List of Verified Dropshipping Suppliers From Brazil

Top 8 Dropshipping suppliers

More businessmen now prefer dropshipping over wholesaling. Dropshipping makes it much simpler to start a company.

You can start your company with drop shipping without paying the inventory thousands of bucks. Drop shipping also enables businessmen from anywhere to operate their company.

It is not simple, though, to find a ideal dropshipper to suit your company.

You must use the correct dropship providers to appreciate the advantages provided by dropshipping. We plan to demonstrate you the best dropshipping providers from Brazil in this article.

Let’s see why dropshipping from Brasil is useful before we demonstrate you the dropshipping businesses you can use.

Benefits of Dropshipping in Brasil

Currently, internet purchases are made by 38 percent of the Brasil inhabitants. For company owners, this makes dropshipping Brazil suppliers a excellent choice. Below are the advantages of using dropshipping businesses in Brazil:

1. You don’t need to invest a lot of cash upfront When you use dropshipping companies in Brazil, you won’t have to pay for a warehouse or stock. Once a client buys a product from your online store, the dropshipping provider from Brazil can give the item to the client.

2. If trends and tastes change, your company will not be prone to loss of income. This is because your clients will not be prepared to buy any surplus inventory.

3. When you use dropshipping suppliers from Brazil, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on fresh inventory when you launch fresh products. In reality, before you sell them, the fresh goods will not involve an investment.

4. It provides convenience that you will not have to spend your time packing and shipping products. Packaging and distribution will be handled by the dropshipping Brasil provider. This enables you the freedom from anywhere in the globe to operate your company.

Brazil’s top 8 dropshipping suppliers / companies

Dropshipping Brasil Suppliers Category Online/Offline
1. Atacado Barato Sneakers, Shoes, Slippers, Football Boots, Clothing, Watches, Glasses, Accessories, etc. Online
2. Luxjoias Jewelry Online
3. Mix Barato Accessories, Glasses, Watches, Clothing, Briefs, Sneakers, etc. Online
4. Fabrica de Biquinis Bikinis, Clothing Accessories, Swimsuit & Body, etc. Online
5. Nova Engel Perfumes Online
6. Importados De Grife Balls/Wallets, Scarfs, Boots, Pants, Bermuda/Shorts, Accessories, etc. Online
7. Vivona 25 Cables, Charges, Headphones, Accessories, etc. Online
8. Macro Distribuidora General Online

1. Atacado Barato

At the moment, Atacado Barato has over 2000 products. These products are offered to be dropped at a wholesale price. This implies that if you are pricing your products correctly, you will enjoy an enormous profit margin.

The Brasil provider dropshipping provides products from significant brands. Nike, Asics, Mizuno, Puma, Asics, etc. are some of these products. Because individuals prefer to buy products from the brands they are acquainted with, you are likely to create more purchases when using Atacado Barato.


  • More than two thousand products.
  • Popular brands are stored by the business.
  • The website of the provider is simple to use.
  • Low product prices enable a healthy profit margin to be enjoyed.


  • A broad variety of product categories is missing from the vendor.
  • Customer support is not available 24/7.

2. Luxjoias

If you are planning dropship jewelry, Luxjoias may be an optimal dropshipping provider to your company in Brazil. Some of the products available on Luxjoias include Alliances, Rings, Trinkets, Earring, Necklaces, etc. Customers interested in their drop ship program are required to pay a premium by the dropshipping provider in Brazil.

We described the subscription plans that you should expect:·

  1. Monthly plan–cost you $10.
  2. Semi-annual plan–worth 60 dollars.
  3. Annual plan–$120


  • A broad variety of jewelry goods.
  • There are small prices.
  • Navigating and using the website is simple.
  • Numerous possibilities for payment.


3. Mix Barato

If you’re planning to dropship watches, shoes, clothes, accessories, briefs and other products, Mix Barato might be an optimal dropshipping provider to Brazil.

There are countless products in the vendor. Most goods have prices that are affordable. This allows you to enjoy a greater profit margin.


  • Many goods.
  • Excellent prices.
  • The website of the seller is not difficult to use.
  • Secure options for payment.


  • 24/7 customer assistance is not available.
  • The website of the supplier has no language change function. Portuguese is its main language.

4. Fabrica de Biquinis

This dropshipping business in Brazil provides dropship products at a wholesale price to any portion of the globe. This implies users will enjoy enormous earnings. The vendor enables customers to use secure payment alternatives to pay. Contact details of Fabrica de Biquinis are easily accessible.


  • A website that is simple to use.
  • A language change function can be found on the website of the supplier.
  • Seller sells wholesale prices of products.
  • Secure options for payment.


  • The provider does not permit yields of the item.
  • Customer assistance on a 24/7 basis is not accessible.

5. Nova Engel

Nova Engel is a perfect dropshipping provider for individuals planning to sell perfumes in Brazil. In a package that has the picture of your company, the vendor provides to pack and ship goods ordered by your clients.

This enables your brand to be promoted. At present, Nova Engel has more than 20,000 references from over 500 products.


  • A broad variety of products for perfume.
  • The vendor will supply products in a package with the picture of your company.
  • Prices are inexpensive.
  • The website of the provider is simple to use.


  • The provider sells perfumes only.
  • International clients may have to wait up to 6 days before processing their deliveries.

6. Importados De Grife

This dropshipping provider in Brazil has a broad variety of products. This makes the location of the products you plan to drop simpler for you.

The vendor provides a 12-month warranty on all the products they supply. Customers can purchase an Excel or CSV file from their online store with all the products they want to include.


  • Warranty for all products for 12 months.
  • You can use the products you want to sell to get an Excel or CSV file.
  • Great support for customers.
  • Blind dropshipping provides the vendor.
  • This implies the contact information of Importados De Grife will not be on the item or package.


  • The provider has only four primary categories of products.
  • There is no 24/7 internet customer support service.

7. Vivona 25

Vivona 25 may be an optimal provider for you if your intention is to drop wires, chargers, supports, headphones and other mobile device accessories.

The vendor provides secure alternatives for payment. Vivona’s return and refund policy is very comprehensive.


  • Detailed policy of reimbursement and return.
  • Many accessories for mobile devices.
  • The website is user friendly.
  • Secure options for payment.


  • There is no 24/7 customer support.
  • There is no language change function on the supplier’s website.

8. Macro Distribuidora

There are more than 65,000 products in inventory at this dropshipping provider in Brazil. The vendor has countless categories of products. It’ll be simple to get what you need on Macro Distribuidora.

It is simple to reach the vendors who work with Macro Distribuidora. Their contact information and photos can be found on the website of the supplier.


  • Many goods.
  • Sellers can be reached easily.
  • The website is user friendly.
  • Good customer service support.


  • To see the rates, customers must generate an account.
  • No clear policy of exchange and refund.