Free Alternatives to Niche Scraper Dropshipping Tool

Niche Scraper is a popular tool for finding dropshipping products that you can sell on your ecommerce site.

It is however not the best option for all budgets, especially for those with small research budgets.

Below is a list of top niche scraper alternatives. These tools offer both low-cost and free options for dropshipping success.

Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy is trusted by over 10,000 users around the world, is another popular dropshipping platform and an alternative to Niche Scraper.

The free version allows you to instantly access more than 5000 dropshipping winning products. You can filter the results by category, suppliers, profit margin, and social engagement scores.

The pro version unlocks more product data, such as sales trends and social proof, reviews and the option to connect Shopify and import products in just few clicks.


FindNiche quickly became the most popular alternative for Niche Scraper. It offers multiple cutting-edge tools to find winning AliExpress products, spy on competitors, and low-cost plans starting from $9/month.

FindNiche lets you quickly locate the best AliExpress products, analyse performance data and find top suppliers. It has a database of over 90 million items.

FindNiche offers a database of the winning products in Shopify’s live stores as well as an innovative Ad Spy tool to find successful social media ads.

Dropship Center

AliExpress Dropship Center provides a free tool that will allow you to quickly locate top-selling AliExpress products as well as trusted sellers on AliExpress.

Dropship Center is a database that’s curated for online sellers. It also features a product analysis tool to quickly review the sales data for any AliExpress product using the URL.

AliExpress Dropship Center offers the greatest advantage: access to reliable, accurate data that is based on real buyer activity.


The database contains winning AliExpress dropshipping products. It is also a popular alternative to Niche Scraper.

Ecomhunt is a market research company that features thousands of the best-selling products. It also offers advanced performance data such as profit calculations, sales analytics, and social media engagement statistics.

The free version lets you browse our huge dropshipping product database. However, the pro version unlocks all product information and gives priority access to new products.

Product Mafia

Product mafia allows you to import the best-selling products into your WooCommerce and Shopify dropshipping stores in just a few clicks.

The Product Mafia database contains advanced performance data, including product cost, selling prices, and estimated profit margins. There are also links to top suppliers across multiple platforms and live social media ads campaigns.

Full access to all data and products is available in the free version. PRO Version includes priority access for new products as well as the ability to import products into your store in just one-click.


AliInsider has a variety of powerful features. It is the best tool to analyse and find trending AliExpress products that can be droppedshipped.

Install the Chrome browser extension to instantly view sales data and analytics on any AliExpress product. AliInsider gives you all the information you need, including average daily sales and estimated revenue as well as shipping options.

AliInsider offers a daily update database with over 30,000 winning dropshipping items so that you can quickly locate the best-selling products within your niche.


AliShark , Shopify’s most well-known countdown timer app was created by experts to help dropshippers.

AliShark offers a carefully curated list of dropshipping winners that is constantly updated with new sales data in real time. It is easy to find the top-selling products in any niche or category and spy on other dropshippers or successful ecommerce shops.

AliShark users also have access to a continually updated list of popular niches. This allows newbies the ability to quickly discover untapped areas that are growing in popularity.


DropshipMe is the best alternative to Niche Scraper to find and import winning dropshipping products to WooCommerce or WordPress-powered stores.

Install the plugin to gain full access the AliExpress dropshipping product database. You can import up to 50 products into your WooCommerce store with the free version.

Premium options are available starting at $29 per month (one-time), for more product imports to your store. Importing customer reviews and images of high-quality products is also possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

These frequently asked questions address everything you need to know about finding and using Niche Scraper alternatives. For any questions about the tools in this guide, contact the provider directly.

Which is the best Niche Scraper?

FindNiche, a cheaper alternative to Niche Scraper, offers the same features and tools at a lower cost. FindNiche offers many additional features, including an innovative Ad Spy tool as well as a database of Shopify’s top-selling products.

All of the tools in this guide can be used as alternatives to Niche Scraper. Ecomhunt, for example, is a popular database of dropshipping products that has a monthly price of $20.

Which is the best Niche Scraper alternative for free?

The AliExpress Dropshipping Center offers a great alternative to Niche Scraper. The AliExpress Dropship Center allows you to quickly locate the most popular AliExpress products and view detailed product data including total sales, reviews, top suppliers, and more.

It’s recommended that you use a premium tool if you need access to more detailed data, such as links to multiple competitors, suppliers and successful social advertising campaigns.

Many of the tools in this guide offer a free trial, or a free full version. Product Mafia, for example, gives you free access to its database of top-selling products. DropshipMe can also be downloaded for free and used to import up to 50 products into WooCommerce.

How can I find more niche scraper alternatives?

You can also read our guide to the best Dropshipping Product Research Tools. Our other ecommerce guides, resources and reviews will provide a growing number of reviews about various dropshipping research tools.

You can also search Google for alternative niche scrapers. YouTube is a great place to find the best dropshipping research tools and detailed tutorials on how to find winning products to dropship online.

What tools do I need to research dropshipping?

A research tool is the fastest way to find popular dropshipping products that have been selling well online.

Although it is not required, using a research tool can help you save significant time and effort. It’s easy to populate your online shop with popular products that are high in sales and have high profit margins.