Top 10 Fishing Tackle Wholesale Suppliers & Distributors

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This post will show you top-quality wholesale distributors of fishing tackle by countries. You can then dropship your tackle or buy bulk wholesale from them and then sell it in your shop.

The most popular outdoor sport is fishing, also known as “aquatic-golf”, which has been embraced by the United States and Europe. Because its price threshold is low, the cost of a fishing rod can go as low as $10.

There has been an increase in the demand for fishing tackle over the years. Both local distributors as well as wholesalers have been affected. It is not always easy to find reliable wholesale suppliers of fishing tackle. It is important to try and test more. You should find the best fishing tackle suppliers in areas where fishing is popular and where manufacturing is well-developed. This is why I choose Canada, USA, UK and UK fishing suppliers.

You may end up with unreliable and slow wholesale fishing tackle suppliers. This will result in you losing most, if not all, of your clients.

Let’s now find these distributors and suppliers that you can wholesale at an affordable price.

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China Wholesale Fishing Tackle Suppliers & Distributors

China is one of the largest fishing producer countries in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that China has some of the most renowned fishing tackle suppliers.

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The supply chain and manufacturing process for Chiese is highly developed. They can offer high-quality fishing tackles to keep your store stocked all year.

These are some of the top wholesale distributors and suppliers in China for fishing tackle.


This site is also a great place to search for amazing manufacturers and suppliers of fishing tackle. They will make sure you get every product you need.

You only need to make a choice of the fishing equipment that you want to wholesale from the lowest merchant. Made in China has a long tradition in wholesale business. They are always available to ensure that wholesale customers receive the highest quality fishing tackle equipment.

A wide variety of fishing tackle products have been listed by them, including spoons, spoons lead fish, Bucktail hooks, flying hooks, and flying hooks. These products come from Chinese manufacturers and will be sold by the suppliers. This is not like Chinabrands. They don’t offer a single-stop service.

You can find frog drags as well as long-cast spools and balanced computer rotations from many global sources. These are more of a directory that lists the top fishing tools available. This will ensure your clients return to you for more.

They are very reliable because they have an efficient delivery system. Global sources merchants can deliver any fishing tackle you need quickly and efficiently.

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You just need to place an order, and they will take care of the rest. Merchants are always friendly and cautious. The prices are reasonable and quite amazing.

Wholesale Fishing Tackle Suppliers & Distributors from the USA

Fishing is very popular in the United States. The survey shows that the US has about one-fifth the population of fishermen. Hundreds of fishing competitions are also held each year in America.

It is clear that the USA has many wholesale distributors and suppliers of fishing tackle. You can attend the Orlando International Fishing Gear Exhibition if you’re available.

Let’s learn more about the top fishing tackle companies in America.


Tackledirect is the largest wholesale supplier of fishing tackles in the USA. They offer a wide range of fishing gear, with both new and clearance items being renewed every day. They stock over 1000 top brands. Their prices are a bit higher. If you are looking to cut costs, you will need to bulk order to receive discounts. All orders over $49. qualify for free shipping Spend $49. to get free shipping

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Aquaskinz Corp.

Aquaskinz Corp has a reputation for manufacturing and distributing top-quality fishing tackle equipment around the globe. They are the exclusive suppliers to a large number of wholesalers within and outside the United States.

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They work closely with professionals to ensure that their products are well-designed. They use high-quality materials that can withstand saltwater. You don’t have to worry about their durability.

For any questions, you can always reach them. Monofilament, hooks and lines, nets, and lures are just a few of the many products that they make for mass distribution.

Fishing tackle by Burch.

This wholesale supplier of fishing tackle will always have the right amount of all the necessary commodities. You just need to place an order indicating the quantity you require and they will ensure your shipment arrives on time.

The Burch fishing tackle company has over 20,000 fishing tackle products available for wholesalers. They are high-quality and come in large quantities. Dropshipping is also available to wholesalers. This makes them the perfect people to do business with. To purchase any product, you will need an account. Their fishing tackle products are worth every penny.

Wholesalers and Suppliers of Fishing Tackle in the UK

There are many amazing wholesalers of fishing tackle in the UK that offer amazing deals and will certainly interest you. These wholesalers are proud to be excellent distributors of fishing tackle products and are committed to keeping up with the changing market. They include.


Redwoodtackle is a well-known wholesaler in the United Kingdom. They have the perfect amount of tackle stock to ensure that they remain at the top of their game. They have a large customer base and are reliable in distributing fishing tackle supplies.

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They are professional and friendly, and their customer service is exceptional. Clients come back to the shop often.

North Devon Tackle.

North Devon Tackle has maintained a high reputation in the United Kingdom due to its special deals and high quality bait supplies. These products are always attractive and well worth every penny. Because of their excellent customer service, many retailers love this place. Their unending popularity is due to the wide range of tackle products that they have in stock. This allows them to meet every customer’s needs. North Devon Tackle isn’t like any other wholesale tackle supplier in Britain. They are unique, organized and extremely easy to do business with. Their high sales are due to their careful approach with customers. For any questions, you can always reach them.

Anglers Corner.

This 1 in a Million fishing tackle company is well-known for being the largest stockiest of all, if not all, fishing tackle products in the United Kingdom.

They aren’t content to just make high sales. They take the time to ensure that retailers know which products to stock in large quantities. You can become a great retailer by utilizing their expert advice and free help.

Anglers Corner has made a significant impact on the wholesale fishing tackle market and continue to make great strides. You will find a wide range of fishing poles and baits at Anglers corner. They even have spools! Anglers Corner will amaze you with their efficiency.

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Wholesale Fishing Tackle Suppliers & Distributors Canada

Canada has a reputation for having the highest quality fishing tackle suppliers. They are competitively priced and always available to help customers. These wholesale distributors of fishing tackle have great products that have been quality checked to make sure they are worth the investment.

Here are the top Wholesale fishing tackle suppliers in Canada.

Buzbomb tackle

This tackle company is a rare wholesale supplier that uses pure dynamite lures. Your wholesaler reputation will be enhanced by the handcrafted lures. This company is well-known for providing wholesalers with amazing lures that will make them stand out. You can order any number of lures to keep your resellers coming back for more.

Caribou Lures

Caribou Lures Inc is a place you can go to if you need a large selection of fishing tackle products delivered to your home, regardless of where you are located. They are affordable and their products last a long time. Their high-quality tackle equipment has earned them a loyal client base.

Hunting and fishing heaven

They are a Canadian-based wholesale distributor of hunting and fishing equipment. This has allowed them to maintain a strong reputation in the tackle industry. They have been the leading North American angling equipment manufacturer for many decades. They offer the best fly and float rods and reels, lures, lures and baits.

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How can I locate the best fishing tackle manufacturers?

The USA, UK and Canada are the top destinations for fishing equipment manufacturers.

You can search on Google or in a directory to find them. You can also access the international fishing trade show. The internet can provide answers.

I am aware of a Chinese fishing trade fair in 2019. I know of one Chinese fishing trade show in 2019.

1. The 29th China International Fish Trade Exhibition

Time: February 16th – February 18th, 2019,

Location: shunyi district, Beijing

2. Guangzhou jinhuadi spring fishing gear exhibition

Time: April 3rd – April 5th, 2019,

Location: Guangzhou,China

Do I need to buy china fishing tackle online?

You can buy fishing tackle made in China from any Chinese website like Chinabrands, provided it has trusted suppliers and is verified. Before you make any purchases, it is worth contacting the distributors of fishing tackle on the website.

Where can I buy fishing gear from China

The best b2b wholesale websites like Chinabrands and Made in China have amazing fishing gear. You will be amazed at the variety of fishing gear they offer.

How do you select high-quality fishing supplies for bulk wholesale?

Reliable suppliers are essential to ensure high quality fishing supplies. Their website can help you verify their popularity. Similarweb is one of the tools that can be used to verify website reliability. It is possible to get data about website traffic and ranks. It’s very useful for you.

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All you need to do is reach out to them and choose the one that best suits your needs.

What are the best/most profitable hot fishing supplies and accessories I can purchase online?

Online shopping is a great way to get the best fishing supplies, such as lures, casting loops, spinners and fishing rods. These are some of the most lucrative tackles that you can buy online. If you are looking for a niche that is not being covered by other suppliers, it is important to do extensive research to find suppliers who will allow you to test small quantities of fishing products.

Where can I find wholesale clearance or closeout fishing items?

Chinabrands and Alibaba are great places to clear fishing tackle. You won’t find better prizes than these warehouses.

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