy accessories such as skins, cases, longer charging cables, and wireless headphones.

As more people look for automated homes, the intelligent home market has expanded.

Home Decor and Furniture

You can think, “Oh my God, this house needs some!” if you stay at your home all day.
Many people started serious renovations during lockdown.
furniture, repainting, or adding garden features.

Many people started renovating their homes while they were at home. They bought new decor, changed furniture and made other changes to the home.

This sparked interest in the decor market, which is great for eCommerce stores because many of the items are small and lightweight. These items are also affordable and can be purchased as impulse purchases.

Pet Accessories

Pet owners are like obsessive hobbyists. This is what it means.
They’ll buy anything for their pets – new toys, snacks, and exciting accessories.
They will buy clothes of any kind.

The best part is that these items are usually cheap so people can shop without much thought. This niche is thriving in the eCommerce market for a while now, and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.

Find winning products with promo videos for facebook ads ?

Just type “50% off” “free shipping” in your facebook search box and tap to video tab. Then check the year 2018 and search videos from last 3 months.

You can see all the latest dropshipping products with promo videos. Based on the views, comments and shares you can use it for your dropship store.

Repeat the same process with “60% off” “free shipping”“70% off” “free shipping” and “just pay shipping” to get more cool products.

Choose products by the post engagements, if the post got comments in last 5 days or 7 days then the product is not much saturated and good to use.

To find winning products and promo videos for a specific niche, just alter the search terms like baby just pay shipping , hiking just pay shipping , fishing just pay shipping , outdoor just pay shipping and so on.

How do i use it in my store ? 

--> Open the video.

--> Click on the product URL.

--> Visit the product page.

--> Copy the product title.

--> Search in Aliexpress.

--> Import to your store.

Download the video using

What if the video has watermark ?

Enter the product title in facebook search, go to videos tab. You will see different videos for the same product. Open all the videos one by one. Sure you will get some clean videos without any watermarks. Eventhough you didn’t get clean videos, you got a winning product. Promote it using image ads or make one video or use any video editing experts to remove watermarks and logos.

Since it is free source we need to spend some time and effort to get winning products in this technique. If you do not have time to research on this, we do it for you and add products directly to your store with videos embedded in the product description.  Read more here.

Can we use these videos on our Dropshipping website without any issue of IPR infringement?

There will be no issues. Since many dropshippers already used this on their stores.

Will all the products which we find in this video be available on the Aliexpress website how do we search for that?

Not sure all the products available in Aliexpress. But more than 85% products available in Aliexpress based on my research.

Spy our competitor ads:

You aim to find advertising with a high rate of interaction. Look for positive reviews and people who have tagged their friends and family. Make a mental note of which items pique your interest the most.

Here are a few strategies for spying on your rivals’ ads.

Get to their marketing funnel.

You are starting regular visits to the websites of your rivals. Add a few things to your cart and then abandon it. You should start seeing advertisements from your competitors on your social media pages soon. Please make a note of them and save or print them for later review.

Now we can spy our competitor ads directly from their Facebook page.  For example, this is my competitor Fb page. Original Free Ship Deals. You can see all the ads they are running by clicking Info and Ads tab.

Turbo Ad finder Google chrome extension   allows you to filter your Facebook newsfeed to ONLY show ads.

Find your competitor from Google Search:

Like Facebook search, we can find our competitors from Google search as well. Use the search query as <niche>

For example when using search term as hiking you will the hiking shopify stores.  I am damn sure all the stores are shopify stores. You can confirm it by using our Commerce Inspector Tool

Alternatively we can try also like this.  In your Google search bar type  following your niche, babyoutdoorhiking etc. . .

How do we Keep in touch with our competitor ads ?

Confirm whether they are running Facebook ads. To check this, i recommend to use Facebook Pixel Helper Extension.

After visiting the store, click on the extension icon you will see like this. Then add to cart few products you will all of their store ads to your Facebook newsfeed.

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