Why is Dropshipping So Hard? Let’s Find Out

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Do you think you are one of those dropshippers who took the risk and found yourself asking the same questions, especially when you feel stuck and not making sales?

FUN FACT. You are not the only one.

In this fast-paced eCommerce environment, where you only need an internet connection and a laptop in order to make money online, it is undeniably difficult to find something different and new. This requires effort and determination. DROPSHIPPING CAN BE HARD if you are not familiar with the process and where to begin.

Dropshipping is difficult because of the stories I have heard from customers whom I spoke with at support. I now know at least five reasons why.

Reason #1: Dropshipping costs

Dropshipping can be a great way to sell products without having to hold inventory. However, it is not sustainable.

Here’s the COST list:

  • The store platform you will use for your website
  • Dropshipping software compatible and other apps you may need
  • Traffic to your store via FB Ads or Google Ads
  • All orders (including shipping fees) will be sent to your customer by the suppliers
  • Refunds and returns
  • If you have a VA, the salary for it is

There are always risks involved in any business venture. This is a fact that everyone knows. You need to ensure that your investment is within your personal budget and will not have any adverse effects on your financial situation if it does not work out.

Reason #2: Dropshipping is difficult

Even MBA graduates feel challenged by running this business. Many people get frustrated when they feel they know all about the business. However, dropshipping issues that appear minor or easy to resolve suddenly become big issues.

What are these difficulties?

  • Make your online store attractive enough to draw buyers
  • Create product listings that include images and descriptions
  • Market your store to make sure it stands out
  • Find reliable and trustworthy suppliers
  • Find products that have high quality and are financially profitable
  • You need the right software to automate dropshipping.
  • If you already have a dropshipping app, master it.
  • Even if your store isn’t making much, it is important to pay for your monthly expenses (online shop platforms and other apps).
  • Handling returns and refunds
  • Handling customer concerns and complaints
  • Shipping delays: How to deal

Problems often arise from the strong desire to profit immediately.

Reason #3: Researchers vs. Risk-Takers

Dropshipping is a business that requires people to spend hours researching it and all the details. Many of them do extensive research on the topic and read extensively. Many of them even take training courses to learn more about the business model but never launch their business. They spend too much time learning, and they never put that knowledge to use in a business.

Many people, on the other hand will dive in and learn as they go even though everything may seem new to them. While this can still cost time and money, the risk-takers will often be the ones who see success. They learn as they go.

Reason #4: Time-Consuming

This is definitely one reason I hear people give for quitting. This is not a review of their experiences with dropshipping as a whole. When it doesn’t produce positive results or, in most cases profit, people lose patience and get frustrated.

It is true that everything you do takes time, but your determination never fails you.

The ones who put in the effort wisely will see the results.

Reason #5: Experimental niche

You don’t know what product is the best seller so you try different niches until you have a store full of products that don’t make that much. Then you get even more confused because you don’t know what next.

How can you pick the right niche?

  • It is a service or product that interests you.
  • It’s what potential consumers search for online and spend money on.
  • It should solve problems for your prospects

These are the reasons you should be aware of .

STEP 1 Be specific about your niche.

STEP 2. STEP 2. Be realistic about your budget.

STEP 3 Be practical. You should only read enough information to kickstart your dropshipping business. Too much information can be overwhelming for beginners, and in the end it doesn’t help. To get started, you can read step-by-step instructions.

STEP 4 Be resourceful. Find the best tools to save time when running a dropshipping business.

STEP 5. Be patient. Give it some time.

Are there other ways to get around the dropshipping “difficulties?” Please share your tips below.