8 Best Dropshipping Holistic Products with Suppliers Link

What is a holistic lifestyle?

Many people believe that the term ‘holistic’ is synonymous with ‘natural’. It’s not true.

This term comes from the Greek word “holos”, which means “whole”. Holistic living is a way of looking at your life, health, mind, and body as one whole. It’s not a series of individual parts.

True wellness is, therefore, taking care of the body as well as spiritual health. Modern people follow this principle and seek out ways to live a balanced life, paying attention to all sides.

These people choose natural foods and beauty products that don’t harm their hair or skin. They practice meditation, yoga, spiritual practices, alternative medicine, and many other lifestyle choices.

Natural is holistic, but holistic means more than that. A holistic shop can sell essential oils.

You can also dropship holistic items. There are many other products that your customers might be interested in. You can also sell yoga-related equipment, spiritual products, mystic products, esoteric items, and many other products. You will be able to create a metaphysical shop that sells all types of related products.

According to Google Trends, this is how dream-catchers’ interest has changed:

We’ll come back to the topic of holistic products later. Let me tell you a bit about how to promote such a shop.

Promotion of holistic products

It is important to evaluate the potential marketing potential of any product or niche before you make a purchase. Dropshipping holistic goods has at least two advantages.

A holistic store can sell both goods that customers find useful and products with strong emotional values. It is easy to advertise yoga equipment, for example. Charms and other accessories can be promoted using emotional market. This requires a creative approach but can lead to impulse purchases.

This niche is second in importance for content creation and content promotion.

You can share so many things with your audience about holistic living. You can then create many different kinds of content or even a social network to share your knowledge with others.

Create your online shop holistically

The design of your online store is another important aspect to consider. Buyers want more than a list of products when it comes to lifestyle products. A holistic shop requires more than just a website.

Let’s now get to the holistic products that you can offer.

What can you sell in a holistic store?

Essential oils

Essential oils are in high demand by aromatherapists. These oils can be mixed with carrier oils to massage, added to your bath, or burned in an oil burner. This leads us to another product category that you can offer in your holistic shop.

Essential oil diffusers

AliExpress has many oil diffusers, many of them featuring an oriental design. These items are both practical and stylish.

Skin care products

Dropshipping skincare products is a great idea. However, oils, creams and other remedies should be avoided. Selling such products is risky because you cannot be certain that they are safe. These products might not clear customs depending on where you dropship them.

There are many other products that can be used to care for your skin, such as masks and massagers.

Incense sticks

Certain items are becoming extremely popular due to the influence of oriental culture in western cultures. Incense sticks are one example of such products. They can be used to relax and meditate, or for creating the right ambience.

Incense burners/holders

Dropshipping incense holders is also an option, as they are available in many different shapes.

Dream catchers

Accessories of all types, such as decor items, talismans and accessories, are also important. Dream catchers are available in many different shapes and designs.

Crystal and stones

This category includes holistic products such as jewelry, charms and bracelets with crystals as well as healing or magical stones. Some are used for decoration. Many people also enjoy touching crystals.

Native accessories

You might also consider adding fashion jewelry and accessories from native cultures to your collection. You can see several examples in the image of Indian accessories. However, accessories that are related to Buddhism and Shintoism can also be found.

Tarot cards

Online shops like this one need to have Tarot cards. These decks were used for card games starting in the 15 th century. They were first used for fortune-telling three centuries ago.

Yoga equipment

You should also include yoga clothing, mats, and other equipment.