What is the Purpose of the Shopify Developer Account?

Shopify development shops are a great option for those who want to use the eCommerce platform Shopify. Shopify development shops are an integral part of Shopify theme creation and app development. We can help you create or use a store to test your ideas.

This post will provide all the information you need about Shopify’s development stores. We will explain what Shopify is and why they are so important for web and app development. Finally, we will show you how to create your own Shopify development store.

What is Shopify Development Store?

A blank canvas is the best way to imagine a Shopify store. Development partners have the opportunity to test and install new themes and apps through a Shopify store account. Prospective clients can view a development store as an example of your work. They can then be used to create Shopify stores for clients and sign them up to Shopify.

Shopify Partners and ShopifyPlus Partners have unlimited access to development stores. These accounts are free to set up and enjoy all the benefits of an advanced Shopify account, with some key exceptions. There are a few restrictions on development store accounts:

  • An active payment provider cannot process orders. Shopify offers a fake gateway that can be used to test the system.
  • There are a maximum of ten Shopify apps you can create
  • The password page cannot be removed
  • Shopify apps cannot be installed on your development store. However, there are some Shopify partner apps that you can install.

Shopify Development Store can be described as an advanced Shopify account, which is available for testing purposes. These accounts are also important in another way.

Shopify Development Stores: Why is it Important?

Developer stores allow developers to showcase their themes and apps to potential customers. Shopify development shops make it simple to create Shopify websites.

As a development shop, you will create a Shopify site for the client that you refer. After the project is completed, you will give your client ownership of the development shop. They will then choose the Shopify plan that best suits their business.

These accounts can also be used to showcase your work and attract new clients. Without being able view the work of other developers, it is difficult to gauge their abilities. You can showcase your project management skills and creativity in development stores.

You now know more about Shopify development shops. But you may be wondering how to create one. Let’s take a closer look at this.

How do I create a Shopify Development Store

To create a development shop, first register for a Shopify Partner account. It is easy. This will ask you to fill in your information and your goals as Shopify Partners. You also need to confirm your email address. After your account and information are verified, you can start creating your own development shops.

Once you have created a Shopify Partner account you will be able to access your “Stores” page. Click the “Add Store” button on this page. This will display three store options. Choose the development store. Next, you will need to set a password, URL, as well as store purpose.

Shopify Partners have unlimited access to create development stores, as mentioned previously. This allows you to create Shopify stores for clients, develop Shopify themes and apps or just to have space to practice your techniques and show other developers.

How do I transfer ownership of Shopify Development Stores?

Shopify sites cannot go live until ownership is transferred and a Shopify plan has been chosen. After a store’s ownership has been transferred and a Shopify plan chosen, the few restrictions that were placed on the development store are lifted.

It is simple to transfer ownership. Log in to Shopify Partner Dashboard and click on the “Stores” page. Click on “Actions”, and then select “Transfer Ownership” next to the development store you wish to transfer.

A new window will be opened when you select the “Transfer Ownership” option. This will open a new window that displays a list with eligible owners to whom you can transfer the store’s ownership. To transfer ownership to your client’s account, you must create one. After you’ve selected the owner and transferred the store to them, they will receive instructions for setting up the store and going live.

Final thoughts on Shopify Development Stores

Retail has seen a lot of changes over the past decade. Shopify is a top-rated eCommerce solution for businesses. Shopify’s development store features allow developers to create amazing apps and themes to make Shopify even more powerful. It is also a great tool to market your skills and Shopify in general to clients.

Look for an app developer partner who also happens to be a Shopify Plus Partner. They will not only have the technical expertise and experience in app and web development but will also be Shopify experts. This partnership is invaluable as you start your eCommerce journey with Shopify’s first store.