Shopify and Mailchimp Break Up Everything to Know

Mailchimp, which had been working with Shopify since March 2019, announced that it was ending its cooperation and requested that Shopify remove its application. MailChimp’s decision to leave Shopify was questioned by many. According to some, this decision was taken because the confidentiality issues were not resolved by both parties. Shopify store owners are not interested in […]

Victory Journal Magazine to Shopify Quick Tips

Victory Journal This magazine is essential for sports fans. This magazine is for photographers. The Victory Journal latest issue is now available. It demonstrates once again why the magazine won the top spot in last year’s Stack Awards photography category. Next month will see the launch of this year’s awards ( email us for more information) and Victory is sure to […]

How to Make a Shopify Store in Less Than a Day?

It took me twelve months to launch my first online store. To start, I used traditional strategies. I set up the company myself, searched for wholesalers and underestimated my marketing budget. However, I created a beautiful store, added thousands of products manually, and never sold a single product. After selling my ecommerce company with $3M in annual […]

How to do Dropshipping Without Getting Permission?

It’s legal to purchase items and then sell them at a profit. Dropshipping products without the permission of the supplier is legal? I will answer this question in this article. Dropshipping without authorization from the supplier is legal. Your supplier should be notified if you want to have a better representation of your brand, product and yourself. Your relationship […]

Your Guide to Shopify Multi Column Drop Down Menu

Safe as Milk themes can be customized with a multi-column, nested navigation (Mega Navigation). This allows links from your main menu to trigger a multi-column mega navigation. Customers will find it easier to navigate your online store if you group products, collections or pages together. To promote specific products, collections or landing pages, you can add text […]

How Does the Udemy Monthly Pricing Plan Works?

The global e-learning market will be worth $325 billion by 2025! This staggering figure is unsurprising when considering our newfound commitment to personal and professional development. When you combine this fact with society’s love of technology, it’s no surprise that online courses have become so popular. E-courses allow students to learn new skills, pursue new […]

Dropshipping vs Network Marketing Are They Similar Business?

Dropshipping and network marketing are two potential income streams that involve selling products. Although the processes of both are very different, they all involve selling products and using communication skills in order to gain more customers and increase profit. You may be able to do both, so we’ll compare them to help you decide which route to […]

Is Possible to Start Dropshipping On Joom Website?

Is Joom a good site for Dropshipping? Joom is an established e-commerce platform in Russia. It was founded in June 2016. It exploded after its launch and quickly became the most popular e-commerce platform worldwide. It is designed to be a mobile shopping platform. Russia is the main target market. The Joom platform was first opened to Chinese […]