Is Dropshipping Allowed on Mercari? Selling Tips

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This ebook is for those who wish to dropship on Mercari. Mercari is a great platform for selling on. No one has yet to find a way around Mercari’s anti-dropshipping software.

This ebook will show you how to bypass Mercari’s anti dropship software. You can now dropship on Mercari with no restrictions. This ebook will teach you more about where and how to locate the best products to dropship to Mercari.

Why would anyone dropship on Mercari when it is possible to buy items directly from yards and ship them themselves? The simple answer is The simple answer is that most people would rather spend their time looking for items online than driving around in the heat searching.

Dropshipping also allows you to have your items shipped by someone else. This saves you time and money. You can’t go wrong with this! You won’t own the items that you sell so you don’t have to think about what to do with them.

To sum it all, dropshipping on Mercari is THE — ICING ON the CAKE– in the online sales arena.

Table of Contents
My Story
What is the working principle of Mercari?
How do I set up a Mercari seller’s account?
How do you list an item for sale?
Where can I sell my items?
What type of items should I be selling?
What is the selling price of Mercari?
How can I circumvent the ban on stock photos by Mercari
How can I bypass the 5-digit code “ships from”?
How can I relist an item after it has been sold?
How can I circumvent Mercari’s Anti Dropshipping software?
What should I do if Mercari removes my listing?
What does “stock photo” mean?
What does Mercari do to allow me to transfer my money?
What is the earliest date I can start selling Mercari products?

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Dropshipping Tips on Mercari

Dropshipping on Mercari can lead to your account being banned. However, there are many people who wish to dropship from other sources like Amazon to avoid the hassle of finding products to sell. These tips are for your own safety.

  1. Don’t use Amazon product images. This is a dead givaway if you dropship on Mercari.
  2. You could also purchase a product that you plan to sell on Mercari, and then take your own photos.
  3. You can find thousands of products on Amazon you could resell and make a decent income on Mercari.
  4. To get an idea of the most popular items on Amazon, check out Amazon’s top seller list
  5. You can find photos online of your product that don’t actually show the product. Make sure you have the proper licensing.