7 Free Hubspot CRM Competitors and Alternatives

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales tool that can be used by companies to bring in new customers and clients. It’s common to search for HubSpot alternatives when you want to increase your online business.

However, there are many HubSpot alternatives available, so businesses can shop around before committing to HubSpot. You never know what you might find. It is possible to find a cheaper option or a solution that matches your company’s goals.

This is why I created a list of my top choices to HubSpot. Each of these companies provides similar tools and services to your inbound marketing efforts and sales. Continue reading to find out which one may be right for you.


Sendinblue, a HubSpot alternative, focuses on email marketing and lead nurturing. This powerful tool was launched in 2012 and includes everything you need, including autoresponders and SMS marketing tools. It can help you build relationships with customers and create new opportunities. The free plan is similar to HubSpot. However, the paid plans are quite affordable.

Sendinblue, a great alternative to HubSpot, offers unlimited contacts and a built in CRM. There are many more features available when you upgrade to a paid plan. HubSpot doesn’t allow you to send transactional emails such as order notifications or invoices.

Sendinblue is also GDPR-compliant. This means that your business will continue to be compliant as you expand across Europe.


Sendinblue’s pricing starts at $25 per month with a free trial that you can keep for as long or as you wish. The Lite version of this amazing product is $25 per month and supports up to 100,000 emails per hour. You can also upgrade to Premium for $65 per monthly. Premium packages include support for 1 million emails and marketing automation among other connections. Pricing for the enterprise package will be determined by your needs.


Great customer service to help you market

Easy segmentation functions

Multiple SMS and email integrations

Support for landing pages and forms

Functionality for A/B testing


Limited email editor functionality

Steady learning curve

Sendinblue is a great choice if you are just starting out in email marketing and need something simple and inexpensive. There are many great features, and you can integrate with eCommerce companies such as WooCommerce or Magneto to build your site.


Keap is a marketing automation and contact management tool that focuses mainly on marketing automation. However, it also includes powerful tools for sales automation.

CRM for small businesses helps to turn prospects into customers. The reports area is simple and clear without needing to get a math degree.


Start at $59/month and go up to $479/month

Keap offers a variety of pricing options, including a free trial. Keap Lite starts at $59 per monthly, and allows for up to 500 contacts as well as 1 user. Expert coaching is available for $499, which is an additional expense. The Pro Plan starts at $129 per Month for 1500 contacts and two users and the Max Plan starts at $199 for 2500 contacts with 3 users and $199 for 2500 contacts (additional users cost $29 each).


Amazing user interface that is both intuitive and convenient

Visual campaign builder is simple to use

A wide range of integrations available and APIs

Training and support are second to none

Amazing for business scaling

Built-in eCommerce, shopping cart and other functions


Large initial kick-start fee

No native integrations available

Delivery rates are not always the best

Keap (formerly Infusionsoft), is a great option for companies with a bit more money but want to use that money towards marketing automation. The system can also be used to create ecommerce shops, depending on which plan you choose.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact, a great alternative to Marketo and HubSpot CRM, offers excellent metrics and insight into customer conversations. Constant Contact allows you to build email campaigns with a drag-and-drop interface, create automation strategies and much more. Constant Contact has been providing excellent email marketing solutions for more than 20 years.

Constant Contact offers a variety of features including polls, coupons, events, and more. You can segment your audience and test subject lines. Constant Contact also allows you to assign contact tags so that you can track where your customers are from and what they want from your company.

Constant Contact has one problem that companies may have: it can be difficult for users to edit their records. Each profile must be adjusted individually.


Constant Contact offers a free first month. You can upgrade to email plus at $45 per month or choose the basic plan, which costs around $20. Depending on the number of subscribers, your solution’s price will go up.


Great ease of use

There is no need to sign long-term contracts

Excellent SaaS profiling

A/B Testing for Startups and Other Companies

Useful automation


There are limited options for autoresponders

Complex and expensive pricing

Not much storage

Constant Contact is a great marketing tool for small businesses. Constant Contact is a great option if you don’t have the time or desire to invest in email marketing but want to quickly get started. Constant Contact is simple to use and you don’t have to sign a contract. You will also find advanced features.


GetResponse, a Polish company that has been around for years, offers great marketing tools to today’s growing companies. The solution includes pre-made workflows that will help you get started in email automation. There are also tons of templates available. You can easily capture customers with landing pages. There are also ready-made funnels that will help you with marketing and nurturing.

GetResponse integrates well with the many tools that you already use online such as WooCommerce, WordPress and PayPal. Although drag-and-drop is a great feature, it can sometimes be a bit glitchy at times. You can also look into a wide range of marketing analytics and reporting options.

GetResponse is a great alternative to HubSpot. It offers great value and a simple interface that will make your life much easier.


Pricing starts at $15 per month. However, you may need to increase this number depending on the size of your customer base. If you have 3000 customers, then the basic plan costs $45 per month. The essential plan costs $69 per month. The Professional plan costs around $139 per Month, while Enterprise campaigns support all your advanced needs at $1,199 per Month.


There are many great marketing and automation tools

Integrations with top apps

Amazing templates and landing pages

Great for all types of businesses and eCommerce teams

Ideal for lead nurturing

Multimedia and QR codes


Forms are not the most functional

There are limited automation options

It is not ideal for drag-and-drop

Who is the best?

If you have a tight budget and need to manage customer segments and management, we recommend GetResponse. It’s easy to find the right email database for you with this cost-effective tool. The price is also very competitive compared to other options. You can find email marketing solutions, automation options and landing pages, as well as sales funnels and landing pages.


Ontraport is both an email marketing platform and a CRM platform. This all-in one solution is simple to use and convenient. It allows you to create drip campaigns, follow-up emails, and much more.

All the HubSpot marketing tools and other layers can make it easy to become overwhelmed. Ontraport makes it easier by allowing you create automated funnels. Ontraport gives you a complete view of your efforts, without the need to deal with HubSpot’s multiple systems, such as sales and service.

You can find all the information you need about leads and customers in one place. There are many responsive landing page templates that you can choose from. Even eCommerce integrations can be set up.


Ontraport pricing starts at $79 per month for the basic package. Although it may seem high, there are many features included. You get lead capturing and nurturing, contact segmentation and follow-up, goal-based automation, and much more. The Plus plan costs $179 per monthly, while the Pro plan costs $279 per months. Enterprise packages start at $497 per month.


All-in-one CRM and email marketing

A host of ecommerce enhancements

Great customer support

Campaign performance reports that are accurate

Dedicated IP address

High-quality, scalable CRM

Drag and Drop Editor


Small businesses can find it quite expensive

Apps with a limited range

Minimalist helpdesk & UI

Ontraport is recommended for companies who want to build deeper relationships with customers throughout the buying process. There are tons of marketing automation tools and many CRM tools that you can look into. This platform has everything you need to improve your marketing efforts.


Engagebay is a cheaper alternative to HubSpot and offers a no-strings-attached CRM. Engagebay’s CRM features are available for free up to a certain contact count.

Engagebay is more than a CRM. Engagebay is a complete marketing and CRM system that allows you to generate, engage, and nurture leads.

Engagebay has three modules

The Marketing Bay

CRM and Sales Bay

The Service Bay

You can use the products together seamlessly.

Engagebay offers lead generation tools such as customizable landing pages and pop-ups. These leads can be nurtured via multiple channels including email marketing automation. Support teams have access to a helpdesk, live-chat and the ability create and share customer profiles.


Engagebay is a platform that provides businesses with the same tools as Hubspot but at a lower price. The all-in-one platform comes with a freemium subscription, which allows you to save significant money by paying annually or for as long as two years ahead.

You can store 1000 contacts and send 1,000 brand emails with the free plan. Upgrade to the Basic plan for $11.99 per month to increase these limits. The Growth plan is $39.99 per month and unlocks marketing automation. The Pro plan is $63.99 per month and comes with advanced analytics as well as phone support.


Engagebay is an all-in one solution

A free plan is available

Access to a live chat and helpdesk are available for free

SMS marketing tools are now available

You have a lot of freedom to choose and select the features that you want to create the perfect platform for your business.


Engagebay’s higher tiers have more advanced features, such as marketing automation.

The pricing of Engagebay is more complex than many of its competitors.

Mobile apps are not available

Engagebay is an excellent Hubspot alternative, if you are looking for a cheaper option that still offers a reliable all in one solution. With its modular design, it’s flexible, feature-rich and adaptable to the needs of your business. Engagebay is a great CRM for customers who need more than just customer data. It allows you to engage prospects all the way through the customer journey, from lead capture to first sale.


Drip is a great email marketing tool for companies selling webinars and creating online courses. This simple tool was launched nearly a decade ago, and has seen a lot of success in the worlds of marketing and sales. With access to high-level automations and tools, Drip can help you improve your sales team.

Drip makes it easy for you to get started. You can select from a variety of triggers to alter the way you communicate with your target audience. Push notifications and abandoned cart options are available.

Drip’s tagging system is sure to benefit your marketing team. You can also use the marketing automation tools to create your own rules. You can scale your website at your own pace with the ecommerce revenue engine.


Drip is available for a 14-day free trial. No credit card required. Access to everything, including SMS marketing and powerful integrations as well as detailed email analytics, is yours. You will be charged a fee depending upon how many subscribers you have after the trial ends. You pay $19 per calendar month for unlimited email service to 500 contacts.


For email campaigns, add events with metadata

Website visitors can see custom CTAs

Trial period free

Environment that is easy to use

There are tons of automations and features


Complex campaigns

Funnels can get messy

For businesses selling many online-based solutions such as webinars or learning options, we recommend Drip. There are many triggers and rules that can be used to change how you interact with your customers.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a customer relation management platform (CRM). It comes with marketing automation, web analytics, and a complete social suite. This makes it an all-in one sales and marketing tool for small and growing companies.

This is a cost-effective solution for small and medium business. It gives your customers all-in-one CRM without causing you any financial hardship.


AgileCRM is a popular HubSpot alternative because it offers a free initial plan that can be used by up to 10 users. Although it is limited in functionality, this plan can be used to introduce you to the service. Prices go up to $8.99 per month for a starter plan and $29.99 per month for a regular plan. An Enterprise package is available for $47.99 per month.


All-in-one CRM for marketers

Get started with a free plan to get you started quickly

Uses the same tools as your existing tools

Amazing functionality for beginners

Many segments and contact management


Some products are not as sophisticated as others

This product could be the right one for you if you are looking for a complete CRM solution that doesn’t cost a lot to maintain. For smaller businesses, Agile CRM is ideal. This allows you to have access to advanced gamification, lead management, marketing optimization, and more. Website popups, email marketing tools, and tons of insight into your sales pipeline are all available.


SharpSpring, a marketing automation platform, offers a full suite of features to help with lead generation, nurture, sales management, and analytics. SharpSpring offers ecommerce company integration with Shopify, Magento, and other major shopping platforms, as well as shopping cart abandonment and dynamic emails and landing pages, which allow businesses to target specific interests and buying patterns.

It is flexible and offers native integrations with Google Adwords and Salesforce. Customers can also connect to other solutions through its open API or Zapier integration.


Start at $400 per Month, rising to $800 per Month.

*Agency-pricing model is available, but was not disclosed during the product demo.

SharpSpring is quite expensive. The pricing package starts at $550 per monthly for unlimited support, unlimited users and an amazing set of features. A package for 10,000 contacts starts at $850,000 per year, while 20,000 contacts costs $1,250 per monthly. SharpSpring is unique in that it offers packages for both Enterprise companies as well as marketing agencies.


It is more cost-effective than other tools of the same level

Incredible month-to-month agreements that give you more flexibility

Great for agencies and larger enterprises

It’s relatively simple and straightforward to use

Many great CRM features


It is difficult to identify visitors

Some complex functionality

Who is the best?

SharpSpring is an ideal fit for agencies or companies that have clients who: 1) already use ecommerce and other marketing platforms and want to add marketing automation to them; 2) need a fully-featured marketing platform to help jumpstart lead generation and nurture programs, and integrate with other systems. SharpSpring’s monthly contract/billing is flexible and the open architecture further reduces the cost of ownership in comparison to other marketing automation platforms.

Choose Your HubSpot Alternative

It is essential to have a system that tracks everything, from Gmail contacts to the latest leads, in digital marketing. You need a multi-channel solution that allows you to view and understand the customer’s journey from beginning to end. Only then will you be able to turn clients into repeat customers.

Choosing the right HubSpot alternative is not easy. HubSpot may be too expensive for you if you take into account all of the add-ons it offers. This means that you might want to consider other tools with lower pricing plans.

You shouldn’t be too focused on the price. You should ensure that your service has all of the marketing automation solutions features you require, including SMS messaging and email templates.