How to Create Profitable Instagram Ads for Dropshipping?

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Instagram Ads Made Simple:

How to Create Instagram Ads

I’m sure you’ve heard reports of Instagram advertisements being run by founders and achieving massive success.

And they’re helping you dream about incorporating advertisements into your content plan for Instagram.

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How do advertisements on Instagram cost, and how do you set up an advertisement strategy for Instagram? There are a few crucial questions I’m aiming to tackle.

I’ll take you through what you need to know about Instagram advertising in this guide, including how to set up the first marketing campaign on this social network.

What Are Instagram Ads?

Instagram advertising is posts that crop up on the Instagram feed of a person.

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The advertisement firm or entity pays to view the content from Instagram, followed by a “Sponsored” logo.

Usually, post advertisements display in a carousel, still image, film, or slideshow format.

A call-to-action button like “Shop Now” or “Learn More” can also be included. This depends on the purpose of the campaign, i.e. whether you want to get traffic or sales.

Types of Instagram Ads

There are several other ad forms on Instagram, as well. The most compelling examples include:

  • Stories Ads
  • Explore Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Shopping Ads

Any detail about each category is here:

Stories ads

Instagram Stories Advertisements appear on the full screen between people’s stories.

The Stories Advertising call-to-action prompts the viewer to “swipe up” from the storey’s bottom to shop or read more.

Plus, the ads encourage you to use all of Instagram Stories’ features, such as inserting video effects, facial filters, and stickers to catch your audience’s attention.

Explore ads

Instagram has a segment called “Explore” that helps individuals to find information related to their desires.

But in that line, Instagram Explore advertisements don’t appear. Instead, they only appear after a picture or video from Explore is accessed by a user.

The best thing about Explore advertising is that by selecting Explore as additional ad placement, you can run them alongside post ads (later in the article, I’ll talk more about ad placements).

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Collection ads

Instagram selection ads allow your goods to be seen and purchased by viewers. The app redirects users to Instant Experience, a kind of Instagram e-commerce shop when they click on an object inside a series.

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A series of product photos or videos are usually used in these innovative Instagram advertisements.

Shopping ads

Instagram also helps you to endorse shopping content as commercials. Users that click on these advertisements are routed to Instagram’s product overview article. They can then purchase from your mobile shop the featured piece.

You can make these advertisements on the fly if you have an Instagram store for your company.

Instagram Advertising Benefits

Running Instagram advertising at the most simplistic form is an efficient way to keep the goods in front of a large audience. In reality, about 500 million users log on to Instagram every day, so you have to reach a broad customer base.

Instagram’s interaction is also on the rise, meaning that you will get a higher response rate on Instagram relative to other social media sites. Compared with Facebook, companies using Instagram will create 4x more connections on the site.

Also, 80% of Instagrammers report making a purchase choice based on what they noticed while using the app.

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This suggests that by putting the company front and center in people’s feeds, because of Instagram advertising, you have a chance to drive revenue.

That’s not all.

On Instagram, you can use Facebook’s Ads Manager to set up ads. If you’re still running Facebook advertising for your company, it would be easy to take measures to build paying Instagram ads. The superior targeting and budgeting choices of Facebook are open to you as an icing on the cake.

How much is the cost of Instagram ads?

There’s no real answer, frankly, to the issue of how much Instagram advertising pay. However, I know that costs seem to differ between target places, days of the week, populations selected ad placements and other variables from practice.

It costs more to offer Instagram advertising to millennial, for example, than to seniors, since 25 to 34-year-old users are one of the social networks’ most desirable target categories. Likewise, as the site gets a higher rate of activity, Instagram advertisement prices grow on weekdays.

Running Instagram feed advertising pays more than most options when it comes to ad placements. That said, the average CPC for different ad placements is $1.20, AdEspresso reported.

So, how much budget do you put aside for ads on Instagram? Think of how much a transfer is worth to you, and initially pay $20-$50. Then test everything and double down on the best-functioning campaigns. To monitor your success, use Instagram Tips and devote extra money to advertisements that help improve your engagement and sales.

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How to Create Instagram Ads

Instagram doesn’t have its ad production platform, but there are two ways to put Instagram advertisements:

  • Promote an existing post within the app
  • Build advertising by Facebook Ads Manager

Let’s get started in the easy route.

Inside the app, how to run advertisements

Promoting a post you’ve already made is the best way to launch ads on Instagram.

Choose one that has produced the most engagement, and in the lower right corner tap “promote” to run it as an ad.

Before you can see the promotional option, you will need to set up an Instagram company profile. If you are using a personal profile at the moment, here’s how to turn it into a technical one.

Previously, Instagram also mandated that you link your Instagram account to a Facebook Business Page.

But a few weeks ago, the company revealed that it would encourage new advertisers in certain countries to generate advertisements without having to connect to a Facebook website.

So if you’re endorsing an Instagram post for the first time, right inside Instagram, you’ll be able to map and handle promotions.

How to create using Facebook Ads Manager

You may also use Facebook Advertising Manager to build ads for Instagram, as Instagram and Facebook are closely intertwined.

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Facebook Advertising Manager is a handy platform for those unfamiliar with it that lets you tailor and pinpoint viewers. And you can also use it to identify a target for the campaign and track your ads’ success.

You’ll need a Facebook account and links to a Facebook Business Profile to access the Facebook Advertising Manager.

Plus, you’ll need to connect your Facebook Business Page with your Instagram account. The measures are here:

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  • Open your Company Profile on Facebook.
  • Go to Settings for the page > Instagram.
  • The blue “Connect Account” button is clicked.
  • Add your Instagram account info.
  • Click on “Save”.

If completed, using Facebook Advertising Manager, Facebook will help you build and run Instagram ads.

Assuming you’re a total beginner who never runs advertisements on Facebook or Instagram, here are the steps to create your first ad campaign on Instagram.

Pick an objective

To get started, open your Facebook Advertising Manager and press the Campaigns tab on the green ‘+ Build’ button.

Select between Directed Creation and Accelerated Creation. Select Direct Production if you want step-by-step guidance on how to set up a campaign for Instagram advertising.

Then the Facebook Advertising Manager will present you with a list of goals in three categories:

Give more attention to what you intend to do with Instagram ads before you pick a target. Are you involved in sales? Data on customers? Increased knowledge of brands? Consider your target and then find an objective that fits your result better.

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It is essential to choose the right target since Facebook uses your selection to decide which ad targets, bidding styles, and ad placements would be ideal for you.

You will most likely be looking to boost revenue while you are running an online store. “Conversions” will be the most fitting target for your Instagram campaign in this situation.

But you have to take an extra step by using Instagram ads for conversions: you have to build and mount a Facebook pixel. This is a remote code to track conversions and purchases that you can put on your website.

You have to import the pixel code from your Facebook Advertising Manager and paste it into the Pixel ID area of Shopify Preferences if your online store’s website is hosted on Shopify.

Often, Facebook Advertising Manager lets you know where the people who click on your ads want to be delivered.

They can be submitted to the website of your store, an app, Messenger, or WhatsApp.

Name your campaign

The Facebook Advertising Manager will make you give your campaign a name after choosing your target.

Although a generic name such as “Campaign 1” may be used, it is better to incorporate those features, such as target location, innovative form, etc., in the campaign name.

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Using so makes it easier for multiple campaigns to be established and their success assessed.

Next, to determine which tactics perform well, consider if you want to measure campaigns on each other.

Instagram will test numerous campaign combinations in an A/B test and allot the highest budget to the one that works well.

Configure your budget and plan

This section helps you define how much and for how long you want to spend on your ad campaign.

Here, you can choose between manual setup and Campaign Budget Optimization.

Campaign Budget Management is a modern feature that defines and then allocates the budget to the best ads. It does that by aligning each ad with the budget limits and bid caps.

I strongly recommend using Marketing Budget Optimization if you’re new to Instagram ads, as it helps ensure you spend the lowest price per conversion.

You can also pick from a regular and lifetime budget from Facebook Advertising Planner. With each choice, here’s what you get:

  • A typical budget helps the advertising run continuously during the day, while you pay up to your fixed account each day.
  • A lifetime budget requires the commercials to run for a given duration while pacing over that timeframe your schedule.

You will also identify a precise timeline for your campaign if you set a lifetime budget.

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You can set up your Instagram advertisements, for instance, to run only on weekends or when your audience is the most involved.

Check out our infographic: The Perfect Time to Share on Social Media in 2021 to understand which days and hours are best to advertise on Instagram.

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Choose your target audience.

You can set up your Instagram Advertisements to hit those audiences, desires, and habits through audience targeting.

You could, for instance, sell a gadget and be interested in targeting millennials in Australia. In viewer targeting, you can enter “Australia” as the location and under Comprehensive Targeting enter “gadget” and “technology” as interests.

The choice of reaching custom audiences is also open. These usually involve individuals who have accessed your website and apply to former customers whose contact list information is stored.

Select your ad placements

For ad placements, Facebook Advertising Manager gives you two choices:

  • Automatic posts: This function shows the commercials around different assets depending on where they are likely to perform best.
  • Manual posts: If you choose this choice, you can select the properties where you want your ads to appear by hand.

Choose manual placements for Instagram advertisements and then check the boxes for Instagram-only properties.

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Create your first Instagram ad

The last move is to select a particular ad format, upload a creative design and write your copy of the ad.

There are the following ad formats available:

For your Instagram advertisement campaign, pick a format that makes the most sense.

First, upload a related template for your ad and write a summary of the text to go with it.

Be sure to select the proper Instagram ad scale on a side note, since the Advertising Admin excludes innovative incorrect sizes.

Pro tip: Instagram provides several applications that you can use to improve the creativity of your ads. One right choice for merging multiple photos into one single picture is the layout. 

You will also have the option to choose from several call-to-action texts if you chose “Conversions” as the campaign target. Pick the one that is important to the audience of your campaign and goal.

Hit the green “Publish” button to start running Instagram advertisements for your company until you’re happy with it.


All right, that’s all about advertising for Instagram.

You now understand what Instagram ads are, the advantages they offer, how much they cost, and how to set them up for your business.

Before signing off, after you build your advertisements, I advise you to do one thing: evaluate their efficiency.

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Evaluate the ads and check if you can develop and save money, no matter how well-structured the campaign is.

You might find that five times more conversions are powered by one innovative ad. Or one single ad placement results in lower expenditures.

The best way to calculate your advertising’s success is to use Facebook Ads Manager’s built-in analytics.

You’ll be able to identify the right ad sets to run for a particular campaign by monitoring and learning from the reports this tool offers.

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