9 Top Squarespace Template For Art Gallery

Squarespace templates offer a clean and serene aesthetic to allow your artwork to truly stand out.

Novo is an ideal template for artists showcasing their work on their homepage website, featuring photos with text that appears when hovered over.


Squarespace can help any artist, photographer, or just anyone looking to showcase their work online get started quickly and efficiently. Their free templates allow for simple use or add customized coding that makes your site stand out from competitors and attract potential customers.

Squarespace provides more than just templates; they also provide plugins and extensions that can expand your functionality. Most are easy to install from their respective marketplace listings – from simple contact forms to more complex features such as creating an online store for artwork.

Squarespace also provides website hosting, making them an attractive solution for smaller businesses. They offer fast and dependable servers to manage your website for you – giving you more time to focus on what matters – creating art – instead of on the technical details associated with running a company.

When selecting a template, the key consideration should be picking one that reflects both your work and style. A generic template will detract from the overall aesthetic of your website. Remember, though: changes can always be made later!

The Avenue template is an ideal choice for photographers and artists who wish to showcase multiple galleries in their portfolio. With its grid-based display and support for up to 10 images on your homepage, it makes customizing both the layout of your homepage and gutter width between each image easy. In addition, Squarespace native blogging features are taken advantage of with this template as well.

Beaumont template offers a more traditional portfolio layout. While originally meant for small businesses and services, it can easily be adjusted using code snippets to meet the specific needs of artists. Beaumont provides more space for text than other Squarespace templates do – an attractive option.


This contemporary template is ideal for art gallery websites. The sleek graphic design brings your art center stage while its minimal layout helps promote your brand while providing visitors with an immersive experience. Boasting large header images and an uncomplicated structure, this template will ensure your website stands out from its peers with professionalism and high-quality aesthetic.

The Bergen online portfolio template is an excellent option for artists seeking a contemporary, flexible website to present their art. Its grid-style home page makes highlighting artwork easy while its zoom function enables viewers to appreciate every detail. Furthermore, its flexible design enables easy promotions of art as well as call-to-actions (CTAs) encouraging viewers to purchase or visit galleries.

Like all the best Squarespace templates for artists, this one features a blog section, pages to showcase each artwork with text descriptions, and a gallery-style portfolio page to present your work in an attractive manner. Furthermore, it includes search bars and social media links in its footer to make finding your site easier.

The Bedford template is another fantastic choice for artists, featuring a clean and modern design that stands the test of time. Additionally, its highly customizable nature means you can add galleries, blog posts, or any other forms of content you wish.

Craig Classon

The Craig Classon template is an ideal way for artists to showcase their artwork with a simple yet sophisticated design. The homepage features thumbnails which can be clicked to view full-sized images with captions, while there’s also a blog page dedicated to sharing news or announcements regarding artwork or events.

As an illustrator, sculptor, photographer or painter there’s sure to be a Squarespace template for you. Templates like Utica and Clay present your artwork without crowding the images with text; Montclaire and Flatiron boast more intricate designs which can help establish you as a professional artist.

Many Squarespace templates include an About Page where you can easily add your professional bio and list of accomplishments as a way to demonstrate your credibility as an artist and increase trust with your target audience. This is an effective way of building rapport and garnering new fans for yourself.

When selecting a Squarespace template for your art gallery website, keep in mind that you are creating more than a website: rather, it should serve as an online platform that connects with visitors and sells work. Successful artists often treat their website as an extension of their art – meaning visitors should experience something truly exceptional when browsing online galleries.

Squarespace’s templates for artists and galleries make it simple to create an artistic website that showcases your work while inviting visitors into your studio or gallery. By choosing an engaging design for your site, it can become a bustling digital art gallery!

There is an array of Squarespace templates designed for all sorts of creatives, from painters and photographers to designers and musicians. By taking some creative liberties with these templates, you can build an attractive website to show your work – it just takes some creativity and effort! By choosing the appropriate template for your art gallery website, you’ll attract more customers while expanding your business – these templates save both time and money while providing quality websites which impress their target audiences! So start exploring your options now to select the ideal template for your gallery website today!


This straightforward template makes displaying sample photographs easy; visitors can see your creative shots instantly without needing to navigate further through your site. Plus, Instagram handles can easily be connected via a footer option on both pages; making this an ideal Squarespace template for photographers wanting to build photo-focused portfolios.

As a photographer and visual artist, it’s crucial that you have an attractive website. A professional-looking site will allow you to reach a wider audience while increasing the odds of landing clients – so create something with an intuitive navigational structure and timeless designs that stands the test of time.

Thank goodness there are numerous templates available to you to create a stunning and functional art website. From Squarespace templates available online and third-party templates that you can purchase and download easily – making creating beautiful sites without needing coding skills much simpler!

Squarespace provides more than just templates – they also offer mobile apps to make managing and updating your site simpler on-the-go, including its main app, Video Studio and Unfold apps – all free to use for updating websites quickly and conveniently on-the-go.

The Balboa template is a lightweight Squarespace template designed to highlight narrative visual art. Its homepage showcases four-panel grids of works with short descriptions; project pages feature fullscreen header images with transparent text overlay; additionally there is also a blog section and sections dedicated to individual works where technical specifications and descriptions may be listed.