Looking to Start Fitness Clothing and Apparel Dropshipping?

If you are healthy, then no one will be able to stop in the long run. Plus, a healthy body is a gift to a healthy life, and there will be prospects for mankind as well. People who are willing to stay fit can try tonnes of methods like swimming, yoga, hiking, and the list goes over. 

If you are into fitness business and want to push to your fitness-related drop shipping business, then we have some cool suggestions for you. Here we will guide you about the fitness clothing drop shippers and solve the problems you were facing until now. 

In this article, you will get a thought on how you can find not only fitness clothing drop shippers but the ways to turn it into a profitable business. 

There is no doubt that we are living in a modern society where most of the population is running towards fitness. It has done the popularity of sportswear, even higher and lucrative business as well. People want to engrave themselves in comfortable clothing when they are into exercise. The only thing that you have to think here is the quality and not the quantity. 

How can you find fitness clothing drop shippers? 

You must be struggling with the thought from where you can find the fitness clothing drop shippers and how to start this kind of business. There is nothing for which you have to lose your sleep. It is because; you can take the help of the drop ship platforms. For your assistance, we are sharing some of the best platforms where you can find fitness clothing drop shippers. 

Wholesale center 

Though the name is Wholesale center, you will get to meet the retailers as well. It is the finest option with a limited budget as the podium offers them free access. 

The only problem that you will face is the lack of updated information. This way, you might bump over the companies which no longer exist. 

However, you will also be blessed with some out of sight information which can’t be seen offline. 

Worldwide brands 

There was a time when worldwide brands came out with an advanced list of drop shipping directories.

Though it has a hefty price tag, it still ranks high as the trusted drop shipping directories until now. Therefore, not everyone will be able to afford it. 

The price tag – 269$for life membership 


Are you a drop shipper who is not much interested in eBay shipping, then Megagoods is there? With all-time customer support and professional working structure, it is the first choice of the drop shippers. If we see the year 1999, Megagoods had its presence as a product catalogue. 

You will have to pay for the account set up, and most of the products are not even in the trend. 

The price tag – 14.99$ for a month


With search engines, it might take some extra effort to find an ideal drop shipper because of their poor marketing and irresponsive websites. Well, it is not impossible either. 

The time you are done with short listing with the drop shippers, start with the research part, and Google will help you. 

You can make a call in order to get most of your answers about product selling. 

Why do you want to start with fitness drop shipping?

With the question, it is quite evident that it is pointing towards the people who want to start with it and not the ones who are into it. 

By the instance you are done with getting the answer, it won’t take long to understand the fitness drop shipping business.

The future market of the fitness drops shipping business is appealing. 

When we pick sportswear, it has variations such as T-shirts, shirts, hoodies, etc. It can also be said that the apparel will depend on the type of sports activity one does.

The kind of sportswear people needs these days is something which can beat the heat and sweat both at the same time. The look is for body temperature maintenance. 

Along with this, sportswear is now a part of the fashion industry. The fashion from the international world is now getting spread all over the market, which has given a boost to demand. 

By 2020, if we take an estimate of the global sportswear industry, it will be 184.6 billion US dollars. Plus, the growth annually was 4.3% in 2015-2020. On the whole, the designing of the sportswear is with regards to comfort and liveliness together. 

The group of consumers are in surplus for sportswear.

The stream of exercise is not stabilized in one sector and has been divided into various sectors such as aerobics, gym, yoga, swimming, and the list is unending. Also, the growth of the sportswear is leading towards popularity. Furthermore, we cannot ignore the participation of women from the field of sportswear. So, if we look out from the broader perspective, sportswear has now having a significant ratio in wholesale and fitness drop shipping. 

The drop shipping of the sportswear will be growing in the coming days. Many new companies are now launching their own sportswear brands, one after the other. The middle-age section is now showing interest in sportswear, which has given a turning point to the wholesale business as well. The technologies have also taken a quick rush in the designing of the sportswear. We can take the example of Ralph Lauren’s Polotech Smart shirt for monitoring the heart rate, stress level, and so on.

There is a good possibility for the children in the industry of sportswear with candy drop shipping. It can be said that everyone, despite their age, should be into exercise. 

Until 2014, if we look at the geographical location. The largest grosser in terms of revenue-generating was North America all over the globe. Over to 2020, the Asia Pacific region will grab the place by being one of the emerging countries.

Drop shipping is a luring business for the budding businessmen.

The time is no more the same considering the work front; everyone is rushing beyond the boundaries to do multiple tasks at a given time. It is the foremost reason behind businessmen getting attracted to on-line business to attain profit and popularity both.

Are you interested in doing the drop shipping business of apparel? The product information display is the second step after the decision to drop shipping the apparel is done. 

To start fitness drop shipping, businessmen are not confined to the geographical locations. It begins with the customer making an order. Later the businessmen will connect with the wholesaler clubbed with price-fixing. This way, there is a good ratio of profit-making. 

The story of Alex’s fitness drop shipping business 

New York is one of the busiest cities in the United States, where every resident is in a hurry doing their everyday thing. Alex is one of them, sporty and energetic. He came into the fitness industry as an outcome of his passion. 

With this, you can analyze that Alex is into fitness coaching. He even studied fitness clothing to grab more knowledge. He has a good ideology about fitness and hereby passes suggestions to his students. Yet he is into customization fitness clothing for the students who have special needs. For this, he always stays connected with the clothing manufacturers. 

With the increase of international e-commerce, Alex came to know about the drop shipping business. This platform is for everyone where the seller can send the goods directly to the customers or the merchant doing the task. 

This way, the merchant can open up the stores without putting inventory into it. The business methodology was luring for Alex as he had a connection with the merchants alongside has a good hold of knowledge of fitness clothing as well. He can pick any option, say, fitness clothing retailing or providing the products. 

He started with choosing an authentic platform for drop shipping and invested 3 to 5 days in making it a quality-driven option. It took some of the efforts and time, which made him a drop shipper of fitness clothing. 


If you have your own website, retail shop, address book or other client group that is workout or physical fitness related then we invite you to join ChinaFitnessClothing.

This means that you will take orders from your customers and collect payment. We’ll then send the goods from to your customers in your name.

Drop Shipping allows you to access our entire wholesale stock of leggings and sports bras, shirts, crop tops and seamless underwear. The fitness clothing dropshippers’ name (such as ChinaFitnessClothing) will not appear in or on the shipping parcel.

Furthermore, we offer a refund guarantee so you don’t need to keep down inventory and capital.


  1. 100% quality goods: Total 5 quality checks during the production process
  2. Timely delivery You can keep your “Delivery Date” under your control! If we don’t have stock, we won’t be able to commit. Once a promise has been made, it must be kept!
  3. Machine sizes: 12″-20”, starting at Children’s zise to plus. The largest sizes in seamless knitting, making it easy to make different sizes.
  4. We are a 100% patient listener. Let’s communicate effectively and make your brand items come to life!
  5. Reasonable Price: This complete industrial chain, from yarn sourcing through to sewing, guarantees the cost & price advantage.
  6. One-day feedback: After you submit your request, you will receive a response within one minute1 days. This is 365 days of work without vacation.
  7. Top 3 Chinese knitting technologies with more than 20 year experience.

Tell our sales representative about your offer. We will purchase additional stock to ship your order within 24hrs. Fedex, UPS, TNT and EMS are the shipping methods we use.

Dropship fees are not charged to deliver to clients.

All items are located in Zhejiang (China), Zip Code: 314419. They will be delivered from here.

You can either download all images for the products directly from this site, or we can email you a link to all images and variations.

Although you can use the product description that we provide for each item on our website, you will need to modify it and create your own unique description for each product.

There is no minimum order amount

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Delivery of Expenses

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How do I buy from a dropshipper of fitness clothing?

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On average, orders are shipped within 5-7 business day(because we have to make heat transfer labels for your order, it always takes about 4 days)- dispatch at the time the order is placed. Please confirm with us that delivery time will vary depending on where you are aiming.


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Refunds are allowed and additional information will be provided upon registration.

Cancellation of an order

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Ending words 

There are opportunities everywhere in the sky; all you need is to grab it to the earliest. When you feel the niche is right considering the drop shipping business, jump on the first seat. Many drop shipping platform is listed online that you can choose to take the first step.