Sajari Review, Features, Pricing, and Integrations

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When creating an e-commerce website, site search is often overlooked. Your navigation menus take readers to where they need to be, right?

This may seem true, but it is a fact that customers prefer a site search function to quickly find what they are looking for.

Site searchers are 216% more likely than others to convert. As many as 40% of site search users will use it when it is offered, this could potentially lead to a lot of additional sales!

It’s not surprising, if you stop and think about it. Site searches enable visitors to find exactly what they are looking for quickly. Customers might leave if they don’t find what they are looking for.

Site searches can also help you gain a better understanding of your audience. The search history of your visitors can provide valuable insight. You’ll also get a better understanding of:

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  • Customers are looking for the following:
  • How their search progresses
  • Visitors engage with the best content

We’re now looking at site search tools that you can set up in minutes.

Cue, Sajari

It is a powerful site search and discovery platform. We’ll show you what Sajari has to offer, how it works and whether the price is worth it.

Let’s get into the Sajari Review!

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What’s Sajari?

Sajari has quite specific origins. It was initially created by its founders because of their difficulties in conducting academic research. It was soon discovered that site searches were just as disappointing as academic searches. They could not match the Google or shop standards.

Sajari was created to solve this problem. Sajari is a valuable solution for eCommerce sites, government searches, app searches, and business websites. Visitors have the best access possible to the content they require.

Today, Sajari is used on over 1000 sites and answers over 20 million queries per day.

Sajari’s Top Features

Let’s now look at the core features of Sajari. You will need to index your website in order to get started with Sajari. There are three options for doing this:

  • Website Crawler – Good for small sites that have simple schemas
  • API – Good for eCommerce sites and larger websites with dynamic pages or complex metadata
  • Shopify – Sajari can also be installed on Shopify App Store with a single click

Let’s take a look at a typical Website crawler install:

Website Crawler

The Sajari website spider scans your website and makes it searchable in minutes. It doesn’t require any programming skills and you can begin for free. Simply enter your domain name, and the crawler will do the rest.

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The crawler immediately indexes your content during this process. The index is automatically updated whenever content is added, modified, or deleted.

The crawler categorizes content automatically using your site metadata. Results can be grouped by context, topic and type as well as date or other relevant categories. By adding custom tags to pages, you can improve the accuracy of the categorization. These tags tell the crawler which content is where. Advanced plans allow the crawler to index PDFs and MS Office documents.

This allows you to limit the crawler’s ability to index only pages that you wish to share with the public via searches. This is useful if you want to exclude certain pages from the crawler’s index.

Search UI

Sajari makes it easy to customize the search UI. To view your site’s search results, click on the Integrate tab after indexing. You can create search filters automatically and add filters with some work. You can easily update colors, sorting, grid view controls, and grid view control to match your website design. Your site search can be installed as an overlay (more common) or with a standard page of search results. To create a more personalized search experience, you can use the open-source React SDK.

The default smart search bar uses autocomplete and spell-correction to provide helpful search suggestions, just like Google.

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Search Analytics

To better understand your customers’ needs, dive into their search queries. Sajari helps you find out what your customers are searching for on your website. Analytics shows search trends and changes in click-through rates over time. It also allows you to review top searches for any given week or month, and determine when customer intent has changed.

This will also give you insight into the results of zero-result or fruitless searches. These insights can help you create new content or products that meet your audience’s needs. Do visitors continue to search for specific how-to guides but are unable to find them? Do you think so?

Sajari also offers A/B testing. To help you determine which report performs best on different metrics, you can split each report into pipelines and run different search configurations simultaneously.

Rules and Ranking

You can adjust relevancy and ranking in two ways:

  • Rules let you set search-specific rules like including or excluding certain content from your site
  • Relevance You can actually tweak the search algorithm in order to increase certain types of results (e.g. best-selling or highest margin products).

With the advanced editor or no-code editor, you can have manual control of your site search results. These allow you to determine which results should be prioritized in your in-site searches rankings. To determine the hierarchy of your search results, you can use ratings, margins, and any other data.

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Dynamic boosts can be used to automatically raise content relevant for specific searches. If your customers suddenly purchase protective face masks rather than beauty products when searching “face masks”, then the most popular products will rise to the top.

For search terms that are likely to be found by mapping industry, location or business-specific terms, you can also use synonyms. Promos and events can be supported in the same way by ranking promotional products higher or highlighting content from a particular category.

You can update your website’s ranking settings at any time. Additionally, you can use A/B testing to test different algorithms. If your changes do not work, you can always keep a backup.

How to install Sajari on Shopify

You will need to navigate to Shopify’s app store and search for Sajari. Then, install the Sajari – AI Search & Discovery app.

You can easily install Sajari in just one click. You will be redirected directly to the Sajari dashboard, where you can modify your store in almost the same way as the ones described in the previous section.

Shopify customers can choose from slightly different pricing options than those who are not customers of Shopify. 

Sajari Pricing

We have great news for those who are just starting out in website search. Sajari offers a totally free plan! This plan is available for one domain and can support a generous 20,000 queries each month. You can also store 20,000 records and 10 collections in your search library, and you can access Sajari’s online support community.

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Sajari also offers two premium plans as well as an Enterprise solution.

The Basic Plan

For $79 per month, Sajari supports 50,000 queries per month. There are three web domains that allow you to create 50,000 records and collections. Sajari’s branding has been removed and you will receive 30 days of search history and analytics.

The Pro Plan

Sajari offers 250,000 monthly queries and 250,000 records for $199 per month. You have access to your search history and analytics for up to 90 days. Additionally, you get priority email support and machine learning.

The Enterprise Plan

Enterprise plans are ideal for companies with higher search volumes. Access to usage-based queries and records, unlimited domain coverage, phone and live chat support, and more! You also have access to two years’ worth of historical and analytical data.

You can also use:

  • Dynamic boosting
  • Indexing PDF/DOC
  • Promotions and merchandising
  • Multilingual support
  • ML/Reinforcement learning
  • Geo search
  • A/B Testing
  • Personalization
  • Audit logs
  • Integrations with third-party analytics
  • Support from a dedicated team
  • …and a 99.95% Service Level Agreement

Get in touch with the Sajari Team for more information and a quote.

You might be interested in any of these packages. If you sign up for an annual payment, you’ll get two months completely free!

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Shopify Pricing with Sajari

The Starter Plan

You’ll have access to the following for $19 per month

  • A month of 20,000 searches
  • You can store up to 20,000 records
  • You can make ten collections
  • One web domain can be used to connect.
  • Email support available
  • A crawler
  • Landing page/collection filters

The Standard Plan

You get everything in the Starter Package for $69 per month plus:

  • A month, 50,000 searches
  • You can store up to 50,000 records. A record is a product, web page, PDF, or other document.
  • Fair use collections
  • Three web domains are available for connection
  • Sajari’s logo was removed
  • Search analytics/history for 30 days

The Business Plan

The package is $199 per month and includes all the benefits of the other plans plus:

  • 250,000 searches per month
  • You can store up to 250,000 records
  • Ten web domains are available for connection
  • Priority email support
  • Search analytics/history for 90 days
  • PDF/Office documents indexing
  • Promotions and merchandising
  • Multilingual support
  • AI-ranking
  • Geo search
  • A/B Testing
  • Personalization

Access control will also be available soon. Keep your eyes open for that!

The Custom Plan

Sajari can provide a customized quote if you are interested in an enterprise-level solution. All the features of the plans can be expected, plus:

  • Recordings based on usage
  • Usage-based queries
  • There are unlimited possibilities to connect web domains
  • Support via phone and live chat
  • Search analytics/history for two years
  • Dynamic boosting
  • Audit logs
  • Integration of 3rd-party analytics
  • Support from a dedicated team
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Customer Support

Your payment plan will determine the type of customer service you have access to. You can only access Sajari’s full support capabilities if you are on the most expensive tier. Enterprise customers can reach Sajari via phone or live chat.

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You can access email support on the premium plans. The free plan limits your ability to seek help online. You can ask for new features or share any questions with your peers.

However, it is valuable to have access to an online community. Sajari offers online help and FAQs. You will find extensive self-help documentation here, including guides on how you can get started, index, optimize, and integrate search into the site.

Our Final Verdict

Sajari , an AI-driven site searching platform that helps you to meet the needs of your customers, is . Sajari’s general site search offers a generous, free plan that we recommend you checking out. It’s important to note that premium plans have more advanced customizations and machine learning capabilities. These plans come at a higher monthly cost, so small businesses with lower budgets might not be able afford Sajari to run their stores.

This powerful machine-learning platform is best suited for large enterprises and companies. If you have the funds to invest in dedicated support, advanced analytics and dynamic boosting, as well as search promotions, then this could be a great option. Sajari could be a huge help in boosting your conversions.