Best White Label Website Builder Reseller Program

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Agency and graphic designers alike use white labelling. White label website builders allow pros to add their branding to the experience, unlike other tools like Wix and Shopify.

Imagine that you owned a web design business and wanted to show customers how your designs are bringing their ideas to life.

It won’t impress them as much to show them the back end of a Magento or WordPress website with your logo and colors than walking them through the steps. A white label solution is a great way for site builders or resellers to make a name for their company.

Which are the top white-label website builders?

We’re here for that.

What is a white label website builder?

White labelling, as mentioned, is a strategy that goes to market for resellers, agencies and freelancers. White labelling removes the branding of the service and allows you to add your own image.

If you use Wix white-label experience to build websites, customers won’t see any Wix branding. They will instead see your branding including colors, features and logo. Your white label website builder can also be used to create a customer portal that clients can access to update their websites whenever they want.

They’ll be able to see your branding whenever they log in to the backend to update components. This will remind them why they are working with you.

White labelling offers many benefits to companies who create and resell websites. White labelling can help you increase your customer base, improve website traffic and even make more money, since your customers won’t know the cost of building a website using your tools.

White labelling is a strategy companies use to expand beyond reselling solutions from other companies. You still have access to the technology of the company you choose, but you can do it in a way which allows you to retain ownership over the customer.

White labelling reduces the risk that clients will decide to use your website builder to create their own site. Your customers will have a better experience.

Let’s now look at the best whitelabel options.


Ecwid is our first choice for a reason. Their cloud-based SaaS solution is white-label and can be combined with services such as marketing, graphic design, and software development. Ecwid has been awarded for its simplicity and fast implementation. Your clients will feel at ease managing their store and you can provide quick turnaround times to build and launch custom stores. Ecwid offers affordable pricing and reseller discounts to give your brand a competitive advantage.

Ecwid partners can customize the platform to fit their branding, pricing plans, and billing schedules. Ecwid’s white-label website creator is cloud-based, which is another attractive feature. Their eCommerce hosting is powered entirely by Amazon, so you don’t need to worry about software updates, hidden fees, or store speed. Ecwid stores can be integrated seamlessly into any website builder or custom website. As a reseller, you have access to a white-label WordPress plug-in. Ecwid offers more than 50 payment options, so you and your customers won’t be charged additional fees to receive payments.

The white-label program is unique because it allows users to co-brand with third-party applications or resell under one brand. Access to reseller insights allows you to manage merchants’ shops seamlessly through a customized and personal dashboard. Ecwid’s white-label website builder makes it even easier by providing in-depth support to partners with training documents, marketing and sales tools, as well as priority support for members at the top.


There are two options for Ecwid white-label programs. The Silver membership plan costs $299 per annum and includes a partner dashboard to manage your store, regular support, Ecwid cobranded option, 2 demo accounts, regular help, regular support, regular support, regular backup, Ecwid white-label option, and 30% off subscription plans. The Gold membership plan costs $899 per annum and offers a 45% discount for subscription plans, white-label WordPress plugin and 3 demo accounts. It also features priority support, advanced control panel setup, priority help, store cloning, custom domains at $799 per annum, and a partner API to manage and set up store automation.


Ecwid provides sizable discounts.

With their White Label program, you have enough flexibility to customize.

Users who do not want to have full control can choose to co-brand.

Ecwid allows automation through their API.

The Gold plan includes a white-label WordPress plugin for no cost.


An additional $99 per year fee is required for the white-label WordPress plugin, and $999 for a custom domain under the Silver plan.

The Silver plan does not include the store cloning option.

Only Gold members receive priority support

For small businesses, it may be quite expensive.


Wix is a well-known web design platform that offers great simplicity, customization, and convenience. Although Wix is not a white label website builder, affiliates can earn money on Wix sites. Partners can also be created to allow you to add branding to the mix.

Wix partners earn points for every client site you create. A range of benefits are available to you that will help you grow your business. Wix allows you to create seamless experiences with clients, including custom branding and client feedback. You also have full control over your client billing system.

Wix partners have access to the complete backend environment needed for building websites. However, they also get lots of additional features like priority support and a dedicated account manager. Other features include:

Wix offers comprehensive support and service

Developers receive direct support

20% share of revenue

Join the Wix Marketplace with Support

Customer feedback

Building custom clients

Unique branding


Pricing for Wix’s partner program is less transparent than building a Wix site. The team will need to contact you and give them some details about what you are looking to accomplish. They’ll then give you a customized quote.


Developer access and great support

Wix marketplace support

Branding services

A wide range of features available

There are many other ways to help customers


White labelling is not true

Profits are limited

HubSpot CMS Hub

HubSpot CMS Hub allows you to use HubSpot’s powerful CRM to personalize the experiences of your website visitors while still staying true to your brand.

HubSpot, a CRM platform, was created with the goal of helping you grow your business. This website builder allows you to optimize marketing, sales, customer service and operations.

The free CRM automatically stores every interaction with your website. This valuable data can be used in your marketing campaigns to increase sales and provide quicker customer support.

This is a great tool for marketers because it requires very little technical knowledge. The user interface was designed to optimize your website and content. It also offers advanced features and customizations for developers. Security is completely managed by HubSpot, so you don’t have to worry about updating plugins or monitoring for potential attacks.

These features include:

Fully integrated CRM

Recommendations for SEO tailored to your needs

A large selection of original themes for websites

Drag-and-drop website page editor

Testing adaptive pages

Contact attribution reporting

Local website development

Serverless functions

Security monitoring and threat detection 24/7

Content delivery network & custom CDN configuration


HubSpot CMS Hub offers a 14-day free trial which allows you to fully explore all features. HubSpot CMS Hub plans start at $25 per monthly. You also get all the marketing, sales and customer service tools as well as the CRM.


No technical skills are required

Recommendations for custom SEO

Security features and SSL certification built-in

HubSpot CRM Free

Website page personalization features

Developer documentation extensive and active online community


There is no free plan


Strikingly is a well-known solution for white label website creation. It has been around since long, and millions of creatives and professionals have endorsed its amazing features. It is a striking goal to offer users the easiest website editing experience possible. There are many ways to get involved.

Strikingly’s white label solution is both a reseller program and an agency program. It supports both freelancers as well as companies in creating landing pages and stores. For companies who want to build multiple sites, the program provides a competitive bulk pricing strategy. You also have access to the entire editor suite and reseller tools.

You can co-brand the reseller dashboard. However, you cannot get rid of Strikingly’s design completely. Some agencies might find it difficult to tell their customers that Strikingly is working with them. Strikingly is an excellent choice for freelancers and digital agencies who are looking to make quick profits. Features include:

Easy site creation with no hosting

No design or code experience required

Solid functionality

Discount pricing

Prolonged pro-

Support available 24/7

Great collaboration options


Pricing for Strikingly is dependent on the number of sites you build. To join the program, resellers must purchase at least 20 sites. You then get those sites at a bulk rate. There are many features available, including the possibility to offer eCommerce websites.


Hosting and Ecommerce built-in

There is no huge need for programming knowledge

Amazing discount pricing strategy

There are many ways to build customer loyalty

Support and service available 24/7


Not all co-branding is white-labeled

It can be quite expensive


You will need to join “Circle” in order to get Squarespace’s white label website-building functionality. Squarespace site builders have access to all sorts of tools, community support and perks through the Circle environment.

Circle allows you to design websites for customers in a fully customizable environment that includes all the Squarespace features. There are many features that will help you get started. These include a resource hub, optimized customer service support and a training program. Squarespace also offers the possibility to increase your lead generation with its marketplace.

Squarespace’s community is one of its best features. Here you can meet other professionals and share ideas. You can participate in circle events and have creative collaboration opportunities. There is also a forum. Circle features include:

Support for the whole community

New sites eligible for discounts

Trial periods of up to 6 Months

Beta testing support

Notes for early release

A wide range of excellent features

Recognized worldwide

Calendars that are organized

You won’t have a completely white-label experience with Squarespace, but you will still be wearing the Squarespace Circle badge.


Freelancers and agencies can get free membership to Circle. To be eligible, you will need to meet the eligibility requirements. You don’t need to pay anything extra to use the service. However, Squarespace will charge you for access to the Squarespace websites and other features for customers.


Amazing community support

Trial periods of long duration

Great discounts

A great selection of features

Your brand is globally recognized


It’s not all white-labeled

Not suitable for all customers


Weebly offers a powerful website building tool that can be used by small businesses and freelance web designers. Weebly’s designer system is designed for smaller businesses. There are no upfront fees and the platform includes a backend dashboard you can use to rebrand your business.

The Weebly Designer Platform allows you to use the extensive Weebly backend editor, and receive templates and hosting completely free. The site will only be published if it grows in size. Typically, you’ll spend between $8 and $25 per month. Weebly allows designers to charge higher fees in order to make a profit.

Advanced website builders come with a WebPro plan, which is a subscription that gives you unlimited hosting, free SSL certificates, and the option to create completely branded websites. These features include:

Comprehensive code control for your website

Stores can use Ecommerce to support their business

Access rights for admins sharing

Drag-and-drop construction is simple

Custom client portal

Permissions for clients in detail

Hosting and SSL certificates are completely free

Great extra package options


If you are only using the basic features of the Weebly Designer platform, you can use it for free. Once your website goes live, you only need to pay the hosting cost. You can also purchase the bonus WebPro solution at $30 per month if you need additional features.


Great code and branding controls

Support for Ecommerce

Options for shared administration

Many free features

Great client portal


This is not intended for larger businesses


Duda is an amazing solution to building your online store or website. The white label program is available for both agency and team users. It includes a full version to the store builder, as well as site preview screens to help you see your white labelling creations.

These URLs are provided under the creator’s name, so you can be sure that your brand image will not be compromised. Wholesale pricing is available so that you can get plenty of bandwidth and support for designing websites for clients all over the globe.

Duda offers many features, including custom domain options and a client login screen that allows you to interact with your patrons. Duda allows you to set up easy editing elements so that your clients can modify specific parts of their website. These features include:

Landing pages to promote lead generation

Control elements and permission

Notifications by email

Site previews

Simple editing

Your customers’ client dashboard

Client login screen

Website builder for custom websites with branding

There are many FAQs and guidance available.


Duda, like many white-label website builders, offers a free trial that allows you to explore the features and then you can purchase the full version. You can then purchase functionality for one site or access support for your entire team at prices of $14, $22, and $44 per month. You can also create a custom plan for larger companies.


A wide range of white-labeled features are available

Login and portal options for clients

A variety of templates that are easy to use

Website preview and editing is easy

Notifications and updates via email

Control options and permission

This is a great tool for building websites with a team.

You can sell sites using your domain name


Low-level functionality

There are some limitations to support


Simvoly promises an easy-to-use and reliable website building experience. All your website design needs, including eCommerce sites and sales funnels, can be met in one place. You can go beyond the basics by using the white label builder for SEO and design elements.

Simvoly is a great choice if you are looking to create a store that has all the features of Amazon but still maintain your brand image. Simvoly’s drag-and-drop editor is great for giving you complete control over your website design. It also allows you to get into the details of web creation, which is perfect for agencies.

You don’t need to know much HTML or API to build sales funnels. There are no plugins required for most of the technology you need to sell online. Some features include:

Drag and Drop Website Building

There are many beautiful templates

Funnel creation using A/B testing

Content with white labelled

Ecommerce functionality

Built-in CRM


Bookings and appointments

Checkout pages customized


Simvoly is very affordable for agencies. You can get a free trial to get started. After you have viewed the technology and are ready to invest, you can choose from paid packages starting at $12 per month, all the way up until $199 per monthly.


Complete white label package

Agent fees start at very low levels

Many options for customizing websites

Drag and drop builder is simple to use

CRM and other special features

This is useful for adding sales funnels into your business model


Some areas can be difficult

Not well-known

IM Creator

IM Creator is another great option for companies that want to create custom websites. It will provide everything you need to create your own website. There are many CSS and coding options, lots of customer support, as well as numerous areas where you can add your logo or brand elements. Start small and you can publish unlimited sites.

You can get more options from your site builder such as cPanel options and APIs through the “host it yourselves” package. This is a great solution for white labelling and doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge.

IM Creator lets you customize your white label experience to suit your needs. Drag and drop editor is very easy to use. There are many great templates to help you get started. App creation is possible. These features include:

There are tons of gorgeous templates and themes to choose from

SEO Support

HTML5 editing

Forms and eCommerce

Seasonal themes collections

Email and hosting options

Drag and Drop Editor

App creation


The white label solution by IM Creator includes a free trial that allows you to test the features. After that, a premium account costs $8 per month. Unlimited licensing and white labelling are available for $350 annually.


Amazing pricing options

There are many editing options, including widgets that can be used for social media.

App creation

SEO Support

There are many great templates

Drag and Drop


It can be a costly initial investment

Final Thoughts

An excellent tool for agencies and individuals who want to show their abilities as site builders is a white label website builder. White labeling allows you to make a name for your self as a coder or designer while still providing the functionality you require. White labelled tools can be used to create websites from scratch.

Many of the above options come with a free trial option so that you can test the functionality without having to spend a lot jumping between packages. Good luck in finding the right white label experience for you.