How to Start Amazon to eBay Dropshipping Business?

Dropshippers use Amazon as one of their most trusted suppliers. Although Amazon can be difficult to get started, once you have the ball rolling it’s easy. Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay is an extremely profitable business model that has been proven time and again.

This article will help you to run a profitable Amazon To eBay Dropshipping company from A-Z. We will discuss all the difficulties that newbies face. We’ll not only help you understand the challenges that beginners face, but also provide product research strategies and methods to save time and make more work.

You will learn how to manage successful Amazon To eBay Dropshipping shops without worrying about locked accounts or other problems. Enjoy your read!

What is Amazon?

It all began in 1995 with by Jeff Bezos. This was originally a small bookselling business. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world today.

Amazon is not only an eCommerce giant but also offers a wide range of web services (AWS), with software development centers around the world.

Amazon has its own fulfillment centers. Amazon also has its own fulfillment centers. Companies of all sizes can store their merchandise there, and Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) service processes their orders. Amazon handles the logistics and returns for a small fee. They also bring traffic to their website.

This business model is profitable and has helped Amazon become the giant it is today. This is why dropshippers often use Amazon as their supplier. This is what you will learn.

Where are Amazon’s Warehouses located?

Amazon currently has more than 100 fulfillment centers in the US. There are many more planned warehouses. The expansion of fulfillment centers around the US allows US residents to get their packages fast.

Amazon Prime members will enjoy a better service with 1-2 day delivery because there are more warehouses. It also means that more local sellers will store their products in Amazon’s warehouses, which helps both sides grow.

Here’s a glimpse of Amazon’s planned and built fulfillment center locations in the US, according to CNBC:

You can see that they are constantly growing and expanding. This will lead to more sellers joining the fun, offering more products and allowing for more competition. Dropshippers (and consumers too) will enjoy lower prices, faster domestic shipping times and a wider product range.

Amazon To Ebay Dropshipping Pros & Cons

Dropshippers need to know the pros and cons of each supplier before they start working with them. Amazon and other dropshippers have pros and cons, just as Amazon. There is a solution for every problem. Dropshipping is one of our favorite things.

Let’s look at the pros and cons associated with Amazon to eBay dropshipping.


  • Prime Products eligible for free 1-2-day shipping (requires Amazon Prime membership).
  • Some products can be delivered same-day or within 1 day.
  • More than 12,000,000 total products.
  • Prime products eligible for free returns within 30 days
  • Extended holiday returns
  • Chat or phone 24/7 for fast customer service
  • Multiple marketplaces are available – US and UK, DE, FR. IT, and many more.


  • Amazon locks accounts that have a lot of purchases. (Solution: Don’t use discounted gift cards! After completing a verification process with Amazon, you can either use a credit or PayPal/Payoneer to pay for your order. AutoDS will fulfill all your orders using their purchase accounts. No more locked accounts!
  • Sometimes, Amazon will provide TBA tracking numbers that are not easily read by eBay. This makes it difficult to win in cases where an item has been lost. Solution: Convert all or your TBA tracking numbers to BlueCare express tracking numbers.
  • Amazon Prime memberships cost $119 per year or $12.99 per months. Solution: This small expense will be offset by your profits. You can also use the Fulfilled by AutoDS service for fulfilling your orders using AutoDS Prime purchase accounts. Everything will be automated, along with tracking updates, BlueCare Express and conversions.

Is Amazon To Ebay Dropshipping legal?

Beginners often ask if Amazon To Ebay Dropshipping can be legal. Dropshippers who make substantial profits from Amazon to Ebay dropshipping are well-known facts. What are the rules?

Amazon and eBay support dropshipping, but only from one retailer/retailer. Dropshipping is allowed if you have a contract signed with a private supplier. This is only allowed if they have specific policies. How can we see a better picture of reality? This method works for some people.

Money makes the world go round

It is easier than most people think: money. It’s no secret that Amazon and eBay make millions from the ‘Amazon-to-Ebay Arbitrage’. They both depend on huge chunks of the dropshipping market, which is undeniable.

To get a better understanding of the dropshipping market size, have a glance at this chart from Grand View Research

It’s much easier for them to close one eye and keep the other open so they can filter out inexperienced dropshippers.

Customer satisfaction is what eBay values. Customers are their product and they expect you to take care of it. Dropshippers starting out are trained to look after their customers and business.

Inexperienced dropshippers are a sure way to ruin eBay’s reputation, which seems to be more common than it should.

Amazon recommends that you avoid discount gift cards. Amazon uses intelligent bots that can spot them and lock your account with all funds inside. Learn from the mistakes of dropshippers and don’t make them.

How to Begin Amazon To Ebay Dropshipping

Are you ready to start? Great! You are so awesome! Skip this step

Register for an Amazon account to automate your order processing or to use the Automatic Orders service, which is different from Fulfilled by AutoDS.

Go to Amazon and hover over the’Log In’ at the top right. Below you will see the “Start Here” link.

Fill in your name, email address and password by clicking on the link. Registration is the most straightforward part of any registration, isn’t it?

Next, click on Create an Amazon account. You’ll get an email with a one-time password. After entering it, you will need to complete a mobile phone verification.

Tip Do not use a mobile number associated with an Amazon account locked. After you have signed in, go to your account settings at the top right and click Prime . Register for a trial. After the trial ends, you will need to purchase a monthly or an annual subscription.

You don’t have to set up and manage Amazon accounts to fulfil your orders or return them. Instead, you can use the Fulfilled by AutoDS service. We will discuss it below.

We recommend that you opt-in to the Fulfilled by AutoDS service if you don’t want to go through all the verification steps and use your personal Amazon account information. You can then start automating your orders in the right way.

If you don’t have an account, create one and subscribe to Amazon Prime for your customers to receive their deliveries quickly and on-time.

What is Amazon’s Shipping Policy for?

Amazon offers many shipping options. We’ll be able to offer the best shipping options because we work with Prime members.

It is important to familiarize yourself with all shipping options available on Amazon, especially if you are ordering a non-Prime item. Let’s look at the Amazon shipping options.

Two-day Shipping Free of Charge (Prime Only) and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) products

Same-Day Free Delivery (Prime Only)

  • and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) sell the items
  • You are eligible for shipment to a specified zip code.
  • Addresses at commercial addresses are not eligible.

Free Standard Shipping (usually for products above $25)

  • FBA products that are classified as hazardous materials.
  • FBA products with special shipping characteristics, such as heavy furniture or appliances, or TVs of 48 ”+.
  • Addresses in Alaska and Hawaii.
  • P.O. Boxes in continental U.S.
  • APO/FPO addresses that use U.S. ZIP Codes

Items Not Eligible for Fast Shipping:

  • FBA items that are not Prime-eligible by marketplace sellers
  • Subscribe to magazines
  • Gift cards personalized
  • An item without a message on the product page indicating eligibility for Prime is not eligible.
  • Addresses in U.S. territories and possessions, protectorates (other that Puerto Rico)
  • International destinations.
  • Items that are scheduled for delivery

What’s Amazon’s Returns Policy for Customers?

Prime membership makes it easy to return Amazon products. No matter what reason the reason may be, most products come with a 30-day return policy.

There are exceptionsthis and that. Amazon will not approve a refund if computers or tablets have not been tested. Digital products are generally not eligible for returns.

Baby products can be returned up to within 90 days of purchase. For more information on all the exceptions and return policies, visit Amazon’s help page.

Remember that if you buy from a third-party seller (nonPrime), the product must be returned to the seller and not Amazon’s warehouse. You can contact the seller to initiate the return process. This may be at your cost depending on the seller’s policy.

Ebay Business Policies for Amazon Dropshipping

Next, create your business policies . These policies will inform your buyers about your shipping and return policies so they can make an informed decision before purchasing from you.

Amazon to Ebay Shipping Policy

Navigate to your Seller hub and click on Company Policies. Next, click Create Policy Shipping.

We will use Amazon Prime to ship every order within two business days according to our shipping policy. Please give your policy a name (e.g Fast Free Two Day Shipping)

  • U.S Shipping: Keep it on Flat: Same cost to all buyers
  • Services: Choose Expedited shipping (1-2 business days), or No shipping
  • Handling Time: Choose 2 Business Days.

Let’s begin at the beginning to understand the meaning behind each selection.

Handling Time

Handling Time refers to the time it takes to upload a tracking code for each order. Prime products ship within two business days. Therefore, two days is a good handling time. This will allow you to compete with other sellers who have slower handling times.


The Services section indicates how long it will take for the product to reach its destination. Prime products can be shipped with a ‘Expedited shipping within 1-3 business days’. You will be able to rank higher than your competitors if you have a slower delivery time.

The U.S shipping states that all buyers who purchase this policy will be charged the same shipping cost. Our buyers won’t have to pay shipping costs for all orders that are connected to this policy because we selected No shipping.

Remember that you will be ahead of your competition if you choose any three policy options (free shipping, two day handling, and 1-3 days delivery). Ebay values sellers who can ship and handle orders quickly.

Amazon To Ebay Refund Policy

Let’s now create a return policy. Navigate to your Seller hub and click on Company Policies. Next, click Create Policy Return.

First, give your return policy a name. For example, 30 Day Free Returns. Next, we will allow Domestic Returns and choose 30 Day for the return window.

Next, select Return shipping will be paid. You can also click on the “Replacement or Exchange Available”checkbox.

Click in the checkbox to allow international returns. Select 30 Day as the return window. Select Return Shipping only.

This is all you need to know about Amazon to Ebay dropshipping policies. Your buyers will be able to use the same policies as Amazon. To ensure that your shipping and handling times are met, make sure you process orders immediately.

How to Find the Best Amazon Dropshipping Products

Now that you have your business policies in place, it is time to move on to product research. There are so many products to choose from, and so many categories it is easy to get overwhelmed and lose track of the important things.

This is not the time to lose sight of the important things. You must focus on the product search phase. Your choice of products to include in your store will make the difference between sales and profit. Without sales, there is no profit.

This is where you’ll be most grateful later. To save time, let’s familiarize ourself with the top dropshipping options.

Dropshipping Products Not Allowable on Ebay

Ebay must protect itself from unsafe products sellers. Ebay is not seeking new lawsuits because of beginner mistakes.

Avoid adding products of well-known brands and companies to avoid any problems. Patents are also prohibited.

Avoid adding products that have a connection to tobacco, drugs, or firearms. These products also prohibit accessories.

You can learn more about which products you are not permitted to resell by reviewing eBay’s Verified rights Owner Program (VeRo). This will help you to understand what products you are allowed to resell.

However, do not panic! AutoDS maintains a large database of VeRo product listings that is continuously updated. AutoDS provides additional protection by notifying you whenever you add products that aren’t allowed. You can then choose to proceed or cancel the import process (not recommended!). You can cancel or proceed with the import process.

Amazon to Ebay Product Research Methods

There are many ways to find hot, dropshipping products which will sell. To analyze and test the market, it is important to conduct product testing.

It is best to test a product with at least 20 other products. It is because it takes a lot of time to see positive results if you only test one product at a given time.

Let’s now discuss the best methods to locate Amazon dropshipping products for our eBay stores.

Amazon’s Best-Sellers

Amazon’s Top Sellers page is the best place to grab winning products. This page is updated every hour with the most popular and top-selling products from all categories.

These products have been proven winners and are a great place for product research. To find the best products for your dropshipping business, use the categories above.

Reversible Octopus Plushie is one example. It looks like the niche (plush dolls), and the micro-niche(reversible) could be a winning combination. The title also states that it is a patent design.

What’s stopping you from looking Amazon for “reversible plush toys”?

Presto! These are the results. We can now test this niche, and start the product research phase.

You can repeat the process from Amazon Bestsellers while considering which categories and products are suitable for dropshipping. You will see your list grow and the testing phase will be successful.

Amazon Hot Releases

Amazon’s New Product Releases section is a great place for new product trends. This is the best place to spot and sell products before your competitors.

You will not only be able to start a hot selling streak if you find those hidden gems. Nothing beats catching the wave before everyone else.

Navigate to the dropshipping-friendly categories, and start testing out potential niches. Wait until you make some sales if you aren’t familiar with the dropshipping-friendly categories. Next, search for related products to those in the new releases section.

Dropshippers may prefer to randomly shoot new releases without conducting any research. This works, but it will require more product testing before you see results. Unless you have the good fortune of being a beginner, which is always a plus.

Multiply Profits from a Successful Seller

One strategy to increase the sales of a product is to add more. We can then catch the trends and increase our profit.

What about the Amazon sellers that found the winning product? They have a full store. What would happen if one of their products was sold?

Under each item’s title, you will find a link to go to the seller’s store.

Click the link to view other winning products that this seller has in stock. Many sellers have a beautiful store layout that highlights their top-selling products and breaks them into different categories.

You will also be able to generate new product ideas. Not only will you add more high-selling-potential items, but you will also open up your mind to wider product ranges and micro-niches that will sell

This example shows how the seller has divided their products into categories and created a beautiful layout for their niche walkie-talkie store. To see more products the seller would like to highlight, you can either click on the categories or scroll down.

This is one of our favourite ways to add best-sellers into our stores. You can add 20 additional products to their store if they have too many products.

To Add Hot Dropshipping Products Use the Finder

You don’t have the time or energy to do product research? It’s easy! No problem! To find the most popular products for your store, the system scans more than 40,000 dropshippers every day.

It’s easy to follow the steps: add Auto-finder credit, select the product parameters (sold X within the last month) and choose the number of products that you wish to add. Next, choose whether you want them added to your store immediately or if you wish to schedule the import for later.

You can also choose to have recurring uploaded to duplicate the same process each day. This will allow you to only set up the setup once. AutoDS will add more hot-selling products to your store every day at the time you set. It’s pretty cool, right?

Additional Product Research Methods

There are many product research methods. We found these to be the most effective. This is because even beginners have a high success rate in finding winners.

You can also use paid tools to see what other eBay sellers sell and search for similar products. This is also known as sniping, and is a popular way to find dropshipping products that are selling.

This process can be slow because you will need to locate the source of their products. In most cases, they will sell at or near their break-even point.

It’s better not to copy another’s trend while everyone tries and brings the market down below break-even. Dropshippers are often forced to close down their businesses quickly because this is not financially viable.

How to Reach Amazon’s Customer Service

Amazon’s top priority is customer support. You can reach them via phone, email or live chat. These are the best ways to contact them:

  • To speak to an Amazon representative, call the support number +1 209-22-0880.
  • Chat With an Amazon Representative. During peak hours there may be a lengthy waiting list.
  • Amazon will call you. If you don’t have time to wait for representatives, this is a great option.
  • The fourth option is to EmailAmazon. There are two email addresses for contact. The first,, can be used to address billing issues. The second, is for general issues.

You can find the most appropriate contact method for your inquiry on their main Customer Service page.

Amazon Payment Methods

Amazon offers several payment options to help you fulfill your orders. Open your wallet section under your account’s “Payment” settings to see all available options.

Debit/Credit Card

First, add a credit card or debit card to your account and then charge the card for each order. Amazon accepts all major credit cards (VISA Mastercard, AMEX and Diners).

Click on the button to add your credit card in your wallet Section.

Once your credit card has been added to the system, it is possible to use it for fulfilling your orders. Remember that Amazon accounts are subject to a verification process by phone or email before you can process multiple orders per day.

If you already have a FSA/HSA, you can add it to your card.

Amazon Store Card (U.S Citizens)

You can apply for an Amazon Store card if you are a U.S Citizen. This card allows you to receive special offers and discounts. You will also get an $10 gift certificate immediately.

Personal checking account (U.S Citizens).

You can also use your U.S. citizen checking account. Although this may not be the most convenient option for everyone, many people still use it. This is especially true for those who do not want to use their bank card.

Fulfilled by AutoDS (No Amazon account required)

It would be great to not have to worry about managing Amazon accounts, payment options, credit card bills and returns, tracking updates, locked account, and other details – all the while all your orders are processed automaticallythrough Amazon Prime.

With our Fulfilled by AutoDS service, this dream became a reality. You can enjoy complete order tracking and return automation by opting in for the service.

Your customers will appreciate your speedy delivery services. Their orders are processed immediately, even while they sleep. Your dropshipping business will grow if you have many satisfied customers.

Amazon Gift Coupons ( Not Recommend!)

Amazon gift cards was a popular method of payment in the past. Many Amazon gift cards were discounted in 2018. These cards were popular with both dropshippers and end-consumers.

A $100 gift card could cost anywhere from $75 to 90, or less if you paid with Bitcoin. Amazon was quick to catch up with this new trend, making insane profits. They responded by creating bots that could spot customers using discount cards and lock their accounts with all their balance.

Each Amazon account that was associated with discounted gift card purchases became locked and it was impossible to access the funds. Permanent bans were imposed after they called for their support. Amazon claims these measures were taken to stop money laundering and the theft of gift cards.

Many dropshippers didn’t know how to manage Amazon. They moved on to other suppliers or quit. Those who persevered and fought the battle have survived the downturn and now use their own verified accounts with credit or order automation services such as Fulfilled By AutoDS without needing to maintain a personal Amazon account.