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We’ll take you on a tour of one of the most popular solutions for video creators wishing to start a video-on-demand business in this Uscreen review. This all-in-one platform promises a simple solution for streaming business owners to expand their operations. With your branding, you can host, distribute, and even sell your films all in one place.

Creative folks with an eye for video material may focus on creating the most excellent content instead of dealing with complex hosting and uploading processes with Uscreen. However, this platform is unlike other course production platforms like Teachable in that it concentrates solely on providing you with the tools you need for video hosting.

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Everything you need to know about Uscreen is right here.

What exactly is Uscreen?


Uscreen is a video hosting and management platform that does it all. Consider it a platform for you to share your movies and, maybe, earn some money from the work you do. It’s not the same as a Twitch or YouTube channel. Instead, you’ll get everything you need to start a Video on Demand business, including the ability to create a storefront, live stream, and distribute individual videos across the internet.

Uscreen’s main features are as follows:

  • Bulk uploads, custom filters, and categories are all options for organizing and uploading.
  • Streaming: Make your material available on-demand.
  • Schedule live events and offer live feeds.
  • Subscriptions and one-time payments are two methods of monetization.
  • Making an app for your videos: Create a one-of-a-kind app for your videos.
  • Analyze your data to see which types of content your clients prefer.
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Uscreen essentially provides businesses with the tools they need to start a VOD business, grow a loyal audience, and keep those clients. You can create an outstanding storefront for your audience with no coding necessary by using a variety of Uscreen video website themes and templates, then use marketing tools and community features to gain attention from viewers.

Website and App Development

The first thing you’ll do when you join up for Uscreen is establishing a branded streaming service. You can choose from various website themes and designs to get you started, all of which are centered on the video-on-demand market.

You won’t have to worry about hosting, and you won’t need any coding experience to get started. You’ll be able to tweak everything from the text to the branded colours once you’ve chosen a template or theme. The visual editor is simple to use, but it’s also limited so that you won’t make any complicated adjustments.

Aside from a homepage, you’ll be able to add numerous pages to your storefront, but outside of the homepage, you’ll have a text editor. This makes creating a distinct experience across all aspects of your website difficult.

For more substantial adjustments, you can use the “code editor.” The code editor allows you to customize your homepage completely and modify your movie catalog, although it does necessitate coding knowledge. You’ll also receive built-in sales and checkout pages for better transaction management, as well as a built-in catalog for a better browsing experience.

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The one-click translation option, which immediately translates your website content into up to 25 languages, adds the Uscreen website building experience. You may also use the “Geo-blocking” option to limit access to specific content in specific countries.

You may even use the Uscreen landscape to construct your own consistent, high-quality mobile apps if you’re feeling particularly confident. Over-the-top apps, or OTT apps, use the internet to stream and distribute films to mobile devices and smart TVs utilizing the Roku Box, AppleTV, and Amazon Fire TV.

You don’t need to know how to code to create your app, and the OTT platform has all of the fundamental features you’ll need to customize your movies and make them look fantastic. You can customize the look and feel, modify the colors, and even set up thorough analytics to guarantee that you’re constantly learning about your clients and their preferences.

The following are some of the capabilities of Uscreen’s website and app construction software:

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates
  • Choose your chosen language from a variety of global possibilities.
  • Hosting is included in the price.
  • Choose your unique domain name.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) technology
  • Analyses in depth
  • Content management system with centralized administration

Video Content Management

One of the most crucial aspects of Uscreen’s feature set is its video CMS. You won’t need another option to submit your films to your website if you sign up for an account because it includes comprehensive video hosting. Uploading is equally quick and straightforward, and you can access content stored in your Dropbox account.

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The uploading interface may also connect to other video hosting services such as Wistia and Vimeo, making it simple to switch between them if necessary. Once your films are listed in your account, you can optimize them in various ways. For example, you may add titles and descriptions subtitles, enable download, and set up basic SEO using titles, slugs, and search tags when you click on a specific video in your collection.

Uscreen also allows you to customize the appearance of your video on the front end of your website. You can customize the appearance of the video player and catalog by uploading unique thumbnails.

Because there is no bulk editing functionality with the Uscreen interface, you’ll have to tweak and customize films one at a time. If you have a significant number of videos, this may take some time. On the plus side, you can categorize and group your videos in various ways to make it easier to navigate your collection.

You can organise your films into categories and assign them to one or more segments in your list. There’s also the opportunity to create unique “filters” for your video inventory, making it easier for your visitors to find what they’re looking for. You might also add filter options like a beginner, intermediate, and advanced to a filter for different “levels” of your education method.

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Another option to group videos on Uscreen is to use collections. You can divide your collection into different chapters and drip stuff on your timetable. There’s also the possibility to create personalized playlists from your videos.

Uscreen’s sophisticated video content management solution includes the following features:

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  • Material hosting is built-in for all types of content.
  • Management of both offline and internet video
  • All videos can be seen on a variety of devices.
  • On-demand playback and live streaming
  • Payments can be made on a pay-per-view basis or through a subscription.
  • Automated video posting and scheduling
  • Personalized thumbnails
  • Metadata for searchability in SEO
  • Subtitles and closed captions
  • Smart playlists and custom filters
  • Geo-blocking regulations for access

Live Streaming and Video Player

It’s only natural that Uscreen, as a premier solution for video content management and playback, would feature a robust video player. The HTML5 online video player guarantees smooth playback on any device, with stunning HD quality watching across all devices.

Uscreen claims that their cutting-edge HTML5 video player was created specifically for the era of video on demand and over-the-top distribution providers. The solution is white-labelled and trustworthy, allowing you to make the best possible impression on your target audience. VTT captions and screen readers are also supported extensively.

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You can also rest confident that your audiences will access the material from anywhere in the world because a prominent worldwide CDN backs up the video player. As a result, your users will be able to enjoy their content regardless of their physical location. The following are some of the features:

  • Cast to Television: Apple Airplay and Chromecast are both available for streaming.
  • Controlling the speed of the video: Your viewers can easily alter the speed of the video.
  • Closed captions can be added to videos, along with optional subtitles.
  • Two global CDNs power CDN delivery.
  • Picture-in-picture content allows viewers to navigate their screens using a tiny video player.
  • Playback on any device: Cross-device transmission is seamless.
  • HLS streaming with several bitrates: Use intelligent algorithms to select the best rendition for users.
  • Organize your video content with chapters, episodes, and playlists.
  • Autoplay: Automatic playback that is simple to use.

Uscreen also has a live-streaming feature, allowing you to expand your internet visibility. With live chat, streaming capabilities, mobile apps, and TV apps, the system gives a complete five-star viewing experience. You may also add monetization to your live streams, allowing you to earn money through pay-per-view and subscription packages.

Uscreen features a live chat feature that allows you to interact with your viewers while they’re streaming and allow them to talk with one another. Live broadcasting to any device is also possible. With a multi-bitrate adaptive streaming solution, you can go live beyond the web, straight to native mobile, and so much more.

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There’s also a “go-live” notification service that sends out an email and in-app notification to your audience members to let them know when the broadcast is going live. The following are some of the features:

  • Countdown to the live event
  • On-demand auto-recording to video
  • Page for pre-registration
  • Use the live chat feature.


Finally, we’ll look at the Uscreen pricing. There are a few different pricing options, all of which offer a 20% discount if you pay annually rather than monthly. For example, if you pay every month, the costs are as follows:

Basic: $99 per month includes 50 hours of video storage, 1 admin user, onboarding, email support, a custom website, flexible pricing options, and marketing tools. Automation, business/customer insights, and access to the Uscreen accelerator program are also available.

$199 per month includes 150 hours of video bandwidth, 10 admin users, three onboarding sessions, and email and chat support. Ecommerce integration, as well as Zapier and third-party integrations, are all included.

Uscreen Plus: Please get in touch with us for a quote: This adds mobile apps, TV streaming apps, live streaming and chat white-label branding, and live stream analytics to the Growth package.

Keep in mind that all of the Uscreen VOD platform’s packages include features like a 99 percent uptime guarantee to help improve the user experience. Each bundle also includes different options to monetize videos and integration with platforms like email marketing for lead nurturing.

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Uscreen Video Monetization

For most users, the option to monetize your content will be the most crucial aspect of Uscreen. The turn-key monetization platform enables customers to set up a full-fledged video streaming business with various revenue streams. As a result, Uscreen is currently one of the most popular services for distributing premium material on the market.

Because there are so many payment alternatives, you may pick and choose the type of business you wish to run. For example, you may provide:

  • Free trials: If you want to increase your chances of capturing customers, offer them the opportunity to test your content for free for a limited time. When the timer runs out, Uscreen will automatically revoke access.
  • Subscription: Subscription features allow businesses to provide customers with consistent access to subscription content for a recurring fee.
  • Pay per view: You can monetize content for a specific one-time view and determine how long customers can access it for events and one-off video experiences.
  • Rentals: You can charge for limited-time access to your content using rental content. If you want to allow video access for a limited period, this is the way to go.
  • You can also provide your customers with lifetime access to all of your video content for a one-time fee.
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Uscreen video monetization also includes a variety of payment alternatives, such as PayPal, Stripe,, and credit card payments, so that you can get your money quickly. You can also accept various payment methods to give your clients more options.

Perhaps most importantly, Uscreen allows for large worldwide streaming. With Uscreen’s different gateway options, you may accept more than 130 currencies from all over the world; make sure you’re informed of the transaction costs associated with each provider, or you risk losing some of your hard-earned revenue.

Uscreen, surprisingly, also offers “in-app” purchases for mobile and smart TV, as well as the ability to accept payments within those app contexts. You may also think of things like royalty payments, which you can follow from your profile account. There are a variety of other insights accessible as well, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Uscreen allows you to create an affiliate program for extra growth options, allowing you to build a network of partners to help you market your streaming service. In addition, when an affiliate successfully brings custom to your organization, the company’s “Rewardful” interface makes it easier to automate payment delivery.

Overall, Uscreen provides a diverse and remarkable range of monetization possibilities, including ready-to-use checkout templates and features to help convert more leads. The following are some of the features:

  • Free and freemium trials: Begin with a free trial or freemium video to build and nurture your audience before converting them into paying clients.
  • Upsells and cross-sells: Promote similar material to your customers to increase the likelihood of becoming long-term customers.
  • Create a variety of discount coupons and unique offers to please your audience quickly and effectively.
  • Customizable branding: With a high-converting homepage, catalog page, checkout page, and more, you can easily customize any aspect of your streaming and branding website.
  • Secure SSL: With an SSL-secured checkout process, subscribers may submit payments with confidence, security, and certainty.
  • Flexible payment options: With Stripe, PayPal, and the Uscreen payment gateway, Uscreen can deposit your money directly into your system.
  • Tracking sales: Use robust reporting tools to determine the most significant material in your library and increase your conversion rates later.
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Video Marketing

Uscreen not only gives you the tools you need to post and host your video material, but it may also help you get more people to watch it. Though you’ll still have to perform the majority of the promotion work yourself, things like exclusive offers and giveaway funnels can help you nurture your leads and increase conversions.

Furthermore, there are numerous tools available to assist you in keeping track of your customer base and beginning to improve retention. The Uscreen Community features, for example, are specifically designed to assist you in improving your connection with your target audience.

You can start a conversation fast and efficiently with comments, fueling debates, and replying to remarks using a native chat tool within your video streaming environment with Uscreen Community. The chat feature in live streaming allows you to interact with customers in real-time and incorporate your audience into the conversation. This keeps the conversation going, which means your viewers are less likely to lose interest and go on to anything else.

Users can construct their user-profiles and avatars, which is an outstanding feature. In addition, users can enhance their profiles and modify information about themselves for improved community connections with new and current friends.

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The smooth flow of communication inside Uscreen’s tools’ community area is ideal for business leaders to build a more engaged tribe of followers.

Users have access to a wide range of promotional tools outside of the “community” section of Uscreen’s features. In addition, there are a variety of methods for generating and converting leads, including:

  • Customer trip tracking: Customer journey tracking means that you can keep your customers’ attention everywhere they go. There are even automated “win-back” routines for abandoned cart cases to reduce churn.
  • Users may create highly responsive and optimized sales and product pages to turn visitors into leads. Uscreen’s landing page builder is straightforward to use.
  • Marketing funnels: Comprehensive funnels with plenty of assistance help you make the most of your potential client relationships.
  • Connections: You may connect your existing tools to your streaming solutions via various integrations.
  • Upselling: For improved business results, subscription upselling solutions allow businesses to offer subscriptions at the end of the checkout procedure.

Reporting and Security

Uscreen provides various reporting options and analytics to assist content makers in getting the most out of their campaigns. For example, you may see information on things like “watch time” on your video page, which might help you determine if your clients are watching your movie from beginning to end.

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You’ll also find a variety of reports for monthly and annual sales under the sales page. In addition, there’s a section dedicated to reporting on how many coupons have been used. There’s also the opportunity to keep track of payouts.

Uscreen also provides several control options for added peace of mind and continued performance. There is a “people” section within your account where you can manage your client interactions. When you click on a specific consumer, you’ll see their whole purchase history. You don’t have to go it alone with Uscreen because it allows you to add team members to your website.

With private video on demand and full data ownership, you can sell your movies safely and securely, reducing the danger of a content problem. SSL security, 24/7 monitoring, 99.99 percent uptime guarantees, and secured payment gateways are all part of the built-in security system.

Customer Support

The most excellent streaming platform is more than just low-cost subscription options and social media integrations. Tools like the Uscreen platform must also provide support when it is required. This video on demand platform comes with a comprehensive knowledge base to learn how to get the most out of Uscreen.

In addition, the Uscreen video monetization platform features a specialized support system with highly attentive agents available via email. Unfortunately, unless you pay more, you won’t be able to get help for on-demand video through any other channel, such as phone or chat. This can give the impression that Uscreen’s customer service is weak. Having more support channels to choose from would benefit the Uscreen team.

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Final Thoughts

For those looking to monetize their video streaming strategy, Uscreen is a fantastic tool. Uscreen can support a wide range of use cases thanks to its basic plan for beginners, API support for developers, and so much more. Uscreen could be the tool for you if you’ve ever wanted to start a business that takes advantage of the age of Android TV and Netflix.

Uscreen’s ease of use is perhaps its most appealing feature. Uscreen offers a lot to offer, including mobile support for iOS and Android, as well as quick access to web videos. So, whether you’re a tiny business or a large corporation, the solution can significantly boost your web presence.