How to Start a Dropshipping Business on eBay UK?

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Is dropshipping within the UK legal? Yes. Dropshippers can actually sell to any country in the world, no matter where they live.

Dropshipping is a better option than traditional online selling. Online sellers must figure out logistics for storage and shipping of products. We can make some technical adjustments to our laptops.

Dropshipping to any country is as simple as choosing suppliers who ship domestically and using local sales channels. It’s easy. You can open stores in multiple countries with the right tools and increase your profits.

This article will discuss dropshipping on eBay UK. You’ll learn everything you need to launch your eBay UK dropshipping business, from the benefits of eBay UK to product research and suppliers to the best information.

Is Dropshipping Legal in The UK?

Dropshipping remains legal just like any other eCommerce business in the UK. We must adhere to the laws and regulations of the UK, just like in other countries.

Many regulations are very similar to dropshipping in other countries or the US. Copyright infringement is a common concept and is strictly controlled. It is a good rule to avoid products that are not in the eBay VeRO database.

is a list containing companies and brands that prohibit reselling their products without permission. These entities often state clearly that they protect their copyrights.

Dropshipping Regulations in The United Kingdom

To be more precise with UK regulations there are certain product categories that are prohibited in certain circumstances. Many products, such as age-restricted, require that the seller/supplier verify the buyer’s age.

Dropshipping can make compliance with age verification difficult so it is best to not sell these products.

Some rules concern consumer rights. Certain price gouging and competition laws forbid certain anticompetitive behavior. Although this law doesn’t apply to dropshippers, it is important to be familiar with them.

The British government also outlines guidelines for distance selling.

Distance and online selling rules generally require that you be specific regarding your product offerings and policies. You should be clear about what payment methods you accept, the delivery time, and how customers can cancel.

Although there are slight differences between online selling and distant selling HTML1, the main distinction is that online selling requires us to follow a few additional rules.

Online selling, for example, requires you to inform customers in what languages they are available. Customers must also know how to make changes to their orders.

The bottom line is that do not need to worry about every rule. Many of these are covered by local suppliers and eBay UK. Remember that the UK is very consumer-oriented , so if an order goes wrong, you must follow the rules.

Dropshipping in eBay UK

Let’s now look at the legal aspects of dropshipping via eBay UK.

The UK’s demand for online products is growing. Statista shows that eCommerce sales in the UK have increased by close to P200 million since 2016.

So it’s not surprising that eBay UK is ranked the #2 marketplace in the nation with over 244 million monthly users. You won’t need to market if you have such exposure.

Competition in the UK is less than in other regions. Dropshippers make up the majority of dropshippers selling to American customers, so you’d be among few who can enter this lucrative market.

Last but not least, as our customers and suppliers are located in the UK, we can ship items within a few days. This ensures that our customers are more satisfied and we make more profit.

Dropshipping on eBay UK is an great opportunity .

eBay UK vs. eBay US – Which Is Better?

eBay UK is such a great option why not consider eBay US?

Both eBay US (and eBay UK) are great places to dropship. It’s difficult to choose which one is better. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. It all comes down to how you use them.

eBay US is clearly the most popular platform, with a much larger audience. This site allows you to reach more buyers than other marketplaces. This translates into higher sales.

You have to be creative because of the intense competition at eBay US. You will need to market flawlessly and list more products to see the results.

eBay UK, on the other hand, is less well-known and has an even smaller audience. This is due to the UK’s smaller population. UK buyers tend to be more cautious with their spending. It is easier to sell because there is very little dropshipping competition on eBay UK.

Remember that the UK and US audiences require a unique approach. One product that is successful in the US might not be the same in the UK. It all boils down to product search and testing different niches and categories. You’ll soon be able to make sales once you understand what works best for the UK market.

Which Dropshipping Companies Are The Best In The UK?

Does dropshipping on eBay UK look like a fun idea? We are in agreement! Remember that UK buyers demand fast shipping and a user-friendly experience before you start. As we have already mentioned, online selling is governed by strict laws.

We should therefore only select the best suppliers who can meet the requirements.

These are the top dropshipping providers for eBay UK.

Amazon UK

Amazon can be a great dropshipping supplier for any country. It’s no different for the UK. You can provide great customer service and fast shipping speeds for your customers.

Furthermore, almost %91 UK residents have purchased from Amazon before. This means that Amazon has the products and services they need.

Amazon has millions of products, with new products being added all the time. There are many categories and products to choose from, so there’s always something for your store.


AliExpress is not a viable dropshipping option. There is no better supplier for its variety and pricing.

You can sell virtually anything at the lowest price and still make more profits than your competitors. AliExpress ships worldwide, so don’t fret about distance.

Shipping can take longer than domestic suppliers but customers are happy to wait for a quality product.

Banggood UK

You don’t want Banggood UK to be left out of your list of Chinese suppliers. You’ll find the right product for your customer with over 250,000 products in multiple categories.

Banggood is a platform for dropshippers. It offers discounts, recommendations and other benefits to dropshippers. UK warehouses allow you to receive Chinese prices and UK speed.

Costway UK

Costway UK is a supplier known for being dropshipping-friendly, and a good fit for the UK’s strict standards.

It offers a dropshipping arrangement. Costway also offers sellers discounted prices and daily product updates. These reports may include stock management information, new images and other product updates.

Costway, a consumer-friendlysupplier offers free shipping from UK warehouses, and 90 day returns.

Wayfair UK

Each supplier to the UK has its own benefits. Wayfair UK is a specialist in furniture and home products.

As a dropshipping-friendly supplier, you’ll be able to choose from thousands of trendy items to sell. Shipping from Wayfair is fast and often free. Shipping from Wayfair is fast and often free.

vidaXL UK

VidaXL UK is a home product category that we have already mentioned. It is a domestic supplier that specializes in everything home, much like Wayfair. vidaXL, however, offers a variety of trendy home items at incredible prices. This supplier also offers free shipping for all products

vidaXL is a great way to reach more people and make high profits in a period of furniture sales boom. Your UK customers will get their products fast and for free because you are a UK-based supplier.

Dropshipping on eBay UK

That was quite a lot of information. Although it doesn’t cover everything, it will help you take your first steps towards dropshipping on eBay UK.

You will need to open an eBay UK Account in order to get started. It’s easy and straightforward.

After you have signed up, it is time to start listing your first item. Begin by listing a small item that you have at home. Next, read the steps to learn how the eBay UK listing process works.

Click Sell’ at the top of the eBay UK homepage and follow the steps to list a product manually . This will allow you to create eBay business policies.

The second step in dropshipping with eBay UK is setting up business policy. These policies inform your customers how to pay, what the delivery time/cost will be, and what the return policy is.

Setting business policies for eBay UK

It takes patience and attention to detail to set up business policies. While we’ll be discussing the basics of how it works here, you can also check our article for detailed instructions on setting up eBay business policy.

There are three types of business policies: paymentreturn, or shipping.

Payment policies let the buyer know which payment methods are accepted.

Return policiesinform customers about the return deadlines.

Shipping policies let customers know which destinations they can ship to and what shipping costs are associated with each destination.

You don’t need to create new policies each time you list a product on eBay. eBay makes it easy to create policies templates specific to each category. You can then choose a template from the dropdown menu when you list items.

You will need to create a template for each if you don’t have the same policy from multiple suppliers.

business policies are required by eBay UK because they make the terms and conditions of transactions clear to customers. This is particularly important due to UK laws that require all terms of purchase be made available to customers before they buy the product.

eBay UK Product Research

Technically, this means that you are ready to list and sell products. But, you cannot just list any product to make profits. It takes a lot of research to find the products that will convert into sales.

The importance of product search cannot be overemphasized. This is the most lucrative task in a UK dropshipping company. The sky is the limit when you do this correctly.

In general, fruitful product research includes:

  1. Find out what is trending.
  2. Multiple products being tested.
  3. Effective marketing.

We will be looking at two ways to do product research via eBay UK or UK dropshipping providers.

Search Products from eBay UK

It is a great place to start product research. You can see which dropshippers have soldsuccessfully via eBay UK. This article focuses on selling and not just listing dropshippers.

This method is a way to evaluate products , which will take some time. But, you will find products that sell after repeating this process many times.

Select a product that is hot and start from a supplier site. Select an item from the Hot Sellers category. Copy the title and paste it in the eBay UK search box. Finally, click on ‘Search.

Next, filter your results so you only see active listing with sales. Scroll down to the bottom and check the sold listing box. Uncheck the “Completed Items” box.

Dropshippers are likely to be selling similar listings to the ones you have seen on the supplier website. It also indicates that there is a demand for these products.

It also gives us an indication of the price range customers will pay for the product type.

Next, create your listing for the item. You should start with a title that contains strong keywords that are used by other sellers. To boost your listing in search results, you can add some keywords. Add a description of the product, images and other information and then list it.

Products from UK Suppliers

You can also search for purchasing trends through supplier websites. Amazon UK, for example, provides lists of categories or products that are ‘Best Sellers’, ‘Newly Released,’ or ‘Most Wanted For’.

Remember that Amazon is only one example. You can search for buying trends on any supplier website.

These trends can be used to narrow down your search for a niche.

Once you have identified a sub-category of products, choose at least 15-20 and try them in the store. It is not enough to test 1-2 products.

You’ll soon notice which products are most popular and can use these as launch pads to find more products.

Import Products to Your eBay UK Store

Importing multiple products to eBay UK is also a way of testing multiple products. This can consume a lot of time that we don’t have.

AutoDS has created several automated methods to help us save hours when importing products. These include one-click import, copying product ID or URL, using a CSV or the AutoDS finder.

Several of these extensions will not work unless you have the Google AutoDS Dropshipping Supporter ExtensionDownload the extension to ensure you are safe.

One-Click Importer

The One click importer makes it easy to import a product into AutoDS. You can find an import button for every product on any of our twenty five supported suppliers.

single click at the ‘Import To AutoDS’ button will allow the extension to import the product to the drafts page via the AutoDS platform.

Import by Product URL/ID

You can also import products into your store by using the product ID or URL.

Copy the product URL from any product page. Next, head to AutoDS and click on ‘Add Products.

This action copies all information from the import button. It gives you more options. You can edit the listing and save it as a draft. You can also send it straight to eBay or set it up to import later.

Copy the URL or Product ID and then choose the option. Next, select what you want to do about the product.

Upload CSV(Bulk).

It can be time-consuming because product research involves multiple products being imported and tested. This is where AutoDS bulk importer shines. You can import hundreds and thousands as well as tens or thousands of products simultaneously!

When you need to test a specific niche or category, the bulk importer can be extremely helpful. It can also be used to add multiple products to a category that has already proven itself.

It is simple to use the bulk importer. Click the AutoDS button at the bottom of any results page and then click ‘Extract. This will add all product IDs to a dedicated box.

You can continue to fetch more products from any supported supplier website. Once you are done, click “Export as CSV“, which will save a file containing all these products to your computer.

Next, go to AutoDS and click on ‘Add Products.’ After that, drag the CSV file in the designated box. Then, you can add the products directly to your eBay.

Store, or to the drafts pages.

AutoDS Locator

We all know that not everyone has the patience or to do product research and importation. The AutoDS Locator completes both tasks in just a few seconds.

Click on the third tab, ‘AutoDS Finder’, in the same window that you are adding products. Next, choose the popularity of a product (measured using sales levels) and the number of products . Final step: Add the products to your store, or to the drafts pages.

AutoDS supports UK suppliers so this feature is just as effective as with US suppliers.

Order Automation and Easy Scaling

Orders will begin to arrive after you have researched and imported the products. Traditional solutions are to visit supplier websites to fulfill every order. With so many orders coming in you don’t want to have to deal with a backlog that delays your growth.

Order Automation is the best! AutoDS has two great solutions. The Automated Ordering is the one you want. Here, you can create a buyer account and provide payment information for each supplier. AutoDS then places orders and updates tracking information for you.

Even better is the second option. You can choose the Fulfilled by AutoDS service depending on your supplier. You don’t need to create buyer accounts for this feature. You simply add funds, and AutoDS credit to you account. Then AutoDS will take care of all your orders from A-Z.

AutoDS orders the product from the supplier as soon as the order arrives. AutoDS then retrieves tracking information and updates you and your customers when the product ships.

This happens automatically without you having to do anything. You can go to sleep or be out all day without worrying about your orders.

These are the steps to enable these amazing features.

Fulfillment by AutoDS is not supported by every supplier. To process your orders, AutoDS will need you to create a buyer account.

You have endless possibilities when you automate your store . The business can be scaled to incredible profits and sizes, without you having to hire anyone or invest much. The platform takes care of most of the work.

Dropshipping Royalty in The UK

Dropshipping is not only applicable in the US, but who said it? Globalization has created new markets. You can be a household name in these new markets if you act quickly.

Dropshipping to eBay UK is possible. You can easily set up a profitable shop if you adhere to the local rules and understand the needs of UK buyers.

Do not feel overwhelmed. Dropshipping in the UK is similar to other countries. Excellent suppliers will provide you with excellent products and exceptional customer service. The rest will come.