European Dropshipping Products (France, Italy, and Spain)

Dropshipping is an attractive business opportunity in many markets other than the United States. This video will show you how to locate dropshipping products that ship quickly to your country. It also includes nine products that can be shipped fast from France, Italy, Spain, and Spain.

I will share high-potential dropshipping products that can be shipped quickly to Italy, Spain, and France. Why is shipping so fast? The AliExpress suppliers I’m about share have local warehouses in these countries.

Why not France, Spain, or Italy? First of all, many of you are from these nations. I will share statistics to show that these ecommerce marketplaces offer enormous dropshipping opportunities to the smart dropshipper.

You’ll also learn how to dropship products from AliExpress to your country. This could be Australia, the Czech Republic, or anywhere in between. If you are a French, Spanish, or Italian speaker, click here to select subtitles and see the video in your language. Are you ready to go global?

You probably know that the US is an enormous ecommerce market. But it’s not the only one. Dropshippers find the US to be a comfortable market.

You can reach millions of European customers by making a few changes to your advertisements and to your website.

Let me share some tips to help you sell to these countries before we move on to the winning products.

France, Spain and Italy are a few of the countries that excel in ecommerce

First, France.

France was the fifth-largest ecommerce market worldwide in 2017 and second in Europe.

You can dropship to FranceDropshipping clothing is the most popular niche in France. But don’t let this discourage you from exploring other niches within the country that invented the term “niche”.

You can take comfort in knowing that your website does not need to be in French in order to attract French customers. In 2016, 41% of French online shoppers purchased from foreign ecommerce merchants.

Are you not feeling France? Vamos, let’s discuss Spain. Spain is Europe’s fourth largest ecommerce market, after France, Germany, and the UK. Electronics is a popular niche in ecommerce in Spain. Facebook is the most used social media platform in Spain. You should also note that Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are more popular than Instagram in Spain. Save Instagram marketing for… Italy.

Instagram is second in Italy’s social media networks after Facebook. Consumer electronics is also the most popular dropshipping sector in Italy. It is not one of the largest ecommerce markets. It is however one of the fastest growing ecommerce markets.

The ecommerce market in Italy has experienced double-digit growth in the last six years.

Dropshippers who are willing to take on greater risks and reap the rewards of higher profits will find this market attractive. The Italian market is growing so five products are available with fast dropshipping to Italy. All products can also be shipped to France or Spain.

Remember that I will show you how to quickly ship to Italy and other countries. Let’s get to the facts. Let’s move on to dropshipping.

Magnetic wristband tool

First, a magnetic wristband device. This product is fantastic because it assists anyone who’s working on home improvements or building IKEA furniture. Let me show how to view the shipping options and costs if this product is being sold to, say, Italy.

You’ll first need to scroll up. Make sure you have “Ship To” set to “Italy” at the top. I’m going to keep my language English. I will choose the Euro and click “save”.

This page now refreshes. I can see that “Ship to Italy” is an option. I now see that shipping to Italy via the seller’s shipping method is free. It will be delivered by February 2nd, or I get a full reimbursement.

How would you market it? Remember what I said about IKEA? That’s a huge interest that you can target on Facebook. Because IKEA is a global company with stores in France and Spain as well as Italy, this makes it easy to target them on Facebook. This international interest can help you target these countries and find your market.

How do you price it? If you have been following our videos, then you already know the secret price for products.

Consider adding the shipping cost to the price of the product, and multiplying it by three.

Our product is priced at EUR6 and shipping is completely free. We therefore price it at EUR19.99 to make a nice profit.

Glow-in the-Dark Shoelaces

We are now moving on to the next product. These are glow-in-the-dark-shoelaces. This product is begging for a video. When marketing the product, you should focus on the problem it solves.

This shoelace will make you more visible if you are a jogger, hiker, or cyclist. Don’t stop there. Parents are often worried that neighbors will see their children playing in the streets after dark. You can also market the product to parents by telling them that shoelaces make it easy for kids to be visible when they play basketball on the streets.

Let’s talk briefly about shipping options, because I have one point to make. You’ve probably seen our YouTube channel and know that I always recommend ePacket shipping.

However, ePacket shipping can only be used when items are being shipped from China to a large number of other countries.

Because we are talking about local shipping options, such as from a France warehouse to a France customer, there is no ePacket. This is not something you should be concerned about.

When you choose shipping options, let’s say I choose Italy and stick to the example, I see that I have two choices: ePacket or Poste Italiane. Don’t worry. It makes sense, because it is local shipping.

How do you price it? It costs less than one Euro to purchase this product. Shipping within Italy is EUR4, which makes it EUR5.

This product could be priced at EUR14.99, and you might get away with it. However, it is worth considering bundling the product to make more profit per check.

Icing Pen

The next product is delicious. It’s an frosting pen. This product solves a problem that is very passionate for bakers and people who decorate cakes or cookies. It can be awkward to squeeze the icing bags if you are a baker. This icing pen solves the awkward handling problem by allowing you to put the icing bag in the pen and press down.

Market this product on TikTok. You can either create an account and show different sugar cookies being frosted with cool patterns, or you can find someone who is already using TikTok to do this. Then ask them for the free account.

You can ask content creators not to create content you could use in an advertisement.

They don’t need to post it to their channel. They can simply send it to you. They have already set up the camera. This might make it easier. This product can be priced as you would any other product. Add the shipping cost to the price of the product and multiply that by three. You will have enough margin to offer discounts or sales to keep customers interested.

Barbell Foam Wrap

This foam pad cover is the next product I recommend, especially for dropshipping in Europe. This covers your barbells and reduces pain during weightlifting. While I can understand the need for pain to gain weight, it must stop. The barbell cover helps to reduce any discomfort that weightlifters may feel while lifting.

This is why you should sell it. There are two reasons. It’s a seasonal phenomenon. Right now, we’re in the new year. People are working hard on their fitness goals. We’ll be moving from the New Year’s resolutions into the swimsuit season. This is the season when many people start working out.

You can market the product year-round to passion communities. CrossFit is a worldwide community. You can reach people in France, Spain, Italy and Spain who are interested in CrossFit to market your product.

You know how to price this product. If we choose the black foam barbell covers, it will cost us about EUR9, but shipping within Spain costs are free. Nine times three equals 27. It should be priced at EUR29.99 to make some sales.

Men’s slimming tank

What do you sell to people who have given up on their New Years resolutions? The men’s slimming tank is your next product. Your customers don’t have to give up their daily exercise routine. We are seeing shapewear become a trend for men, just like we see it as a favorite product for women.

This product isn’t the type of product your customer will buy in a store. It could be embarrassing to do this. They will naturally prefer to buy online so that is where your store comes in.

It may seem difficult to create a video advertisement for this product. But don’t worry. Dropshippers have had better luck with photo ads than you might think. Paul Lee is one such dropshipper and you can read his insights . This tank top is not just any tank top. It’s a slimming top that will make your customers feel great.

Cutlery Organizer

This product is perfect for spring, as people will start organizing their homes and clean out their garages. You’ll be able to place a Facebook advertisement for them when they clean out their homes. This will be the ad. It is a drawer organizer for cutlery.

This product also comes with a video. This video will show you the problem this product solves. An unorganized cutlery drawer is transformed into something much more space-efficient.

You can choose to ship to China, as well as the local Spanish shipping option for this product. Why would you choose that? Shipping from China is completely free. You may also want to check your profit margins. Perhaps adding the extra cost of shipping locally makes more sense.

To determine if fast shipping is worth the extra cost, you will need to create this map.

Silicone Cling Wrap

You might be interested in selling your next product if you are a passionate cook. It’s silicone wrap. This wrap keeps food fresh and does not require cling wrap.

This product can be targeted at both people who enjoy cooking and people who are interested sustainability. There are many of these communities throughout Europe. This is because they don’t use disposable cling wrap every time they use this product. Make sure you show the product in action. Show it keeping food fresh. This will stop you scrolling and allow you to start buying.

It’s also very affordable, at EUR2 and shipping to Spain is absolutely free. This product can be priced below EUR10. This could be a great way to attract people to your website. Once they see the product, they may also visit your other products, such as sustainability goods, kitchen accessories or sustainable goods.

Applicator for Face Masks

This next product is quite different from the make-up brushes you’re familiar with. This is a brush for applying face masks. Your fingers can become very greasy when you apply a face mask. This applicator makes it easy to apply a mask smoothly while keeping your fingers clean. This is the problem and solution that you want to display in an advertisement when selling face mask applicators.

These applicators are great because face masks have been gaining popularity.

Face masks cannot be advertised on Facebook. I have tried. Face mask accessories such as this are a great way to tap into this market without being banned from Facebook.

Another product that is super cheap, so you can expect to make good margins. The product costs less than one Euro, and shipping it to Spain will add about EUR3, EUR4 to the cost. This product can be priced at EUR12.99 to make a profit.

Parrot Earrings

Bird owners can be quite eccentric, as I know from personal experience. You should target them on Facebook. These adorable parrot earrings make a great gift for this passionate niche. These cute parrot earrings can be shipped locally from Australia, France, Spain and Italy.

You can increase your margins by selling for less than EUR1. You should make sure your customers are able to browse the parrot jewelry while they’re on your site. When you create your Facebook ads, make sure you target people who are interested parrots.

How to Locate Products Stored Locally

Before I leave, let me tell you how to find products in countries that you don’t want to ship to, even if they aren’t France, Italy, or Spain.

Let’s get into AliExpress. I’ll show how. Let’s say that I want to ship within Czech Republic. At the top, select “Czech Republic”. For the sake of the screen recording, I’ll leave the language unchanged and change the currency to US Dollars.

Once I have done that, I can search for “kitchen organizer” and see where it ships from. All of the results I get will include local shipping to Czech Republic.

You can find that information right here. Click “Czech Republic” to see if you can ship to Czech Republic from the Czech Republic in four to seven business days.

One thing to keep in mind: Not all countries have warehouses. Make sure you do your research and check this. It’s worth the effort, AliExpress adds new countries every day.

This is it for the international video. Let us know what you think. Do you think dropshipping is possible in these countries? Dropshipping in these countries is something you should seriously consider. Let me know your thoughts below and I will respond with my thoughts. Thank you for your continued support.