HyperSKU vs Fulfillman Dropshipping Comparison and Review

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HyperSKU Vs Fulfillman

Dropshipping can be a great option for anyone who wants to do business online. Automated dropshipping is a great option. It also allows you to eliminate inventory management. HyperSKU is an AliExpress alternative that makes it possible to do this. However, as with all businesses, there are solid alternatives like Fulfillman.

We’ll be comparing the AliExpress options HyperSKU and Fulfillman in this article. This will help you make an informed decision about your dropshipping supplier.

Let’s start with the similarities between dropshipping suppliers. Let’s get started.

The Similarities

Dropshipping is quickly becoming a popular way to launch an online business in today’s digital age. It has allowed so many people to achieve the financial freedom and independence they desire. Although it sounds appealing, the key to being a successful dropshipper, or any other type of dropshipping, is having the right resources.

We need to first look at the similarities of HyperSKU and Fulfillman before we can compare them.

Both dropshipping suppliers are based in China. While there are many AliExpress alternatives to China that can fulfill orders to other countries, both dropshippers offer great AliExpress alternatives.

Both are also integrated into Shopify. Fulfillman is a difficult aspect for many. HyperSKU, on the other hand, makes it easy to connect to Shopify, browse and upload multiple products and place orders in minutes. This will save you a lot of time.

The full comparison is next! Let’s find out what sets these dropshipping providers apart.

HyperSKU VS Fulfillman – The Comparison

Sign up requirements

Fulfillman requires that you have at least 100 monthly orders to be a dropshipper. This can be a major problem for those just starting out. This is not just for newbies, but for experienced sellers who are looking to try out new products. Dropshippers may be discouraged from ordering large quantities elsewhere. This can complicate the entire process.

HyperSKU has no minimum order requirements. Both experienced sellers and beginners can use them. If you are just starting your journey, you will be able to take advantage of the chance to grow your business. HyperSKU can help you get a larger discount through its loyal connections to factories if you start to increase your dropshipping sales.


Fulfillman has many great features that can help you scale your company. However, in order to take advantage of Fulfillman’s dropshipping services, you will need to pay a monthly fee.

HyperSKU is an innovative dropshipping payment system. Dropshippers can now use this AliExpress alternative, which was developed by eCommerce experts. It aims to eliminate pricing issues that could prevent them from making a profit. HyperSKU is free to sign up and there’s no monthly charge. They also offer a variety of amazing services for sellers.

Product Listing

Fulfillman does not integrate fully with Shopify. For example, there is no import/listing function. Shopify is a huge platform that buyers and sellers use every day. As a dropshipper, this means that if your business is not able to connect with Shopify, you will miss out on valuable and easy sales.

HyperSKU: Dropshippers can import products from HyperSKU directly to Shopify, as we have mentioned at the start of this article.

Shipping Efficiency

Fulfillman ships products within 10-20 days to the U.S., and takes 15-30 days for other countries. Dropshippers may find it difficult to cope with the slow shipping times from Fulfillman. Customers will need to wait longer for their deliveries. Facebook Ads accounts could be at risk if shipping takes longer than three weeks.

HyperSKU: We all love fast delivery. HyperSKU has become a top dropshipping supplier in the e-commerce industry. HyperSKU’s standard shipping options of 5-8 days are designed to simplify each step.

Customer Support

Fulfillman’s customer service team is available to help you with anything related to ordering, finding the product or handling any other issues.

HyperSKU: Very similar to Fulfillman’s customer service, HyperSKU’s customer care is available to assist dropshippers in finding products, answering their questions, setting up dropshippers, and providing exceptional user experiences on the platform. They are an excellent AliExpress alternative.

Dropshipping Automated

Fulfillman has many great features but full dropshipping automation does not.

HyperSKU’s automated dropshipping service is what makes them stand out. Dropshippers can find it difficult to manage everything. HyperSKU is a solution that makes it easier for ecommerce sellers to manage their business. You can focus on your marketing while they handle everything.

Other Services than Dropshipping

Fulfillman isn’t only focused on dropshipping but also offers a variety of FBA-related services such as freight forwarding.

HyperSKU: A restaurant that offers only one type of food usually has a long line. It’s easy to wonder why they’re so busy offering only one type of food. They are experts in that particular item and are probably the best at it.

This analogy might seem strange but it’s not if you consider HyperSKU’s dropshipping services. Although HyperSKU does not offer FBA services, they are experts in their field. The results of a company that focuses on a single thing is extraordinary.

Which Dropshipping Supplier is Your Next?

It all depends on your values as an ecommerce seller. Fulfillman is the best choice for dropshipping services. If you are looking for flexibility and customization, low fees, and freedom to concentrate on what is important, HyperSKU may be the best AliExpress alternative.