Moosend Review, Pricing, Integration, Pros, and Cons

Email advertising is still the best way to nurture leads, regardless of how changing the marketing landscape. You won’t find any other solution that gives you the same access to your customers as email advertising. Email is a way for companies to build relationships with clients, one message at time. A solution like this is hard to ignore.

One of the greatest problems with email marketing is choosing the right provider. There are many email marketing services available. There are solutions that can be tailored for developers as well as simpler marketing automation systems with pre-made workflows and templates.

Today we will be looking at one of the simpler email marketing services. It is intended for people who need to rapidly expand their lead nurturing strategies.

Moosend first and foremost is an email marketing automation platform. We have many more features that you can explore and we will return to you soon. Moosend automates repetitive tasks so that you can concentrate on building new products and strengthening client relationships.

Moosend’s interface is extremely intuitive, making it easy for new users to use the service. It is worth noting that Moosend, just like other email marketing providers, makes it simple to launch your first email campaign with access to a complimentary plan. If you’re looking to test the features before you commit, this is the best option.

Moosend’s easy email marketing software makes it possible to create entire email marketing campaigns within minutes. It is easy to locate a template that you like and then modify it to suit your needs. You can also integrate your existing tools.

Moosend Features

Below, we’ll dive into the full capabilities Moosend.

This email marketing tool is designed to help you stand out online. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you can enjoy amazing features. You can drag-and-drop your email editor and access data analytics. There are also many segmentation options.

Moosend allows you to create entire sales funnels using triggers. This is a major advantage over other email marketing tools. Here are some features that you can expect:

  • Intuitive email marketing interface
  • Sign-up forms and landing pages for custom sign-ups
  • Segment personalization with advanced technology
  • Weather-based recommendations
  • Recommendations for products
  • Intelligent email list segmentation
  • A stunning range of responsive templates
  • Email marketing workflows and funnels
  • Analytics and reports
  • Pages loaded super fast
  • GDPR compliance
  • Protection against Anti-Bot
  • Diverse integration options
  • A/B Testing
  • Export reports
  • Service SMP

Many companies worldwide trust the Moosend service, including some of the most prominent leaders such as Gucci, Dominos and Dixons.

Moosend Users Interface

Moosend’s interface is one of the most important aspects to consider when using an email marketing service. The homepage is clean and has a list of buttons on the left side that allows you to find templates for your first email address.

You can filter your templates page according to certain needs such as advertising a sale or news about articles.

The dashboard can be used to view all of your customer lists and current campaigns. You can access useful analytics and set up A/B tests by clicking into a campaign.

You can start four types of campaigns in Moosend. These include a broadcast campaign, a split-test campaign, and RSS feeds or updated feeds via URL emails.

You can also have your mailing lists attractively designed, including options to duplicate lists or import subscribers from another service. To see how your campaigns are doing, you can also see color-coded subscribe numbers and unsubscribe numbers.

You can find the email sequences and tags for each list under your automation tab. You can choose from a variety of triggers and sequences depending on what you need. There are many eCommerce options available.

Moosend Templates

An attractive template is essential for a successful email marketing campaign. You can design your emails yourself if you are proficient in HTML coding. Most customers prefer to go the easier route and choose pre-made options.

If you are looking for professionalism and simplicity, Moosend templates will be a great choice. There are many templates available, all well-organized in a gallery. You can filter templates by industry or type of campaign. You can also customize your templates in any way you like.

Moosend is an email marketing tool that reduces the complexity and simplifies the design of email campaigns. It offers a drag-and drop system so you can easily add the elements you need to your campaigns to the email page.

You can personalize your templates in many ways before they reach your audience. This includes adding subscriber custom fields or product recommendations. After you have finished creating your newsletter templates, you can set them up to be sent as part of an automatic campaign.

Moosend does not only provide templates for email marketing campaigns. You can get help with lead generation by the company, which provides access to many templates for landing pages. You can create eBook pages, product announcements and webinar registration pages. These templates are modern and responsive.

There are many sign-up forms templates, from pop-ups that you can use on your website to floating bars that stick to it, to full-page forms that will grab customers’ attention.

Moosend Email Automation

Automating your email campaign is perhaps the most important feature of any email marketing tool. As a business owner, you don’t have time to manually send emails. You need an automated solution that does the job for you. Moosend is the solution.

Moosend makes setting up automation workflows easy. After you have set up your campaign and selected the templates that you would like to use, you can then use a flow creator to determine which triggers or sequences to include. You can ask the service to wait for certain time before reminding them by email.

You can use user onboarding workflows to send welcome emails and inform your customers about the services that you offer. You might also want to create a strategy to deal with abandoned carts. This will allow you to remind clients to return to your site if they haven’t completed their purchase. You can select an abandoned cart template to get automation steps already designed to assist you.

Moosend makes automation easy for those who have never used it in email. You can choose your preferred abandoned cart email templates, and you can create a maximum number of emails per day based on your sequences. You can set automation campaigns and triggers for multiple websites as long as they are all connected to your Moosend account.

Lead scoring is another automated function on Moosend. Different lead types can be used to create different campaigns. If a user orders, their lead score will be higher than that of someone who clicks on a link on your website. It is important to be able to adjust your campaigns based on the lead score.

You can also create your own automation strategy. You might create a flow that allows customers to add items to their cart and then wait for a day before checking for any purchases. You can increase your lead score if someone has already made a purchase. If they haven’t, you could offer a discount to boost your chances.

You might also consider offering VIP services to customers who spend a certain amount. This will increase your chances of building a relationship with loyal customers.

Moosend Landing Page and Forms

One of the best things about Moosend is that it comes with tools to help collect leads. Drag-and-drop functionality is available in the built-in landing pages builder, making it easy to create an experience that your customers love.

You have a lot of customization options. These include the ability to move and resize, crop and group features. There is also a variety of templates that can be used to create stunning landing pages you can use quickly. You also get SEO settings such as Google ranking guidance and ultra-fast loading pages.

All of Moosend’s landing pages are compatible with any platform. This makes them ideal for customers who are on the go. There are countdown times to create urgency and “success boosters” modules like Facebook Pixel tracking, Google Analytics tracking, custom JavaScript and anti-bot protection.

Moosend supports page versioning and SSL encryption. It also supports labels, WordPress plugins, built-in forms, and WordPress plugins. Subscription forms are especially impressive. They offer modal popup designs, inline forms and floating bars. There are many templates available to help you get started.

You can choose to display a URL, select between desktop and mobile users, or pick forms based upon country or city. It’s possible to set up dynamic forms, add cookies and automate the nurturing of sales.

Moosend Other features

Moosend offers many other features, in addition to the ones mentioned, such as an extensive ecommerce AI solution. It’s easy to manage and track all your contacts using the AI solution. Email automation and cart abandonment triggers can help you win back customers.

Moosend allows you to personalize recommendations and encourage cross-selling. AI tools can recommend products that match the preferences of your customers. Cross-selling is possible by recommending products that are similar to the item. It is possible to predict when your customer might need more of one product. You can also track your customer’s journey throughout the buying process. You also have the ability to:

  • Personalization Make sure to send your customers the most relevant messages based on their individual needs. Automated workflows can be set up to showcase products that they have viewed in the past. Even the weather can be used to send recommendations so that emails feel current. Robot features allow you to show customers similar products or remind them when they should restock.
  • Tracking See how customers use your website. It is possible to track every customer action and optimize your store’s ability to encourage sales. Many integrations are available that can help with this process, including links to CRM platforms and eCommerce platforms. These integrations don’t require HTML knowledge. Automated features that are based on triggers can also be available.
  • Analytics Reporting is essential to providing the best customer experience. Moosend offers a data translator that allows you to better understand the behavior of your customers. The backend environment can be managed by you. You can check bounce rates, click-through rates and unsubscribes. With map pinting, you can even track the origin of your customers around the globe. You can also check what devices your customers are using and share your reports with all stakeholders.

Moosend stands out thanks to its white labelling and agency functions. The entire dashboard and log in page can be white-labeled with your logo and colors. You can also set up CNAME records in your DNS. This will allow you to access your account via your domain name. This completely hides any Moosend reference.

It’s possible to create a unique experience for clients if you run a marketing company. Clients can create sub-accounts to access the backend and view statistics and reports on the email marketing campaigns that you are running. For each account, create a unique username and password.

You can also remove billing information so that your customers do not know how much you paid. If you don’t want to receive guidance, it is possible to disable support chat Moosend. None of the sub-accounts that you create will receive email communications from Moosend.

Moosend Pricing

Moosend is confident in its pricing structure. It allows you to compare what you can expect with other solutions in today’s industry. You’ll find a graph on the pricing page that compares the cost per subscriber for Moosend with each of the top email marketing platforms, such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign and GetResponse.

Moosend offers a reasonable pricing structure when compared to other market-leading solutions. With a 30-day free trial, you can see how much you will pay based on the number of subscribers.

Unlimited email support is included in the Pro plan. This allows you to create whole campaigns without any problems. Unlimited mailing lists are available, as well as access to all new features that will be added to the platform.

Moosend is a SaaS solution that offers more marketing opportunities and better customer support than other companies. Prices start at $9 per monthly depending on how many subscribers you have. You can also purchase an Enterprise plan that allows you to support up 10 team members, SSO, and SAML. Additionally, you receive a service agreement. You also get onboarding and migration support, as well as a dedicated account manager to help you with your email marketing software.

Moosend Integrations

Moosend offers a variety of email marketing solutions. You can send transactional and SMTP emails directly from Salesforce. Or you can send unlimited emails to build relationships. Moosend supports Zapier integration, which allows you to connect your favorite apps.

You can also integrate natively with tools such as Constant Contact or PieSync to connect to additional marketing tools and solutions. You can create the campaign editor experience you want by combining the drag-and-drop editor of an email newsletter creator with a variety of new features.

An official integration with Mailchimp is included, as well as an integration with WordPress in the WordPress plugin repositories. This allows you to develop a greater number of subscribers by using opt-in forms on your WordPress website. Access to exit intent solutions, pop-up forms and automatic sign up syncing is great.

Moosend has a unique advantage in syncing. It can be used to integrate with existing websites or applications for transactional email only. If you are a developer and have the ability to customize more, then you are in luck. Moosend offers a good API access solution that allows you to make your own changes.

Although the API includes a lot of documentation, there is not a dedicated support team for developers.

Moosend Support

No matter what platform you use Mailchimp or SendinBlue to send mail, you will always need the right support. Even though Moosend can work on their own, there is always the possibility that something might go wrong. Access to a strong team is essential for small businesses that find themselves in trouble.

The good news about Moosend is its support service. You can also access live chat, regardless of how many emails you pay. Upgrade your service and you will have a dedicated account manager who can help you with any issues.

Moosnd is highly regarded around the globe. It makes it easy and quick to get help when you are most in need. Moosend can help you quickly. Keep in mind, however, that API technology can be used to link your account to specific social media or woocommerce environments and may require a different type of assistance.

You can search the internet for forums that support startups building custom apps.

Final Thoughts

Moosend is renowned for its exceptional deliverability and wide variety of customization options. Moosend offers many positives at a low price. While email marketing services can never be perfect, they are still excellent. You shouldn’t have any problems accessing the functionality you require. The plans offered by Moosend are very generous.

Although it might not be the most well-known software for email marketing, it is definitely worth a look.