DSers vs ShopMaster Dropshipping Tool Comparison Guide

What is DSer?

DSers works just like Oberlo. It is a Shopify plugin that can be used with Chrome extensions to import Aliexpress products and then sell them online. It’s an Aliexpress official dropshipping partner.

The Shopify app promises to cut down on 97% of the time you spend ordering products. You’re familiar with Oberlo and the tedious nature of this process when there are many orders you need to place on Aliexpress.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

What is the working principle of DSers?

The DSers work in a similar manner to Oberlo. This configuration will not be more advanced than it is now, but it will still work.


After the application has been installed, a tutorial will be provided to show you how DSers works. This tutorial will show you how to link blinds together and other tricks that will help you get the hang of it.

You don’t need to activate automatic order processing in order for DSers to work. You can check this by going to Settings > Order Processing > Checkout.

Once you have completed the setup, link your Aliexpress account to ensure it is authorized for all procedures. Simply click on Link Aliexpress.

The account will be whitelisted.

The Chrome extension looks very similar to Oberlo’s.

Once it is configured quickly, you will see a small bubble on the product sheets.


Configure DSers to set default delivery methods, manage notifications, create price rules, and send a default message to the supplier.

Here’s an example: “VERY IMPORTANT. I’m dropshipping. You are not allowed to include any promotions, invoices, QR codes or brand logos in your shipments. For repeat business, please ship as quickly as possible. We are grateful! “

It looks very much like Oberlo. However, it has some features that render this former product importer obsolete.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Place your order in just 1 click

It is well-trued that DSers will save you time ordering. DSers is a tool that allows marketers and online shop owners to prepare up 100 orders per day and then order them all via Aliexpress in one click.

This saves you and your service provider hours of work.

You can also save money by investing in your brand or advertising campaigns.

Manage multiple suppliers

You have the option to work with multiple suppliers for the products that you desire through DSers. This will eliminate stock shortages completely!

The team also has great ideas for future releases, such as which will include a function to locate the lowest supplier.

The application allows you to import products from other shops. This is helpful if you have multiple shops on different sales platforms.

How do I move from Oberlo into DSers?

You may now be wondering how to migrate from one technology into another. The team has thought of you again…

All your products can be synchronized on Oberlo, and Dropified on DSers.

Simply go to the My Product section in Oberlo. A new button will be displayed thanks to the Chrome extension that you have installed. It is located just above your product catalogue.

It’s fine if you only have one product store. But if there are dozens or hundreds of products in your store, it could be a problem.

Dsers vs. Oberlo – What do you think?

Oberlo, which is a good place to start, was my last resort. I am now moving towards DSers. Because the interfaces are similar, you won’t get lost as you move between them.

DSers can save you time and money. Money you can use to invest in your marketing and other growth factors.

It’s completely free and you can use it as is!

What’s Shopmaster?

Shopmaster is a Dropshipping App for Shopify, WooCommerce and eBay.

Dropshipping apps allow you to automate dropshipping by easily importing products and fulfilling them.

Shopmaster can integrate with AliExpress and Banggood as well as CJDropshipping, Gogomall, and Banggood.

They are a great alternative for Oberlo or DSers if you want to have access to more suppliers than AliExpress.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Shopmaster also has the ability to import products from other suppliers, such as Alibaba (1688), Taobao (Amazon), Taobao (Amazon), DHGate, Walmart, and Amazon).

These suppliers do not automate fulfillment so you will need to place your order manually.

Shopmaster Dropshipping Features

Import Easy Products From 20+ Suppliers

Shopmaster makes it easy to import products into your store.

Shopmaster includes a product catalogue with products from AliExpress, CJDropshipping and other suppliers.

You can search for products online and then import them with a click.

You can import products directly from suppliers websites like AliExpress, Banggood and CJDropshipping.

This chrome extension allows you to import products straight to your store with just a click.

You can also import products via URL if you don’t want to install the chrome extension.

Shopmaster permits URL imports from more than 20 suppliers

Bulk Order Processing

Shopmaster doesn’t require you to manually complete every order, as with Oberlo base.

You can instead fulfill up to 300 orders with just one click!

This feature can help you save time and effort. Shopmaster comes with a free version.

AliExpress Whitelist

AliExpress has made Shopmaster an official dropshipping partner. Your AliExpress account will become whitelisted by Shopmaster.

This has the benefit that your account won’t be restricted, which is something AliExpress often does. It can also make it difficult to drop shippers.

If your account is limited, you cannot place new orders until you verify it. This can take some time.

AliExpress whitelist allows you to place unlimited orders and have them processed in bulk.

Built in Product Database

Shopmaster comes with a product catalog, which makes it simple to import products into your store.

These are the most popular products of AliExpress, CJDropshipping, and Banggood.

Auto Tracking PayPal

Shopmaster will update the tracking numbers of customers who purchase from your store via PayPal and upload them to PayPal.

Dropshipping is made easier by this feature.

Note: Shopmaster offers more features that are listed here. These are the functions I considered most important in this review.


This is a great way to save time and not have to send tracking numbers manually to your customer.

Shopmaster will update your tracking numbers.

Shopmaster vs Oberlo

Oberlo is the most popular dropshipping app.

Oberlo’s function is however very limited.

Oberlo is only compatible with Shopify. It cannot be integrated with AliExpress as an supplier.

Nevertheless, this still covers approximately 95% drop shippers.

Shopmaster, on the other hand can be integrated with five popular dropshipping suppliers: AliExpress Banggood, CJDropshipping, GogoMall and CJDropshipping.

You can also import products from other suppliers.

Shopmaster also works with other platforms than Shopify, such as WooCommerce and eBay, Wish, WooCommerce and 3dcart.

This gives drop shippers more options than Oberlo.

Shopmaster offers more features than Oberlo, but both apps offer a free plan.

Oberlo can only fulfill 50 orders each month. After that, you will need to pay $29.90 per monthly.

Shopmaster allows you to fulfill unlimited orders per month.

Oberlo is not an AliExpress dropshipping partner. Shopmaster is.

Shopmaster clearly has more features, and is the overall winner.

However, most still use Oberlo.

Oberlo is the most well-known dropshipping app.

Shopify owns them, so they have great support. There are many learning resources and the app is easy to use.

Shopmaster is less user-friendly, offers less support, and has fewer learning resources.

Both of these apps are excellent for dropshipping.

Oberlo is more user-friendly, and the best choice if you are just starting out.

Once you have mastered AliExpress, Shopmaster can be a great alternative.

My Review on the Shopmaster Dropshipping Software

It was a pleasure to review Shopmaster.

It’s surprising that Shopmaster isn’t more well-known in dropshipping.

It’s a free app that offers more features than Oberlo.

If you are just starting out, Oberlo would be a better choice than Shopmaster.

You don’t necessarily need all the fancy features. The resources and support Oberlo offers will make your life easier and leave you less confused.

Shopmaster is a great option for intermediate drop shippers who are looking for more suppliers and features.

It’s easy to create an account. Sign up and link your store.

What are you waiting for?