10 Best Clothing Manufacturers in UK No Minimum Order

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This post will provide information on the best clothing manufacturers in the UK for small businesses, as well as the best advice for wholesale clothing. If there are stable orders and good demand, every retail seller cannot avoid problems with their products and supply. It is important to clarify everything at the start of a startup.

Are you able to identify a product line? What types of products are you going to sell?

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Are you deciding to make in the UK or abroad?

Are there low minimum order quantities for clothing manufacturers?

Different businesses have different needs, so it is important to clarify this before you begin to search for good manufacturers and suppliers of clothing.

How do I find a clothing manufacturer to launch a business in the UK?

The UK clothing industry has been more expensive than other countries in recent years. You should consider:

Final cost: Although making your clothes overseas is more affordable, you will need to add shipping costs and compare.

Delivery time: The huge labor force makes the Asia factory more efficient than the UK and USA. The Chinese factory is the best option if you want to have a quick supply.

Quality of clothing: The majority of garment production still relies on manual labor. This is not an easy job and requires professional knowledge and experience. Good clothing manufacturers have a quality control team that checks the materials and sewing.

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Each clothing supplier factory focuses on a limited range of styles to ensure its competitiveness. There are some factories that specialize in high-end clothing and others that are strong in lower-end clothing. Some manufacturers make basic T-shirts while others are skilled in children’s clothing. It is difficult to find a trustworthy and high-quality clothing manufacturer. How do you find good clothing manufacturers? These are the methods I use most often.

Search from various directories and forums for clothing wholesale

You should consider both UK-based and european clothing manufacturers if you plan to launch a clothes business in the UK. They are close to you, even though they may be expensive. Do not worry. Make a list of clothing manufacturers for your business.

These directories and forums are popular in the UK, where you can find information about manufacturers:


UK Business Forums

The Wholesaler


Direct purchase from the B2B eCommerce platform

Although there are many types of B2B platforms, they all aim to connect buyers with manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. Although it is easy to source products online, you may be concerned about quality and price. You can avoid scammers online by being careful.

Many factories want to expand their sales channels, but lack the energy and resources for small orders. This is why the ecommerce platform was created. For small businesses, they can combine the resources from multiple factories with huge styles in one place. These websites are legit and I have never been scammed.

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Now you know how to locate clothing manufacturers for UK businesses. Let’s take a look at the top-quality clothing manufacturers in the UK.

Top Quality Garment and Clothing Manufacturers in UK


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Hawthorn, a London-based award-winning clothing manufacturer, supports start-ups and independent designers. They have manufacturing facilities located all over the world, giving them the ability to produce products in both small quantities and large quantities. They are able to provide custom clothing with the lowest minimum order quantity in the industry.

There are pros and cons to both:

Custom clothing orders are limited to 50 pieces

Competitive pricing

World wide delivery

DSA production

DSA Manufacturing is located in the UK. They connect with Chinese factories to offer the best prices. The average production time is 30 days. Their minimum order is 100 pieces. They have extensive knowledge in all aspects of materials, styles, brands, and are highly skilled. They can make any type of clothing, including t-shirts, workout clothes and denim jackets.

There are pros and cons to both:

China is the best place to buy clothing.

Delivery times will take longer.

3. Sewport

Sewport is a platform that helps you transform ideas into products. They have opened the doors to clothing factories and businesses. They are a new company in the market that launched the platform in 2017. They offer one-stop services, from design to manufacturing.

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Simply create a project and you will receive proposals from manufacturers and professionals. Next, you can talk with them to select the best candidate and then make an offer. Escrow will pay the payment

They have 645 active brands and 883 clothing producers. There are also 335 successful deals.

There are pros and cons to both:

The best offers are always available

It’s like project management, but flexible.

4. Plus Samples

It is a well-known clothing manufacturer in London, UK. They offer high quality clothing production, from design to delivery. This studio is ideal for small businesses that require 1 to 200 pieces per order. They have been providing sample services and clothing manufacturing to fashion designers and boutiques for more than 10 years.

There are pros and cons to both:

Only high-end clothing manufacturing facilities are available

All products are manufactured in the UK

They have the professionals to ensure that the highest quality is maintained

5. Bridge and stitch

Bridge & Stitch is one of the UK’s best custom clothing companies. They offer a range of services including design, pattern cutting and customization, as well as manufacturing using a particular method. Small businesses typically need to be operational for 3 to 6 months. The majority of their clothing factories are located in the UK.

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They offer almost every type of clothing except for lingerie, including women’s and men’s clothing.

There are pros and cons to both:

Only work with UK-based clothing manufacturers

Production times are longer

6. Djinn

Djinn was founded in Leicester in 1989 and has grown to be a leading UK luxury clothing manufacturer. Djinn offers a complete service to clients worldwide, including write-label clothing manufacturing, pattern cutting, and sampling services.

There are pros and cons to both:

High end luxury clothing manufacturing is not suitable

High quality, but high price

7. Unlimitless fashion

Unlimited Fashion is a leading clothing and garment manufacturer in the UK. They were established in 1960 and have a factory of 5000 square feet in London. They have a minimum order of 1 piece and a maximum of 1000 units per week. Delivery takes approximately 21 days on average.

There are pros and cons to both:

UK factory made the cost is higher

They have years of experience in the production of high-quality clothing.

8. Fchand

Fchand, a UK-based clothing manufacturer, offers a complete range of services to international clients. They were interested in private label clothing manufacturing. This allows clients to benefit from the “Made In Britain”label.

Since 2010, they have operated a production plant covering 25,000 square feet. They produce on average 2500 clothes per week. They can order as few as 300 pieces per style.

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There are pros and cons to both:

We are the leading clothing supplier for all types of clothes.

Strong production capacity

9. Karpelle

Karpelle is a leading UK manufacturer of ladies clothing. They specialize in coats, jackets and trousers for women, as well as dresses and sportswear. The majority of production is now in Romania and Macedonia, with the remaining 5% being in Asia. They can guarantee the highest quality and lowest price.

There are pros and cons to both:

They offer large warehouses for finished stock and raw materials.

We offer a short lead time

10. Alanic clothing

Alanic clothing is a top-rated sports clothing manufacturer, with shipping to the USA, Canada, Australia and other countries. T shirts, tops and leggings as well as other apparel for sports are offered by them to both men and women. They also offer private label and custom clothing manufacturing. Orders $50+ qualify for free shipping

There are pros and cons to both:

Huge inventory in warehouse

Shopping online is easy.

Dropshipping service

11. Aspirado Trading

It is a wholesale manufacturer of women’s clothing (London Chambers member in UK and New York). They also have factories for clothing manufacturing in New Delhi and China.

They also have modern garment manufacturing facilities that can produce anything from 10 to 5000 units.

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There are pros and cons to both:

Aspirado Trading sells clothing made in India and China.

It is flexible in quantity orders.

These are the top quality clothing companies in the UK for kids, women and men. Each manufacturer offers its own product line, with some specializing in custom clothing and others specializing in fitness clothing. Make sure to review their policies on the website.

You can still find clothing manufacturers in the directories I have listed above if they are unable to meet your needs.

Final thoughts

The supply chain is your biggest challenge as a small business owner. How can you find quality products at a reasonable price? It is the foundation that determines whether your business can make money.

All of us want to find the original clothing manufacturer that cuts out the middlemen and saves money. There aren’t many clothing manufacturers that cater to small businesses. Chinabrands, a platform that allows you to sell your clothing online, is a great option. They can integrate with many resources to maximize profits.