Some Highlighted Features of Linktree Free Account

LinkTree is an easy and attractive way to organize and showcase your content, saving both you and your followers valuable time in doing so. Not only that but its eye-catching display makes navigating links much simpler!

Your link can point to your website, RSS feed or social media profiles; additionally you could create a form link in order to collect email addresses and phone numbers.

Customizable landing page

Linktree allows you to quickly and easily build customizable landing pages to direct your audience directly where it matters – your website, products or services, events, blog, social media channels, etc. Linktree can help expand your reach while improving monetization processes.

Linktree provides all of the basic functionality for creating an effective link hub, including adding unlimited links, social icons and custom themes. Furthermore, QR code displays can be displayed to accept payments or donations on Linktree’s platform. Furthermore, its Pro version offers additional customization features as well as detailed analytics.

Linktree is more than just an effective link management platform; it is also an incredible social media marketing platform designed to increase followers and engagement on various social media channels such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The Linktree app makes sharing content easy across these channels while creating custom cards per platform allowing for customized posts based on custom content aggregation.

With Linktree’s free version, you can easily create a mobile-friendly link in your profile that aggregates all of your social media links in one convenient location. Plus, add photos, descriptions, and calls-to-action that direct traffic directly to your website or social media pages – the app makes this effortless with many templates to choose from!

Linktree provides an app that will let you create and share a unique QR code with your followers, which they can quickly scan to access all your content in one easy step – saving both time and energy – especially useful for busy individuals working on multiple projects at the same time.

Social media icons

Linktree is an easy and cost-free social media tool that makes sharing multiple links easy with your followers. Plus, there’s the option of customising its background for easier viewership of what’s being offered! Getting started couldn’t be simpler!

Users can create a Linktree by choosing a username, entering their email address, and creating a password. They can then add their photo and description of their business to complete their Linktree page. In addition to offering basic analytics as well as scheduling posts for later, Linktree also allows users to monetize their page by placing ads.

Linktree can bring numerous advantages for businesses, including creating custom branded links with social media icons and music that help increase engagement and improve brand image. The app is ideal for small business owners who want to promote their content to reach more viewers while at the same time measuring effectiveness of efforts made.

This platform offers several subscription plans, with its premium tier allowing for large-scale monetization of links pages as well as four-hour priority tech support and customizable layout options that you can tailor to match your brand. There is an array of themes and customizing capabilities for you to select; just be wary when selecting a URL as copyright violations can occur easily; choose something easily recognizable while appropriate to your business needs for best results.

Linktree stands out as an advantageous solution due to its ability to integrate with numerous apps and services. For instance, it can link directly to your Reddit profile or GoFundMe campaign; widgets for WhatsApp numbers; forms; questionnaires etc can all be included as features of Linktree’s platform; additionally it generates a QR code automatically that you can display on physical marketing materials – making Linktree an indispensable marketing solution!

Linktree is ideal for owner-operators who wish to share multiple links with their followers, while musicians and creators can use the platform to showcase their Spotify, Soundcloud and TikTok content within their Linktrees. Furthermore, Linktree enables them to embed videos from YouTube, Twitch and TikTok into their Linktrees for easy embedding!


Linktree is an invaluable tool for artists with multiple projects underway, providing an easy way to share them all at the same time. From music releases and merchandise sales, to customizing look of links and adding social media icons. However, Linktree does have some restrictions, such as not offering analytics or click tracking capabilities; although there may be ways around this including upgrading to Pro version.

Linktree Pro offers more customization and analytics features to give your linktree an edge. Firstly, you can hide the Linktree logo while customizing button and font styles to fit with your brand identity. Furthermore, Lifetime Analytics allow you to track how many Views and Clicks your call-to-actions have received – this information helps determine if they are working or not.

Pro version offers another benefit in its social icon analytics feature. This data shows you which social icons are receiving the most clicks and time spent on your link; it can help optimize content for social media. For instance, if your posts generate lots of clicks but lack views, try adding or altering existing links to increase engagement.

Pro versions come equipped with priority email and live chat support to quickly provide answers if any problems arise, while basic support services are only provided with free versions.

The free plan’s main detriment lies in its lack of analytics, leaving you unaware of how many people are clicking your link or where they’re heading. Knowing these numbers allows for informed decision-making about next steps which can expand your audience and reach your goals more effectively.


Linktree is an easy and cost-effective way to promote yourself and make money on social media. With it you can link directly to your website, blog, podcasts or any other online content while collecting tips, payments or donations using its unique system of handling transactions; when fans or clients pay via Linktree it goes straight into their chosen payment processing tool without incurring an extra transaction fee.

Linktree’s free version should meet most small businesses, influencers, and creators’ needs; however, an upgrade to one of their paid plans at any time may be beneficial. These upgrades include features to monetize your links page like direct payment and tip jar features as well as tools like Google Analytics, custom domain hosting, UTM links and UTM tracking codes – plus you can integrate Linktree with apps such as MailChimp, Zapier or Calendly!

Linktree not only allows you to accept payments, but you can also use it to host digital merch like ebooks, music tracks, videos, software applications and membership services – even physical products via partners like Bonfire! Plus it can link your Linktree account with Shopify or Spring!

One way of making money on Linktree is through advertising. This option is open to any person with at least 1,000 followers on their page; ads can even be placed in your sidebar or profile bio.

Linktree’s monetization features can help you attract more followers and make more money, but only if used strategically. First, choose a username that’s unique while respecting others’ rights; avoid picking anything similar to someone’s name or trademark; this could breach intellectual property and lead to legal proceedings against you.