10 Best Malaysian Shopping Sites to Sell Online

Today I will share 12 top online shopping sites in Malaysia with tips and tricks. You’ll also find the top selling products in Malaysia to increase your e-commerce sales.

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Malaysia’s Top Shopping Websites


A technologically-oriented platform with a vision to better small businesses.

Shopee, an e-commerce platform that supports multilingual shopping, was founded in 2015. Shopee is an e-commerce platform that supports multilingual shopping. It was founded in 2015 by the billion-dollar Sea Group Ltd. It was also voted the Best Startup Of The Year for 2015.

Shopee has a large market share. In the fourth quarter 2017, Shopee had a record $1.6billion in Gross Merchandise Valuation. Shopee is home to over 4,000,000 entrepreneurs. In 2017, the platform had over 80 million app downloads.

Best: Shopee can be your go-to ecommerce store for nearly anything! Gadgets and clothing, as well as beauty products and toys, are all available at Shopee.

Key features:

* More than 80 million downloads in seven countries — Singapore Malaysia, Indonesia Thailand Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand

* Position 1866 in global ranking

* Types of e-commerce available: C2C, B2C

* Alexa rank Malaysia: #10

* Monthly visits average (Sep-Nov 2018: 18.84 millions).

* Daily unique visitors: 21,837

* Daily page views are 141,940

* There are more than 180 million product listings, with the most in-demand categories being beauty and fashion.

* Collaborate closely with local entrepreneurs and retailers to create a wide range of high-quality product listings

* Partner with more than 70 logistics providers (3LP), to ensure quick and secure delivery of products in the region – in Malaysia they are partners with Pos Laju GDex

* Super-fast growth: $1.8+Billion GMV achieved in the first year after launch

* Shipping Free

Shop on Shopee

Seller requirements: Verified email, registered business, copy of MyKad/passport, Copy bank statements, Copy business license, tax registration certificate for international sellers, and a copy GST

$315 registration fee

No commission, free to use

Sellers get sufficient help


The leader in e-commerce ecosystems in Southeast Asia, with a promise of increasing your web traffic by up to 10x.

Lazada is an app-based platform, similar to Shopee. It allows sellers to tap into its extensive tools network and help them grow their businesses on the move. It is a private company that was founded in 2012 and currently works under the Alibaba Group Ltd.

Lazada’s marketplace model is dynamic and can accommodate third-party sellers. Based on average monthly visits, it ranks first in Southeast Asia for e-commerce platforms. The Malaysian branch is the top. Lazada boasts a customer base exceeding 15 million and is home to more than 35,000 sellers.

Best for: household electronics to toys, fashion, clothes, and groceries. However, electronics has proven to be the most profitable for the company.

Key features:

* Lazada is the largest eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia. It has 155,000 sellers and 3,000 brand members, serving 560 million customers through its marketplace platform. The company also offers a wide range of data, marketing and service solutions.

* Position 1518 in global ranking

* Alexa rank Malaysia: #9

* Monthly visits average (Sep-Nov 2018: 26.1 Million)

* Daily unique visitors: 70,897

* Daily pageviews: 283,588

* Electronics is the hot-selling category

* Dedicated to providing excellent customer service. It offers multiple payment options including cash-on delivery, complete customer care, and hassle-free returns via its own first- and last-mile delivery arm that is supported by around 100 logistics partners.

* Lazada Express is the company’s own logistics service.

Buy on Lazada

Register as a seller for free

Seller requirements

Based on percentage of sales, Lazada charges a commission and a payment fee for each product sold. The unit price is 2% and the commission rate ranges from 3%-13%, depending on the product category.

A platform for e-commerce that is accessible and inclusive.

eBay Malaysia allows you to share in the multi-billion-dollar success of eBay Inc. Although the company was founded in 1995, it didn’t expand its reach to Malaysia until 2004. eBay Malaysia is the largest individual-to-person trading platform. Its success has been attributed to teamwork and continuous innovation.

This platform gives sellers the opportunity to reach key global markets such as the US, Australia, Germany, Australia, and Britain. The platform allows sellers to market their products worldwide to more than 171 million people. eBay has a limit on the number of products that can be sold. However, this can be increased through trust building.

Best For: Find the latest electronics, designer fashion and furniture for your home, or even a brand new car on eBay.

Key features:

* 116 Million active users, 400,000,000 listings, approximately 25,000,000 sellers

* 260,000,000 daily searches

* Daily unique visitors: 15,141

* Daily pageviews are 90846

* Alexa rank for Malaysia: #442

* Logistics available

Buy on eBay Malaysia?

Seller requirements

Minimum 4% listing fee and commission on the marketplace


This platform will allow you to expand your fashion business beyond what you can imagine.

The e-retailer Zalora Group was founded in 2012 and boasts the largest fashion store in Southeast Asia. Global Fashion Group manages the platform and has the largest regional e fulfillment hub, measuring 470,000 square feet.

Zalora supports English, Chinese and Indonesian languages. It offers sellers lifetime collaboration, instant accessibility to a large user base, and full control over their online shop.

Best For: The best international and local brands and products that range from fashion items, makeup products, and shoes to fashion accessories for men and women.

Key features:

* Type of ecommerce: B2C

* Origin: Malaysia

* Minimum 6 years of experience in the workplace

* 2.25 billion customers, large customer base

* Global Fashion Group member

* Alexa rank Malaysia: #112

* Monthly visits average (Sep-Nov 2018: 1.676 Million)

* Daily unique visitors: 15,141

* Daily pageviews are 90846

* Fashion & Accessories are the most popular categories

* Logistics available

Buy on Zalora

Free registration

Seller requirements

Commission is variable from 0% up to 30%. Eg: 12% Commission for new customers, 5% Commission for existing customers.


Local marketplace that offers free education for sellers, e-commerce tips and transparent communication.

Many people know Lelong as a local king, which was established in 1998. Although it is based in Malaysia, Lelong accepts international sellers. The platform is user-friendly and offers sellers multiple themes to make it easy for them to set up.

Lelong, despite being a local platform still manages to receive an average 8 million visits per month. It currently hosts over 8,000 stores, ranging in size from small-scale businesses to large corporations.

The best for: More than 1.3 Million products in a variety of categories including home appliances, mobile phones, cameras, gadgets, fashion and accessories as well as beauty and personal care and toys.

Key features:

* Type of ecommerce: B2C

* Origin: Malaysia

* Alexa rank Malaysia: #110

* Monthly visits average (Sep-Nov 2018: 4.519 Million)

* Daily unique visitors: 42,420

* Daily pageviews: 212,100

* Electronics is the hot-selling category

* Private payment method: NetPay

* LMall handles logistics like delivery and website maintenance so Lelong can concentrate on inventory management.


Seller requirements: Copy of MyKad/passport, Verified email, Copy Of MyKad/passport, Copy Of Bank Statements, Business License, Tax Registration Certificate (for international sellers), and a Copy of GST

Registration on Lelong – RM398/year Webstore Plan or RM498/year Webstore Plus Plan

0.3% up to 8% market commission


You can build your deal and lower costs by using the vast online and mobile marketplaces.

Groupon was launched in 2008 and is an online marketplace that connects millions of users with local merchants. It is a global platform that serves over 48 countries and 500 locations.

Groupon boasts more than 48.1 million customers worldwide and annual revenues of $2.84 billion. In 2011, the platform launched “Groupon Now”, a mobile app that targets smartphone and tablet users. It also launched “Groupon MerchantOS”, a suite that offers merchant tools, including schedules, payments and rewards.

Best for: Consumer electronics, toys, entertainment, fashion, pet supplies, etc.

Key features:

* Type of ecommerce: B2C

* Source: US

* Work experience of more than 10 years

* Between 500 and 70 Million Subscribers

* Alexa rank for Malaysia: N/A

* Monthly visits average (Sep-Nov 2018: 56.27 Million) (global traffic).

* Hot-selling Category: No visual comparability

* Logistics available


Seller requirements

$30 annually membership fee

Up to 50% Commission


This service allows sellers to do business online without having to open a physical shop or register a company.

Mudah is an online classifieds site that caters mainly to the Malaysian market. This platform was established in 2007 and has been visited by over 1.8million unique users. It is the second most popular local website in the country. The platform offers sellers the opportunity to increase their customer base and sell to customers around the globe.

Best For: realty, automotive, careers and business products and services. This is a great resource for Malaysians and other business groups around the globe.

Key features:

* Type of ecommerce: C2C

* Origin: Malaysia

* Work experience of over 11 years

* Alexa rank Malaysia: #14

* Monthly visits average (Sep-Nov 2018: 11.92 Million).

* Daily unique visitors: 55,115

* Daily pageviews at 330,690

* Daily updates of approximately 1.7 million listings

* Cars are the hot-selling category

* Logistics available

Selling on Mudah

Seller requirements: Copy of MyKad/passport, Verified email, Copy Of MyKad/passport, Copy Of Bank Statements, Business License, Tax Registration Certificate (for international sellers), and a Copy of GST

Listing Fee and a Commission Fee of up to 50%


You can get rid of clutter and make money from it. You can simply snap, list, then sell absolutely for free.

Carousell is a marketplace that allows consumers to sell second-hand and new goods. Carousell was launched in 2012 and has over 57 million listings.

Carousell can be used on both Android and Apple mobile devices. It is one of the easiest marketplaces to use. You can easily create your listing and then sell your items in just 30 seconds. Facebook is the largest social media platform, accounting for more than 50% of its budget.

Best For: Many items, from cars and properties to electronics and vintage and collectibles.

Key features:

* Type of ecommerce: C2C

* Origin: Singapore

* Minimum 6 years of experience in the workplace

Over 110 million listings

* Alexa rank for Malaysia: N/A

* Monthly visits average (Sep-Nov 2018: 13.7 Million).

* Daily unique visitors: 39,786

* Daily page views 258,609

* The Hot Selling Category: Cars & Property

* The seller is responsible for logistics

* The Lifestyle and Shopping app is ranked as the best in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

Buy on Carousell

Seller requirements

Free registration

No commission

11 Street

An easy, trustworthy marketplace that strives for a better seller experience.

Although 11 Street was established in 2008, it wasn’t until 2015 that the company made its way to Malaysia. It boasts a gross merchandising value of over $6 billion. The platform has more than 400,00 sellers and serves over 30,000,000 customers.

11 Street is the first ecommerce education center in Malaysia. It offers training support and sellers facilities. The platform offers a mobile app that targets iOS and Android users.

Best For: Anything that comes to mind – Clothing and gadgets, home decor or entertainment.

Key features:

* Type of ecommerce: B2C

* Origin: Korea

* Work experience of more than 10 years

* Alexa rank Malaysia: #37

* Monthly visits average (Sep-Nov 2018: 10.49 Million)

* Daily unique visitors: 33,573

* Daily page views: 167.865

* Fashion & Beauty are the most popular categories

* Logistics available

Buy on 11 Street?

Seller requirements : Verified email, Copy MyKad/passport, Copy bank statements, copy of GST, business license, tax registration certificate for international sellers, and a copy

Free seller registration

1% – 10% commission on the marketplace, or 4% – 20% for evouchers


Fave allows you to market the best deals of each day using a mobile app. It is easy and convenient.

Fave, a mobile O2O platform that connects internet users with physical stores, is called Fave. This platform offers sellers the opportunity to become part of a bigger South East Asian story. It caters to small and medium-sized businesses. The company has over 9,000 listings per day.

Key features:

* Type of ecommerce: B2C

* Origin: Malaysia

* Alexa rank for Malaysia: #1,037

* Monthly visits average (Sep-Nov 2018: 1.045 Million)

* Daily unique visitors: 10,333

* Daily page views are 77,497

* The Hot Selling Category: Food & Beverages

Fave on Sale?

Seller requirements: Copy of MyKad/passport, Verified email, Copy Of MyKad/passport, Copy Of Bank Statements, Business License, Tax Registration Certificate (for international sellers) and a copy GST

No setup fee or upfront fees

Flat-rate Commission of 30%


An online marketplace that offers a secure and easy seller experience.

Qoo10 was formerly known as Gmarket. It is an online shopping site that was launched in 2008. Quest, Search, Perfection, Completeness and Completeness are the company’s pillars. Qoo10 currently has seven markets in five countries.

Key features:

* Type of ecommerce: B2C

* Work experience of more than 10 years

* Alexa rank for Malaysia: #780

* Monthly visits average (Sep-Nov 2018: 697,774)

* Daily unique visitors: 9,573

* Daily page views 38,292

* The Hot Selling Category: Health & Beauty

* Logistics available

Buy on Qoo10?

Seller requirements: Verified email, Registered business, Copy MyKad/passport, Copy bank statements, Business license, Tax registration certificate (for international buyers), and a copy GST

$100 registration fee for regular customers or $500 for QStore

Market commission of 12% for regular customers and 5% for QStore customers

Malaysia’s best marketplace for selling

We have already ranked the 12 best places to shop in Malaysia. Let’s now get to the real question: Which platform in Malaysia is best for selling? These are the five key factors to consider before you settle on a marketplace.

* Website traffic

Your primary goal should be site traffic. Your chances of attracting more customers are higher if you have more traffic to your website. Sales personnel are capable of making up numbers, so don’t believe them. You can verify website traffic by asking around and using the Alexa ranking tool.

* Product and customer fit

Different marketplaces specialize in different categories. You should search for marketplaces that cater to your needs and offer the same categories. It doesn’t make any sense to settle for a marketplace that sells fashion if you only offer gadgets.

Remember that every market has its strengths and weaknesses, so match product categories and customer demand. For instance, lower value items tend to sell well on Lelong.

Groupon is a great platform for food and beverage businesses. This will allow you to reach more customers and withstand the fierce competition.

* Merchant support

Assess the market’s support. The merchant support team helps you increase exposure for your products. There are always bad apples. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure that you are able to rely on the market for trustworthy, reliable, and helpful people.

Sellers should consider the other services provided by the marketplace. These include customer service, shipping and fulfillment.

* System access

Setting up an online store is a great way to maximize flexibility and control. This can be difficult when selling on a marketplace. A marketplace that is user-friendly or has an integration interface for more established merchants would be a good option.

Each marketplace has its own rules. These include the maximum number of listings and whether sellers are allowed to promote their brand via social media channels. You won’t be able to control your listings if they fall within certain categories. You need to be careful when selling on hybrid markets, especially if you are a merchant.

Margin, fees and ROI (Return on Investment)

Although it is a significant weight, it should not be the last thing you consider. Remember that the primary goals of joining a marketplace is to increase sales and marketing reach. You should also consider the selling commission and margin that are charged by a marketplace.

Sellers should also consider additional fees such as shipping fees, advertising fees, listing fee, fixed annual fee and shipping fee. You must calculate your ROI to determine if you are generating sales or marketing reach.

Malaysia’s top products to sell online

Apparel Accessories

Fashion is very profitable. Consider apparel accessories that are always fashionable, regardless of the season or weather. This includes pocket squares and cuff links as well as bow ties.


Today’s world is dependent on time, so many people are searching for a way to keep track of it. Watches are now a fashion statement.

Look for simple, eye-catching designs whether you are looking at smatwatches, digital watches, or analog. Because they are durable and comfortable, wooden watches can be a great option.


No longer are leggings and other shapewear considered innerwear. These are essential pieces in every person’s wardrobe. For example, leggings have seen a rise in demand over the last few years and this trend is expected to continue for many years.

* Woodcrafts

You’ll find tropical forests in abundance in South East Asia. You should take this opportunity to learn about wooden crafts. The Malay-styled crafts are well-known for their intricate details and unique definition.

* Earthenware

Even with all the modern technology in place pottery still retains its great taste for decoration and design. Belanga, Labu Sayong and Terenang are some of the most important Malay pottery.

* Branded Plastic bags

A paper bag with a brand is something that every buyer wants. But, you need to ensure that your bags are high quality.

* Diapers

Many mothers and nannies live at home. However, many mothers and nannies prefer to purchase diapers online. Lazada is an example of a platform that sells diapers, accounting for as much as 5% of all diapers sold in South East Asia.

* USB Drives and Power Banks

People want to be connected with technology at all times, whether they are at work, home, or on the move. This has resulted in a growing demand for portable devices such as USB drives and power banks.