How to Start Dropshipping in Greece and Succeed?

Sofia’s Story: How A Work-At-Home Mom Makes Her First Steps Of Dropshipping In Greece

What kind of side job is better for a stay-at-home mom? How do you have an income source while still making sure your child never misses a developmental milestone?

These questions do not have a universal answer. Nonetheless, Sofia, our today’s guest, seems to have found a solution that works for her. Let’s see how she does it!

Hi, please, introduce yourself!

Hi, my name is Sofia, and I am a Greek accredited accountant.

I am a lifelong learner who has been inspired by the need to learn new things and face new challenges in my career.

I’ve worked for multinational corporations for the past 12 years, but after having a child, my priorities shifted dramatically. Working for a large organisation used to be glamorous, but there was nothing that attracted me back to this way of life after so many years and experiences.

I was shocked to learn that large corporations do not treat their workers with respect: after several years of hard work and dedication, I was deemed overqualified. So, for about a year, I was looking for something special to do.

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Why did you decide to try dropshipping?

Many ideas came to mind, but I found it odd to open a shop, pay rent, and work there for long periods. It would also be discouraging because my future clients could only be found in my immediate vicinity. And, as a stay-at-home wife, I needed something adaptable. I decided to take advantage of my children’s early years while still being present when they needed me. And it was at this point that my husband became aware of this business model.

Even though I had no previous experience in this area, I did have some IT skills, to begin with. I have a master’s degree in information technology under my belt. Plus, for the past 12 years, I’ve worked for transportation companies that use various online resources for day-to-day operations.

How did your work-at-home mom’s journey begin?

AliDropship built a custom shop for me. When it was done and started running, it felt odd not to have complete control over the whole operation for a while.

“How would I sell anything I haven’t seen working and haven’t even touched?” I wondered. And it’s funny how my family and friends didn’t like the idea of not being able to see stock!

Then I realised that even retailers with physical stores buy from their suppliers based solely on a catalogue image. Also, I have more data to evaluate and decide if the items are appropriate for inclusion in my shop. Customers who have already ordered them have left feedback; there are various pictures, real-life photos from customers, and other information to rely on.

Surprisingly early in the process, the first sale was made. I asked my husband to make the first transaction the day we linked the payment gateway. After all, I couldn’t test it myself because I was driving. When I returned home and reviewed the orders, I learned that a $50 order had been placed several hours ago, and the customer was not a family member or friend. I was ecstatic, and I imagined that I would soon be receiving several orders regularly. I’m not going to lie; the subsequent sales were not easy!

This first sale may have occurred because the team in charge of setting up my store triggered the Social Rabbit plugin at an early point. Also, even before I could obtain an order, I had all of those social media networks activated with some messages. I assume this has something to do because the day I got the order was also the day I posted something personal.

I’d say Social Rabbit is a blessing, but I think some aspects could be improved, such as changing the day/hour of a scheduled update. The support team is also fantastic; anytime I have an issue, Victoria and her team are there to help me!

How did you choose the niche?

My niche was chosen based on a mix of personal interests, my daughter’s interests, and trend analysis. Of course, I owe a debt of gratitude to Katya, my project manager, who was extremely helpful at every point of the project and was especially helpful to me at that time.

What’s your product strategy?

I read most customer comments, and more than 80% of the reviews must be five stars. Also, the supplier’s store must have a minimum of a 95% grade.

I use Google Trends to identify and add new items and updates from Facebook groups and Instagram accounts in my niche.

Supplier’s price*2+shipping cost is my pricing formula. I follow the AliDropship team’s formula with a few tweaks.

What methods do you use to promote your store?

I use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads to promote my company. I identify my demographics and then let the Facebook pixel rest for me in terms of audience targeting and scope.

In reality, I’ve found that Facebook is the most effective promotional medium for me. Google Ads were inexpensive, but they yielded no results in my situation, so I stopped using them. As a result, I now spend about 250 euros per month on ads on average.

What’s your dropshipping routine like regularly?

Every day, I devote about 4 hours to store management – sometimes even more if I have to learn something new.

The production of appealing newsletters is the most time-consuming activity for me.

Furthermore, the whole field of advertising is entirely new to me, and there are several criteria to consider. As a result, I set aside time to read, test, read again, and test yet again.

How do you deal with demanding customers (if any)?

I try to put myself in their shoes with reverence and compassion. I only had one such case yesterday, and after the customer’s comment, I took corrective action. I believe in treating customers with respect and responding to their emails quickly.

What can you say about the legal part of dropshipping in Greece?

I officially registered my company, which I suggest because we all need to see the value of getting a pension when we’re too old to dropship!

You must pay some taxes and fees after officially registering your company. They even go into medical care and a great pension plan. The payment gateway may also need this.

How has your life changed?

As you can see from the numbers, there isn’t much money involved. On the other hand, I have something of my own to love and nurture regularly, and I am sure that it will blossom one day! Or I’ll blossom as a result of all the experience I’ve acquired.

What are your dropshipping plans for the future?

This is the niche to which I will devote my time, effort, and resources for the entire year. I’m making an effort to have several orders every day.

When I have a spare moment, I jot down any thoughts that come to mind. Now and then, I rank these ideas to see which appears to be the most promising. If none of them works out and nothing develops, I’ll look for something else to do.