What Apps are Essential to my Shopify Store?

Shopify has many wonderful features. Shopify’s easy-to-use platform allows you to quickly sell products online. There are many ways to improve your shopping experience using Shopify plugins. There are over 4,000 apps available, so it is easy to become overwhelmed when trying to decide which Shopify marketing app is best for you. Sometimes more is not always better.

We can help. This list contains the six most important Shopify marketing tools that will help your store succeed. There are many options when it comes to marketing Shopify stores. Marketing can refer to many things, including email marketing, SEO optimization and advertising. Your goals will impact how you define marketing. Are you looking to increase sales, website traffic or brand awareness? There are many options. These are the 6 top Shopify marketing apps.

Register for SEO

The Shopify marketing app, Plug in SEO, improves search engine optimization (SEO) on your site. An SEO-optimized website will rank higher in Google searches, and bring more organic traffic to it. For small stores to compete in a saturated market and large ecommerce companies, a strong SEO strategy is essential.

These are the best features of Plug-in SEO for organic marketing:

  • Do you want to do a thorough search of all your SEO website content? Headings, image alt text, filters, tags, and tags?
  • It will identify all SEO issues that may be limiting visibility and send you an email notification when there is a problem.
  • This clearly outlines SEO problems and their solutions
  • You can try the “Free Forever” and “Plus” packages for 7 days free.


AdRoll enables you to promote Shopify in innovative, effective ways that deliver results. It incorporates many strategies from the marketing umbrella such as retargeting, cross-channel attribution, audience targeting and email marketing. AdRoll, a Shopify app specifically designed for ecommerce marketing is a great tool to help you achieve your business goals.

Highlights from the App

AdRoll is the best choice for email marketing and digital advertising. Here are some key features:

Integrate email, retargeting ads and personalization in a cross-channel marketing strategy

Ads and email are used to help with the abandoned cart recovery

To help you make informed marketing decisions, track customer engagement across all marketing channels

Easy to use email templates that can be customized

Features to increase customer loyalty.

Advertising costs are based on your budget. There are both free and paid options.


PushOwl, a Shopify marketing app that sends notifications to shoppers who abandon their carts and helps them retarget visitors. PushOwl’s automation features allow you to send personalized messages to customers who abandon items in your cart, without buying them. This helps increase sales. PushOwl also informs customers about price drops and free shipping options.

These are the top features of PushOwl, which make it a great choice for win-back marketing.

  • Target potential customers and turn them into paying customers.
  • Segments Website Visitors to Send Personalized Push Notifications at the Best Times Based on Consumer Behavior
  • To increase customer engagement, send review notifications after a product is shipped.
  • You can get a free Basic plan and a paid plan based on impressions.


Drip was designed for ecommerce businesses. Drip allows you to increase customer engagement and store revenues by integrating Shopify. Drip allows you to personalize your message and reach the right people through email marketing by collecting customer data from all channels.

These are the top features of Drip, which is best for email marketing:

  • Get feedback from shoppers to improve the customer experience at Shopify
  • Based on your data, we can make recommendations for ways to grow sales and business.
  • Features extensive segmentation and personalization capabilities and email types, including abandonment emails
  • Free 14-day trial


Smile can be used to build a loyal customer program. For a business to succeed, customer retention is crucial. Research has shown that increasing customer retention by just 5% can result in a 95% increase in profits. Smile customer loyalty programs help you retain loyal customers while increasing sales. Smile works on a points system and offers many ways to encourage customers to return to Shopify.

These key features make Smile a great retention marketing tool.

  • Loyalty points program that rewards customers who buy and encourages customers to purchase again
  • Refer friends to Shopify and get rewarded
  • You can upsell your customers by offering VIP perks that you can easily use and tailor.
  • There are three options for paying extra: a “free” package, and three other options that offer more functionality.


Kit was created to help Shopify store owners grow their businesses through social media advertising. Kit allows you to reach the right people through social media platforms, from finding your ideal customer to creating customized Facebook ads. Kit is your new favorite “employee” in marketing.

These are the top features of Kit that make it great for social marketing:

  • This tool allows you to easily create discount codes for your products
  • Offers resources to retarget ad campaigns in order to win-back clients
  • Manages your Instagram ads and Facebooks posts, email marketing and social media posts
  • Cross-channel marketing drives sales and business growth
  • All are welcome

Shopify: Jilt

Jilt is our top choice for essential WooCommerce extensions. Jilt also has a Shopify version, so Jilt takes this spot. It’s that good.

SkyVerge’s team believes Jilt is essential to all Shopify stores as it efficiently handles email marketing. Jilt makes it easy to engage and re-engage customers via email. This is crucial for any eCommerce store.

What Jilt does to you:

  • All transaction emails for Shopify are handled by this service, which allows you to deliver better.
  • Your buyers will receive beautiful newsletters.
  • Recouvre abandoned shopping carts.
  • Automated campaigns send re-engagement emails to old customers.

Jilt is without a doubt a must-have for any Shopify store.

Subscribe to Recharge

Shopify’s ReCharge Subscriptions app is easy to use and converts one-off Shopify products into recurring plans (weekly, monthly or yearly).

Converting people who make one-time purchase into repeat customers increases your MRR (Monthly recurring revenue) and decreases your churn rate. These are the two most important indicators of eCommerce success.

Recharge’s Key Features:

  • Transforms any product into an e-commerce subscription.
  • Switching to a subscription-based model can increase your revenue.
  • Customers can manage their subscriptions from their account.
  • Mobile-friendly — Works great on desktops, laptops and tablets as well as mobiles.

Although this app isn’t cheap, there are two plans.

  • Standard $60/month plus 1% per transfer and 5 cents/transaction plus gateway fees.
  • Pro — $300/month plus 1% transaction fee and 19c per transaction plus gateway fees

Google Channel

Shopify store owners should have the Google Channel app, which was developed by Shopify. This app allows you to add products to your shop to Google Shopping. It will give your store an SEO boost.

Google Channel also integrates with smart-shopping campaigns, so you can use Google Ads to run paid campaigns and increase conversions.

Google Channel’s Key Features:

  • Google will search for your products and send them to you.
  • Quickly and easily create a paid advertising campaign for your Shopify store.
  • You can track your sales and adjust your ad spending without ever leaving Shopify.
  • If you are new to Google Shopping, you can get $100 in ad credits when you spend $25

Shopify offers the core Google Channel app for free. The only cost is related to Ads campaigns. The cost of Google Ads depends on many factors including keywords.


Oberlo is a must-have app for Shopify if you have already jumped on to dropshipping or plan to.

Oberlo lets you import multiple products to your Shopify store, and then start dropshipping them. You can also use the product finder to locate products.

Key Features:

  • Find products that you can dropship and sell.
  • Google Chrome extension that adds AliExpress products directly to your Shopify store. It takes just a few clicks.
  • Bulk Order Support
  • Real-time tracking.

Oberlo offers three pricing options:

  • Explorer — This free plan includes basic functionality. It is ideal for exploring dropshipping. There is a limit of 500 products.
  • Grad – $7.90/month. It includes more functionality as well as all Oberlo dropshipping courses that will help you improve your dropshipping skills. There is a limit of 500 products.
  • Boss – $29.90/month. This includes all Oberlo functionality, including advanced features such as real-time order tracking and real-time ordering. There is a limit of 30,000 products.

It is exciting, but also a daunting task.

The right extensions can help your eCommerce store grow, whether you are selling your own products or dropshipping.

These Shopify marketing apps are essential for promoting your Shopify store. Download them today and get started. Now is the best time to boost your brand and increase sales.