Profitable Pet Products For Woocommerce Dropshipping

What is Woocommerce?

WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform that’s built on WordPress. If you have not currently become aware of WordPress, it’s without a doubt the most popular method to construct any kind of site. The WordPress software application powers a massive 39% of all the sites on the Internet (yes, that number is as ridiculous as it sounds).

WordPress is popular due to the fact that it’s an extremely versatile material management system. A content management system is simply an expensive method of stating “tool that assists non-technical people handle a site”. The “material” can be anything– consisting of eCommerce items!

To develop an eCommerce shop with WordPress, you take that enormously popular WordPress structure, and you add on the similarly enormously popular WooCommerce plugin to produce your eCommerce shop.

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress established by Automattic. Automattic is the business behind, and it’s no small fry. It’s a billion dollar business, which indicates you have lots of resources backing your shop’s platform.

Why Woocommerce better than Shopify for Dropshipping?

If you’ve checked out a couple of other dropshipping guides, you may have discovered that a great deal of people appear to inform you to utilize Shopify. We’re not going to do that.

To begin with, one huge factor you see it advised a lot is that Shopify has a truly gifted marketing group. And beyond that, Shopify has a generous affiliate program, which suggests that all of those people who are suggesting Shopify earn money a substantial commission if you register through them.

WooCommerce, on the other hand, is totally free open-source software application, which suggests we earn money diddly-squat if you wind up utilizing it.

To be reasonable to Shopify, however, it’s not all marketing buzz. Shopify is absolutely a quality item. And the Shopify group does a terrific task of making it easy to produce an eCommerce shop (consisting of a dropshipping shop). The concern is simply that if you just took a look at a lot of dropshipping guides, you ‘d believe Shopify was the be-all-end-all of producing an eCommerce shop.

However if you really take a look at the information, WooCommerce is the most popular method to construct an eCommerce shop around, with Shopify kicking back there in 2nd location:

Best Pet Products to Dropship with Woocommerce

It’s more than just love and companionship that we are looking for in pets; it’s stable. A familiar face to greet us when we come home or when we wake up, a constant to anchor us in other turmoil’s. That consistency also extends to the shopping behavior of pet owners, making ecommerce pet products a stable market under any circumstances – even the turbulent 2020.

Although most other markets have experienced volatile upheavals this year, the pet market has remained stable. The U.S. Pet Market Outlook 2020-2021 said straight away that “the pet industry stands out as being highly immune to the recession.” How? They attribute more time spent at home with pets encouraging more “gifts” and the increased priority of shopping online over public stores.

But what exactly is it that pet owners buy for their pets? Trends in the pet product often change, and 2020 has its own unique “bestsellers” and popular searches. We poured market reports and SEO data to compile this list of the nine best pet products to be sold online by 2020 for online retailers who need to tap into that stability.

Dental Care Toys, Treats, and Toiletries

Perhaps all this extra time at home is paying extra attention to our pets’ breath, which explains the increase in pet dental care searches: teeth-cleaning products and treatments, not to mention dog toothbrushes.

One of the benefits of dental safety of pet toys and treats is that they improve the traditional toys and treatments. They do all the usual toys and therapies, plus more, making them more appealing to shoppers than “standard” toys and treats.

These are great for upselling or even substituting poor-performing pet toys and treats.

Novelty Pet Beds

Pet beds have been trending for a couple of years now, so much so that they birthed a submarket in novelty pet beds. New novelty pet beds have fun designs and patterns going beyond just a “floor pillow,” with everything from pop culture references extra cuteness. To online retailers, the more good news is that these more massive beds often come with more massive price tags.

Pet beds appeal more to niche markets than any other item on this list. Health-conscious pet owners can buy orthopedic pet beds; trendy pet owners can buy pet beds in a modern theme; sci-fi owners can buy pet beds in Star Wars. The more you understand the customers you approach, the more you can appeal to them.

Hamster Cage

Interestingly, the findings of the search indicate a greater interest in hamsters recently. And while we don’t recommend shipping live animals by mail, hamster cages work perfectly in approved items for ecommerce.

Unlike pet beds, hamster cages will come up to fit for niches in various types. However, before investing extensively in obscure hamster cage accessories, check the waters with more general and low-risk consumer products.

Cat Litter Mats

It’s not surprising that cat litter mats in recent months are becoming so popular — what’s surprising is that they haven’t been so popular until now! It’s such a no-brainer concept; pet owners dislike run-off mess outside litter boxes, so why not use the same remedy as we do when entering the house for our shoes.

Cat litter mats can be customized to fit specific niches, in terms of both styles (cute shapes, fun colors) and practicality (prevention of leakage, better trapping of litter).

Personalized Collars

Pet necklaces are popular. Popular are Personalized Goods. Pet owners feel a personal bond with their dogs. See where we go with that?

Pet collars are a “stable staple” in pet products, especially dog collars, but you can go the extra mile by personalizing them yourself. Considering the design of collars, which are meant to show the name of the pet and the contact details of the owner, chances are the owners will go elsewhere to personalize at least part of the collar — why not sell that service to yourself and save the extra trip to the customers?

Dog Harness

Many dog owners opt for harnesses when they take their dogs on walks. Harnesses provide an equal distribution of force, making the dog more comfortable and more accessible for the owner to handle.

The uniqueness of dog harnesses is that almost every dog needs one — at least one of them. Just as babies grow out of their clothing quickly, dogs often require multiple harnesses as they mature from puppy to adult.

Car Seat Protectors

A longtime bestseller of the Amazon, dog car seat protectors, are becoming a must-have feature for owners who take their dogs on regular car rides. Such seat covers are nothing more than waterproof fabrics in all the right places with attachments for simple installation and removal in vehicles. There’s no price too high for people sick of having dog hair all over their back seat.

One of the best pieces about car seat protectors is that they belong to the most lucrative ecommerce niches of 2020, not one but two: pet products and car accessories. Read this article on Dogs Suggest to see a list of the top brands.

Pet Food

Citing data from a recent Nielsen survey, Pet food Industry wrote that 2020 pet food sales are “soaring.” In March 2020, dog food sales rose from 37.5% to 54.7%, and cat food sales rose from 38.7% to 52.8% compared to March 2019.

Some good news: pet food comes in almost as many kinds as human food. This means you can cater to your target customers for their offers. Are you an environmental or naturalistic brand? You can have organic pet food on offer. Are you a health-centric, fitness brand? Offer pet food for special diets.

And it makes a perfect addition to subscription boxes or programs as pet food is consumable and needs to be purchased regularly.

Dog Chew Toy Toothbrush

Chewing food (like bones) does not fully clean your dog’s teeth. A video ad demonstrates the advantages of using a chew toy like this and how much dogs enjoy it would be a perfect way to promote this product.

Nutritious Catnip Sugar

It cannot be easy to get cats to drink or eat medication (quite literally). This is a way to make sure your cat receives the extra nutrition it needs without having to force-feed it. Try targeting people interested in both cats and food to reach your target audience for this product.

Pet Knit Socks

In the winter, these pet knit socks can be used to keep pets warm when walking outside or to keep cats from destroying your furniture. Whatever use you have in mind for this product, a video ad would be an excellent way to see it in action.

Waterproof and Reusable Pee Pads

Pee mats are likely bought and discarded at the same rate as human baby diapers for puppies. These can also be sold as travel pads.

USB Rechargeable LED Flashing Collar

Pets, like human joggers, must be highly noticeable at night during night walks. USB LED collars to save money on batteries and eliminate the hassle of replacing them compared to their battery-powered counterparts.

Electronic Toy Bugs for Cats

You can keep your cats amused without using a laser pointer or other manual tool with this small electronic toy bug. Using cat-loving influencers to build content for you while also selling the product on their platforms may be the most successful way to market this one-of-a-kind item.

Pet Dog Jogging Waist Belt

This jogging belt helps joggers run with their dogs hands-free, removing the need to hang onto a leash. This may be marketed to people who are into fitness or running.


Pet goods have always been ecommerce friendly, and the ties are only getting stronger lately. General and niche retailers see income from pet products, especially when selling popular items and trendy items such as those on our list above. If you want a piece of those profits, check out our guide to start your online pet store. Pet product success also means more selling options, including plenty of drop shipping and private-label products. It is worth looking into which methods within your existing business model can work.