8 Best Squarespace Templates For Musicians and Bands

Yes, Squarespace provides templates specifically tailored to musicians and bands, including ones with built-in SoundCloud players and an eCommerce feature to sell music and merchandise.

The Kitui template is a dark and minimalist theme designed to put key information at the forefront. It boasts a large background image and straightforward navigational system with pages for music, tours and stores as well as premade about page and contact form functionality.


A music website can be an excellent way to showcase your talent and inform visitors of upcoming events, as well as sell merchandise or downloads. However, creating such a site can be challenging; Squarespace makes the process straightforward with free templates, website builder tools and other helpful features that help create professional-looking sites in no time at all.

The Aria Template is an excellent option for musicians looking to showcase their work and interact with fans. This modern, clean design boasts beautiful geometric forms and flexible split layout. Furthermore, this template comes equipped with seven pages with dynamic layouts; two Homepages; Services page; Contact page; Gallery; Free Page and fully modifiable blog pages – providing plenty of opportunity for personalization!

This template is ideal for musicians seeking to showcase their work, tour dates and other essential details. The main page features your latest album as well as any upcoming shows or tour dates; additionally it has a contact form so fans can connect directly with you.

Saxophonist is another superb template designed specifically for musicians. With its stylish and responsive design, this template stands out on any device. Additionally, this responsive music player allows listeners to access your songs from any browser while its blog feature helps grow audiences by sharing your content more widely.

No matter your musical abilities or level, a good website can help you reach new audiences and expand your career. By taking advantage of Squarespace templates for musicians, creating the website of your dreams has never been simpler!

Squarespace provides artists with easy guides and powerful editing tools for quickly building websites without the hassle of learning coding skills. Furthermore, its extensive library of pre-made designs can be tailored to fit your style and personality; you may host your website either on Squarespace itself or use third-party providers.


As an artist, you must put your work out there for all to see. Although this can be daunting, sharing your art with the world should not be held back from taking place. A website is an ideal platform to do this with Squarespace being particularly suitable. Furthermore, musician templates allow for engaging presentation of videos and music.

If you want a more professional website, the Utica template offers a modern yet clean layout to highlight your portfolio with large images on grid pages and contact forms linked directly to social media accounts. Furthermore, this responsive template makes navigation of your site easier on mobile devices for visitors.

Cruz Template is another fantastic solution, designed specifically to appeal to musicians who prefer the public eye over internal musical expression. Its distinctive layout enables musicians to combine photos of themselves and their instruments with covers of song covers or performances and performance footage, helping them stand out amongst their competitors. Furthermore, this template comes equipped with a blog feature to discuss any new releases or events happening at once.

This Squarespace template stands out from the competition with its distinctive design that incorporates vibrant purple hues and distinctive shapes, offering flexible layout capabilities as well as responsive capabilities across devices including smartphones and tablets.

A musician’s website should reflect their music in both style and creativity. To create an eye-catching experience for visitors, it is crucial that a template that complements both their band’s style and personality as well as essential functionality such as an online shop where fans can buy songs directly. Furthermore, musicians should include biographical information as well as details regarding past concerts on their site.


Squarespace provides musicians with numerous templates designed specifically to promote and connect with fans while streaming (or selling) recordings. Furthermore, the templates offer pages dedicated to concerts, merchandise and press – providing new artists a way to reach a wider audience quickly. Ultimately these templates help musicians build professional websites without breaking the bank!

The Paloma Template is tailored specifically for audio artists, enabling you to add a full-screen music player for visitors to listen directly on the page. In addition, this template offers professionally styled blog templates ideal for progress reports, album releases and podcast show notes as well as “wild club” fan club options that enable early news sharing with fans.

As an artist, photographer or sculptor it is essential that your website showcases your art prominently and easily navigate. A good way to achieve this goal would be selecting a design with grid-style images on its homepage; this will make finding work much simpler.

Minimal design can be the ideal solution for musicians. It allows them to focus on their work without distracting from its message, keeping the site streamlined and uncluttered. Minimalism also works well as an option for new photographers or visual artists looking to showcase their works in gallery settings.

Bedford template is another smart option that lets your artwork shine. The homepage features a grid of category-specific images with overlay text; click any to view its larger version. In addition, this layout offers a blog and contact page.

Ishimoto is an elegant yet minimalist template designed to help you build a modern website. With its eye-catching design and captivating content, this template will keep visitors coming back again and again – its clean lines and minimalist elements ensure it stands out from its peers and showcase your work or personal style! This template makes a great first impression and ensures it stands out.


The Stillness template is an ideal way for musicians to showcase their music in an eye-catching manner. With an attention-grabbing homepage image that draws visitors in, its responsive nature means it works on any device, while its blog and gallery allow musicians to display their work as well as provide contact forms and event pages for easy administration.

Though most Squarespace templates are tailored towards creatives, a few have been tailored specifically for musicians and bands. You can use Squarespace’s search function to filter by “music”, making finding the ideal template easy. Furthermore, audio/SoundCloud elements allow for additional music integration as well as creating podcasts or RSS feeds if required.

These Squarespace templates provide you with everything you need to build the ideal website for your musical career, be it DJing, songwriting or performing live. Sell music online while growing your social media following.

Some of the top Squarespace templates for musicians boast full-screen images and minimal layouts that help your music stand out. Vandam is one such template with an eye-catching design suitable for jazz musicians or R&B singers alike, featuring a gallery to display past performances as well as photos.

Aisling Template for Musicians. Although originally created for all types of artists, this versatile template can easily be tailored to meet the needs of musicians or bands. With its beautiful design and customizable colors options, as well as step-by-step tutorials to assist with web creation.

People familiar with life have likely heard the expression, “To get ahead in life, it is necessary to step outside your comfort zone. Being brave enough to put yourself out there can be scary but is integral in developing a successful music career.”