Spocket vs Oberlo vs Dropified Dropshipping Comparison

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Spocket vs Dropified: An Overview of Both Tools

Before we dive in, it is important to understand the platforms and their functions.

This will allow us to get a better understanding of their functions before we begin comparing them.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Spocket and Dropified both offer Dropshipping tools that are very similar in terms of running dropshipping businesses.

These tools allow you to connect with a supplier through a semi-automated platform that allows you to auto-import and fulfil orders.

You can either have your shop set up on Shopify, or powered by WooCommerce using one of the two options (Spocket and Dropified).

These integrated tools connect your online store to a third-party supplier site.

This allows you to sell the product without having to do any manual work. You can simply push orders to the supplier by pushing the button.

This is your third-party supplier who handles all the shipping stress. Your job is to promote and earn your money.

Let’s now take a closer look at each of them individually and see what they can offer.

Dropified Review

Dropified, as I have mentioned before, is a dropshipping platform that allows you to integrate with third-party supplier websites.

This tool will allow you to access a large selection of products from many suppliers, mainly from China.

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Dropified allows you to import products from AliExpress or other Chinese websites with just one click.

It also includes an App for Shopify, as well as a WooCommerce plug-in for WordPress site. The extension is also compatible with Chrome, which makes it easy to import products.

You can sell any product you wish through their many websites, most of them Chinese.

This makes it extremely risky as you will be dealing with a lot of suppliers that aren’t reliable or verified.

What Are the Features?

  • Many Chinese Supplier

Dropified integrates seamlessly with AliExpress, allowing you to import as many products and as often as you like.

Other websites can also be added to your online shop, but these are usually done manually with the exception of AliExpress.

You will be able to access multiple websites and products, giving you many options.

  • ePacket Shipping Options

It can take a while to get products shipped from China. If you have to pay shipping costs, it can add up.

The ePacket shipping option is here to help. This allows you to deliver your products to your customers in as little as 14 to 20 Days.

This is also at a very affordable price. You can save money while making your customers happy.

  • Automatic Price and Inventory Update
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It is important to know the availability of your product. This means that you shouldn’t promote a product that isn’t available.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

How can you tell if a product is still available if you don’t have access? Manually checking each supplier account to determine if a product remains available can take time and energy.

Dropified makes it simple as the entire process is automated. Dropified will automatically mark up your prices and update your inventory.

You won’t need to worry about whether the product is available. This gives you more time for other important things.

  • Profit Stats

This feature allows you monitor your business statistics.

Dropified users can access the profit stats from their dashboard to easily track the progress of dropshipping.

Spocket Review

This app integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and Shopify suppliers based in the US or EU.

Spocket users have access to a variety of high-quality products from reliable suppliers all across the US and EU. This platform also offers fast shipping to your customers.

The delivery time could be between 2 and 5 days. You and your customer will not have to wait the usual lengthy delivery times associated with products from China.

Spocket is proud to offer premium products to all users.

Spocket has done everything possible to eliminate all obstacles associated with dropshipping, from shipping time to winning product. This is the most important aspect to dropshipping.

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What Are the Features?

  • Verified and vetted suppliers

Spocket is known for their high quality products and reliable suppliers. Spocket takes this seriously and will verify every applicant who wants to sell on the Spocket Marketplace.

Before becoming a supplier on Spocet, all applicants must go through three steps.

The first step is to fill out the application. The second is to interview the potential seller. And the third is to test the product for quality.

These unique features are what made Spocket stand apart from other dropshipping platforms. Spocket’s quality service is what explains this.

  • Faster Product Delivery Systems

This is another important aspect of Spocket. Spocket eliminates the need to worry about long shipping times from AliExpress.

Your products can be delivered in 2-7 days, which is a lot faster than the ePacket shipping method.

This type of service allows you to easily build a brand and stand out in your market. It also creates a loyal and profitable market.

  • Branded invoice

This feature allows for branding of your product pack. Your supplier could add your logo and customer information to the product package.

This is a cheaper option than other Chinese suppliers.

However, the branded invoice allows you to personalize product delivery and provide better quality services.

  • Automated Dropshipping
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Spocket is your best friend when it comes to automation. Most manual tasks can be automated.

You don’t need to worry about manual imports. The same applies to order fulfillment.

Your order can be fulfilled in a matter of seconds.

This is true for price updates and product inventory. Automated product inventory updates are performed whenever a product goes out of stock.

You won’t need to worry about selling products that are out of stock at the supplier. You will be notified immediately if any of these occur.

  • Product Sample

You can order product samples to test the product that you wish to promote. This will allow you to ensure that your supplier is trustworthy and that the product passes quality tests.

If you know the product quality, you won’t need to worry about product returns.

This will reduce it at most.

  • Premium Products

Spocket’s premium products are carefully curated and only available to Spocket members.

These products are not only the best, but also offer certain advantages like a faster shipping time and a lower price than other products on Spocket.

You can increase your earnings by selling this product in different niches and categories.

Stand out features

What are the differences and standout features of both plans? Let’s take a look at the differences and standout features between these two plans.

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Dropified makes it easy to find products from thousands of sellers on various Chinese websites. This will increase your product sourcing options.

Spocket, however, restricts your product sourcing to those suppliers that are based in the US or EU. This is to ensure that you only have access to verified products as well as a reliable supplier.


Spocket makes it possible to set up your store Shopify or WooCommerce. Dropified allows you to integrate with WooCommerce CommerceHQ, Shopify, WooCommerce and GrooveKart.


Spocket is the only place that this option is available. This means you can include your brand logo and website on any product package you send to customers.


This feature determines the speed at which your customers receive their products after they make a purchase from your website.

Dropified is actually better than Spocket because their product delivery process is much faster than Dropified.

Dropified’s best option is the ePacket shipping option. It is much slower than what they offer on Spocket.

Spocket can deliver your product in as little as 2-7 days. The ePacket shipping option takes around 20 Days.

Oberlo Review: Shopify’s Best Dropshipping App

Oberlo is an excellent option for Shopify websites that want to dropship products. We have a full review of Oberlo with Pros and Cons.

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eCommerce is gradually replacing traditional retail channels worldwide. Merchants can easily build a store online with dropshipping integration. Oberlo is a popular way to start a dropshipping company, provided you choose to use Shopify as your eCommerce platform.

Dropshipping allows you to sell products online with minimal investment. Everything is done online, from product creation to order collection, fulfillment, and delivery. There are no direct dealings with suppliers or carriers.

You only need to find the best drop shipping service for you business niche. Oberlo is a great choice for those who have a Shopify online shop.

Oberlo Makes Dropshipping Easy

Dropshipping is a great tool for virtual shops today. Dropshipping is a great way to reduce the physical steps in your online shop. This will allow you to speed up business cycles and maximize your budget.

Dropshipping platforms can help you achieve your goals by offering products, order fulfillment and shipping options. This system is completely automated, so there are no upfront costs, warehousing, or additional time.

Oberlo started out as an independent drop shipper in Lithuania. Shopify purchased it in 2017 and made it a part its business. Oberlo is currently the most used dropshipping app in Shopify.

What does Oberlo offer?

Oberlo is similar to other drop shippers. Its purpose is to connect manufacturers with sellers and facilitate order fulfillment. Oberlo acts as an intermediary between Shopify merchants.

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You will first need to have a Shopify store (monthly fee required).

  • Go to the Oberlo website and click on the “Add Oberlo To Shopify” button.
  • Register to create an account
  • Enter your store URL by clicking the “Connect A Store” button
  • Shopify will grant you app access. Click the “Install App” button.

After completing the above steps, Oberlo will give you access to thousands more products that you can list in your Shopify store.

Oberlo will process your order once customers have confirmed a purchase. Oberlo will process the order and send the goods to customers. A receipt will include the name of the seller (you/your shop) printed on it.

Who are Oberlo’s suppliers?

Oberlo allows you to browse through many options and then import them into your store. Oberlo will automatically update all information, including price and image, for the products you choose.

Oberlo will provide two sources for suppliers to sellers: AliExpress as well as Oberlo’s suppliers.

AliExpress offers a large selection of products that can be sold by other dropshipping companies, making it a great asset. Oberlo integration is also a great advantage.

AliExpress offers several ways to import and search for products.

  • To import into Oberlo, insert the product ID or link via AliExpress
  • You can search for a product using keywords and a category.
  • A Chrome extension can be installed to allow item import with just one click
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Because most of the manufacturers listed on AliExpress are from China, shipping times may be longer for Western buyers. Oberlo has a list of suppliers from other countries that you can use if you need to search for them.

Oberlo works directly with many global companies. Some of these companies have operations outside Asia.

Oberlo offers two types of suppliers: Oberlo regular and Oberlo verified. These are certified for the following properties:

  • Oberlo has verified Warehouse
  • Successfully completed over 1,000 orders
  • 95% of all shipments arrive on time
  • There are less than 2% of conflicts in total orders

There are no restrictions on product categories. There are thousands of suppliers that can offer you the opportunity to sell accessories, apparel, electronics, home appliances, beauty products, and many other items.

It is easy to sort search results using Oberlo’s platform by country, shipping method, price and more. The interface is easy to use and contains all the information you need.

Oberlo does not have any direct control over dropshippers. However, you can trust honest reviews to help you determine which companies are reliable. There are many brands to choose from and you can switch between them without any restrictions.

Automated Fulfillment

You will need to find the products you are looking for in Oberlo’s inventory when you receive an order request from your online shop. Click the “Order product” button.

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Oberlo will take care of everything, packaging and shipping. You will deliver the products to the customer’s home under the name of your store. However, other than listing and approving the orders, there is not much you can do.

Oberlo offers sellers an order tracking system that allows both shoppers and merchants to track order status.

Shipping options will be available at checkout after you have confirmed your order. You can choose which logistics company to use, but better options will come with higher rates.

An ePacket is a cost-saving option that is available from many suppliers in Hong Kong or China. It’s relatively quick and reasonably priced.

Currently, ePacket offers delivery service to 42 countries around the world. ePacket delivers your shipment in 15-30 days on average. You also have many other options, including DHL and USPS.

Automatic Inventory and Pricing Update

Oberlo will periodically update your product list with new prices and items. This ensures that customers are not sold products that are no longer in stock.

You won’t have complaints or a poor reputation to worry about if people are unable to access the products that you’ve listed on your website. A better management plan includes regular updates.

You can save time by keeping your inventory up-to-date.

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You are also notified about any price changes. You only need to think about how you will manage your prices and develop strategies to maximize the profit.

Order Returns and Refunds

Oberlo orders are generally non-returnable. However, Oberlo may have to address one or more of these issues.

  • The products received are different from what was described.
  • It has been shown that the package suffered damage during shipping
  • Bad quality products have been proven to be received
  • Products were missing or not delivered to the address of the customer
  • Delivery is too late

The terms and conditions of service providers, sellers, and buyers are generally fair. Oberlo, like all things in business, isn’t perfect but it’s a great platform to start a dropshipping eCommerce company.