How Does Shopify Pay Me and How Long does it Take?

I get asked this question all the time… How much does shopify pay?

I’m going today to answer that question and provide all the information you need about this topic.

Shopify is a leading eCommerce solution.

This is primarily due to:

  • They use the most advanced online marketing techniques
  • Use it quickly
  • Support from a reliable customer
  • Their services are flexible

Shopify payments, despite their glowing reputation, have had their own problems…

Let me briefly outline my thoughts about Shopify before we move on.

But, we’ll get back to it.

Shopify users were very unhappy with the card payment processing function that was previously available.

A third-party payment solution is required to receive card payments. This can be a hassle.

This is expensive and complex because you can only process payments through a different dashboard.

This would also mean that you’d be charged an additional fee.

The Shopify Payments Gateway has made everything possible.

The payment processing system can be accessed directly from the Shopify main dashboard . This dashboard is easily managed through your store’s dashboard .

The payment gateway allows for payment processing via PayPal and

Shopify offers many payment options that you can choose from before making a decision on the right payment system.

It is worth your time to ensure you find the best solution for you and the business.

If you’re interested, I have written an article How Shopify works. This covers everything a beginner might need to know.

Shopify Payments Gateway

Shopify’s new payment system allows you to enjoy seamless payments.

This platform can be used to build and run online shops as well as brick-and-mortar stores.

A dedicated payment gateway system can be a huge win as it speeds up payment processing and reduces transaction costs.


Shopify Payments Gateway allows all Shopify users to accept card payments directly from their browsers without the need for third-party integrations.

This payment system charges 30C/ for all online transactions, plus a standard fee of 2.4% to 2.7% , depending on which Shopify plan you have.

Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments is a third-party payment management service.

This controls the payment process from the moment users enter their card details at checkout until the time that the money reaches their bank account.

Shopify Payments applies to all credit card accounts that are linked directly with Shopify.

Shopify Payments offers a great payment option for Shopify store owners, as it eliminates the middleman.

Shopify payments is cheaper and takes out a lot of the hassles.

Payment Fees

There are some things you need to know about Shopify Payments

What are shopify payments? This article will answer your questions.

Shopify no longer has to pay commissions on top of gateway fees.

Currently, the Basic Shopify and Shopify accounts are charged at 2%, 1.1% and 0.5% respectively.

These rates are also applicable if customers use PayPal to pay for their products.

Shopify Payments can be installed immediately as it is a completely free service.

Shopify Payments can be activated in your Shopify store, if available in your country.

Shopify Payments: The Pros and the Cons


  • The seamless integration of the app is possible because it sits in the right place on Shopify’s dashboard. It is no longer necessary to log in to another platform and then go through the lengthy payment processing process.
  • This lowers transaction fees
  • It can be used in conjunction with other trusted payment options such as Stripe and PayPal.


  • Shopify store owners are not able to access it in all countries.
  • Respect the Product Terms and Conditions
  • Chargeback fees of $15 per chargeback
  • You could have your funds frozen without warning

Third-Party Shopify Payment Service Providers

Shopify Payments is a great option for most users…

You may have to use third-party services, if your country doesn’t support it.

Third-party payment providers must ensure that payments are processed efficiently and that funds are released to your bank account promptly.

These services are available to you, but before you sign up, be aware of the following:

  • These service providers have their own rules and regulations. Before you sign up, you should read and understand them.
  • These payment providers charge additional fees for processing transactions.
  • Before you decide to proceed, take a look at the reviews left by other users

Shopify: Get Paid

Shopify Payments, or any third-party service, will transfer the income from your store’s sales to the bank only after withdrawal.

The customer pays for the product and you receive payment.

These are the steps involved in the payment process:

  • First, choose your preferred payment provider Shopify Payments or another provider.
  • Remember that only credit card details and customer information are required to process payments. Proof of delivery is also required.
  • After payment for product and delivery (the actual transaction), the applicable amount is credited to either your Shopify Payments account or to the account of the third-party. Transaction fees are charged by third-party merchants and not Shopify Payments.
  • Your earnings, less transaction fees and any other fees, will be credited to you bank or other preferred payment provider. From there, you can withdraw your funds.
  • Processing payments can take a few days. You might be able to manage your expectations regarding Shopify’s same-day payments.

It may sound complicated, but it is actually quite simple.

How to set up Shopify payments

The integration is automatic but you must set up Shopify Payments within 21 days of your first sale.

Shopify will refund customers if they fail to set up their accounts within the 21-day deadline.

This is what no one wants!

Once you have created your account, you can track your payouts via the Admin section.

Shopify Payments does not charge transaction fees. They only charge the card rate.

European store owners should be aware about their VAT implications…

You must be familiar with your VAT and tax obligations if you have a European business.

Another thing to mention: you can choose to receive your currency when you withdraw money from Shopify payments.

How often do you get paid on Shopify?

It all depends on which payment service provider you choose.

Shopify Payments has a built-in pay period system. This tells you how long it takes to receive your payment.

You’d automatically get money in your bank the moment a customer places an order or pays for a product at your store.

Shopify also allows payments made on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays to be grouped together and paid in one payment.

It is important to note that funds may not appear in your bank account immediately. This is because the transfer from the payment merchants can take up to 72 hours depending on where you live and your bank.

Processing transactions to Japanese bank accounts could take up to 5 business days. Transactions in the USA and Australia can take as little as 2 business days.

How to check your payments

These are the steps to verify your payment.

  • Log in to your Shopify Account
  • Visit the Admin Section
  • Click on the Settings tab
  • Click on the Payment Providers
  • Navigate to Shopify Payments and click on View Payments.

How to schedule your payouts

Shopify Payments also offers the advantage of scheduling your payouts.

These steps will help you schedule payouts:

  • Log in to your Shopify Account
  • Navigate to the Admin Section
  • Select the Payment Providers option under the Settings tab
  • Click Edit to go to the Shopify Payments section.
  • Next, click on the Edit tab and select the Payout Schedule Section.
  • Choose the best payout schedule for you, then save your changes (Click Save).

A few additional pieces of information might be helpful when it comes to paying your bill.

  • If your Shopify store is located in Japan, it’s not possible to schedule payouts. Payouts to Japan store are only made on Fridays, as mentioned previously
  • The payments are released on a daily basis or as soon as they become available.
  • If you don’t wish to receive a daily paycheck, a weekly or monthly schedule payout may be preferable.
  • A change to your payout schedule will affect the release of unpaid funds. The update takes effect immediately.
  • Bank delays can be expected.
  • Shopify will notify you if there is a failure to pay. However, it is best to contact your bank. Other times, funds may be placed on hold due to your payout schedule.
  • You will also receive notification about the payout failure via the payout page. To resolve the issue, first click on the Retry Payout page. Next, contact the bank or Shopify.

Is Shopify safe to use?

Because it is something I am always asked about in any software, I thought I would answer this question.

Shopify is as safe as you can get.

It’s the most secure ecommerce platform I know.

Shopify is a fully-hosted platform, which sets it apart from other platforms like Woocommerce or Magento.

Shopify is constantly conducting risk analysis on all aspects of their platform…

They are a large company that has a massive security team to protect customers and sellers.

All stores receive security updates and are regularly updated.

This is similar to Woocommerce. Each site administrator must update and patch the site.

Shopify must be secure. They are PCI compliant, and all stores have free SSL encryption.

It is safer than other open-source competitors.

How long does it take for shopify to pay me?

After being sent by customers, the payments can take up to 24-72 hours for them to appear in your Bank account.

The pay period length varies from one country to the next.

What’s a Pay Period?

Payment Period refers to the time period between the moment an order is placed in your shop and the day that you receive payment for it in your bank account.

Note that the Shopify payments service is only available to US, Puerto Rico, Canada and New Zealand stores. Except for Puerto Rico, it is not available in the US.

These are the details for each country’s pay period:

United States

The pay period for the United States is 2 business days. All orders placed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be paid together and sent in one payment.


Canada’s pay period is three business days. All orders placed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be paid together and sent in one payment.


Australia’s pay period is three business days. All orders placed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be paid together and sent in one payment.

New Zealand

The pay period for stores located in New Zealand is three days. All orders placed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be paid together and sent in one payment.

United Kingdom and Ireland

Australia’s pay period is four business days. All orders placed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be paid together and sent in one payment.

You can create shopify mobile apps by using the Plobal Apps mobile application DIY platform.

Shopify allows you to keep track of how much money has cleared and how much remains pending. All this is done from the Shopify admin panel. No matter where you live or what type of bank account, customers will pay you money through your Shopify store. After a few days processing, a customer pays for the product. The money is transferred to your Shopify merchant account, and then to your personal account.

Shopify Payments has another advantage: money is sent directly to your bank account. Shopify Payments allows you to receive payments in any currency other than the one you are selling in. Within 21 days of your first sale, you must set up your Shopify Payments account.

Customers who pay via third-party payment channels won’t be able to see their payout information in Shopify admin. Shopify Payments charges a card rate but does not charge a subscription fee. Shopify Payments will deduct the amount from your next payout if you issue a refund.

You can later refund the amount to the original payment method if you have refunded an order for store credit using Shopify. You might not be allowed to issue a refund if your Shopify Payments account has a negative balance. Refunds will be listed as Pending until your Shopify Payments account has enough sales. Only then can you issue a refund.

Closing Thoughts

We hope you are now more familiar with the shopify platform.

Shopify is a great place for business…

Also, I must say congratulations for taking the time and doing the additional research.

Shopify is a trusted platform that can handle customer data and payment information.

We hope you now understand Shopify payments. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Remember to follow their terms and conditions when setting up Shopify Store. Your store’s success may depend upon it.