Is Spocket Available for Amazon and eBay dropshipping?

Spocket is not available to sell on the below marketplaces.

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Wish
  • Groupon
  • Google Shopping

Spocket Dropshipping

Quick Verdict: Is Spocket the best app for dropshipping?

After using Oberlo and Modalyst, I was able to use…


It is the only app that has a majority US/EU suppliers that sell original, fully vetted goods with quick shipping times.

Spocket does the same thing as its competitors plus:

  • Spocket suppliers have been thoroughly vetted
  • Faster delivery times
  • Quick samples to test products
  • Simple returns
  • Personal branding

They use US/EU Ecommerce to speed up delivery. They also screen suppliers and enforce strict return policies.

Spocket has its flaws, but it is clearly superior to other apps.

Spocket is the place to be if you are looking for the best apps, dropshipping products and suppliers in ecommerce.

Spocket Pros & Cons


  • Delivery times are quick
  • Spocket suppliers tend to be mostly from North America and the EU.
  • Excellent support and return policies
  • User-friendly, smooth interface ( Spocket is very easy)
  • Automatic inventory and price updates
  • Tested products and suppliers who have been thoroughly vetted
  • Personalized invoicing to build a brand
  • 14-day trial for no cost


  • There is no free plan
  • Higher than the competitors
  • Paywalls are the best way to get the best products
  • No custom packaging

What is Spocket?

Spocket, a revolutionary dropshipping platform, connects you with the most trusted suppliers in the world. It allows you to choose the best products, try them out and then get them to you quickly.

It is a searchable database of top dropshipping companies in the US and EU. The app allows you to choose a country and a product niche. You can also pick a price. It will then show you the top products. You can click “HTMOD0_ import ” to add them to your store.

The app will automatically handle fulfillment and inventory for you.

Spocket is different from almost every other supplier sourcing app. It focuses on quality and not quantity. Spocket features mostly North American and EU-based companies, rather than the cheaper ones in Asia. They screen all applicants to ensure you only get the best products available in the ecommerce world.

Who is Spocket for?

It’s 100 percent with me.

Spocket is available to anyone who can afford $50 per monthly for a significant competitive advantage over the thousands of dropshippers. Spocket can help you make your store stand out with high-quality products, fast shipping and excellent customer service.

It has its flaws, so I won’t oversell it. It’s like hiding the good stuff behind a paywall or not offering personalized packaging. How is that possible? ).

It does more than any other app.

Ask any dropshipper in the 7-figure range and they will all tell you the same three things:

  1. Sell amazing products
  2. They must be delivered quickly
  3. Establish a genuine connection with your customers

Spocket allows you to do all three of these things better than any other competitor. They can charge $49.99 per monthly and get away with it.

I recommend Spocket:

  • Dropshippers start their first store
  • Dropshippers with experience ready to create a unique brand
  • AliExpress is for anyone who’s fed up with the craps.
  • Dropshippers from the US and EU who want better returns, customer service and communication with manufacturers

Spocket F.A.Q

Q. What is Dropshipping?

A.Dropshipping allows you to sell third-party suppliers’ products to customers. After the customer purchases from you, the supplier orders the product and then sends it to him. The product is not kept in stock. You are merely a middleman.

Q. Is Spocket more reliable than AliExpress?

A.Yes. Spocket is superior to AliExpress in many ways. Spocket has many e-commerce benefits. You make a greater profit margin on most products. You can import great online products with just one click from their marketplace. The platform offers many other benefits, including auto fulfillment, an online premium product marketplace, Spocket support, ecommerce payment and time-saving features such as auto price updating.

Q. How does Spocket make its money?

A.Spocket earns money by charging a monthly subscription fee to use its e-commerce platform. A monthly fee is required to access their marketplace and to run an online business.

eBay Dropshipping

Dropshipping is not the first thought that comes to mind when you think of eBay.

It’s more likely that you will consider selling on Amazon or opening your own Shopify store to dropship. This makes sense, as these are the places where the big bucks are.

Although dropshipping is less well-known than other dropshipping methods, and despite some rocky past experiences with it, eBay dropshipping still has a lot to offer. It is a gateway to entrepreneurship and e-commerce. Although you may not be able to live a 6-figure lifestyle by dropshipping on eBay it is possible to make 4 or 5 figures.

eBay is a great option for selling on Amazon and starting an e-commerce business.

Let’s now take a look at all you need to know regarding eBay dropshipping.

  • Is it dead?
  • What are eBay’s Dropshipping Policies?
  • What is the cost of this?
  • What are its benefits and drawbacks?
  • What are your tips to be a successful eBay dropshipper.

Is eBay dropshipping dead?

A few years back, there were many talks about dropshipping on eBay. However, the reality is somewhat more complex.

Dropshipping on eBay isn’t all it seems

In the middle of 2010, a lot so-called dropshippers started doing something quite unfair.

  • They were able to find products at retail stores like Amazon and Walmart.
  • These products were advertised on eBay, but at a much higher price.
  • They ordered the product from Amazon or Walmart to ship to a customer who had purchased from them. The customer then pocketed the difference in cost.

Sometimes, eBay customers received their products in Amazon-branded boxes with receipts indicating the true amount that the dropshipper had paid.

It’s not surprising that customers were unhappy. eBay was also unhappy. Their brand was being damaged.

eBay states that enough is enough

eBay made a significant change to its rules about dropshippers a few years back.

Many articles and videos were created claiming that dropshipping on eBay was dead.

This is a farce in reality.

This is because the dropshipping that was happening before wasn’t real. It was a complete scam.

Dropshippers who are serious about eBay will find it very active

eBay remains a great place to go for dropshippers. It receives a lot of commerce through its marketplace. eBay has sold goods worth $22 Billion in the last three months.

This market is too large to ignore. Although the potential for long-term growth is lower than other marketplaces, it’s still a great market. However, eBay is easy to start and has low risk.

Dropshipping can be a great way to make a living on eBay. You will need to be familiar with eBay’s dropshipping policies.

What is the legal limit on eBay dropshipping?

After being swindled by “dropshippers”, eBay established some very detailed policies. This is why you need to first understand dropshipping on eBay.

Let’s take a look at 3 important points in eBay’s policies relating to dropshipping.

1. eBay policy regarding dropshippers: Buy from wholesalers

Dropshipping from wholesalers is the first thing to remember. This was clearly done in response to scams on eBay.

Dropshippers are only permitted to buy products from wholesalers or directly from suppliers. This is clearly stated in eBay’s dropshipping policy.

“Listing an item on ebay and then buying it from another seller or marketplace that ships directly for your customer is prohibited on eBay.”

Dropshipping is possible if your products are purchased directly from a supplier or wholesaler.

If you are interested in becoming a dropshipper on eBay you will need to source products from a supplier or wholesaler. This 24 list contains great wholesalers and suppliers for dropshippers. These suppliers and wholesalers can be used to source your products in compliance with eBay’s policies.

2. Dropshippers policy: Guaranteed delivery time

You must also be able guarantee delivery within 30 business days. This applies to all sellers and not just dropshippers.

This is a standard time frame, and your customers will expect delivery within this timeframe if not sooner.

This is an important point to remember when looking for suppliers. This should be mentioned clearly. You can also read reviews to see their track record. Not only will customers be angry, but eBay could also fine you or lose your Top Rated seller status.

3. Dropshippers policy: Responsibility for delivery

You are responsible for any problems with delivery or product according to eBay policies. Here are the policies:

Drop shipping is a method of shipping an item to a buyer. However, the buyer must be satisfied with the delivery time and safety of the item.

These are the key terms you need to know:

1. “Safe delivery within the timeframe specified.” This means that you have to make sure the item arrives in the promised time. Dropshippers can face this challenge because they are not actually responsible for the delivery. Be sure to ask your supplier how fast they can process orders and what delivery provider they use.

2. “The buyer’s overall satisfaction with their purchase.” This basically means that the customer is satisfied with the product. Is it in line with the eBay description? Is it up to their standards?

You are responsible for this listing. You are responsible for the accuracy of your product listing’s descriptions and images. This can be done by ordering a sample from your supplier, and then taking the photos and description. There is also the issue of defective goods. Your supplier will need to allow you to replace or refund the product.

Both of these points highlight the importance of finding reliable suppliers. You could end up in a lot hot water if you place too much emphasis on cost and not enough on reliability.

Amazon Dropshipping

Dropshipping on Amazon: Selling items via the platform

It is widely believed that Amazon can be used for dropshipping by turning it into an online sales channel. It is basically opening an Amazon store on the platform and becoming an Amazon seller.

This option may seem appealing to a newcomer for many reasons.

  • From a technical standpoint, the process is very simple. You don’t even need to create and maintain a separate website.
  • This gives you the chance to reach a huge number of people. According to data from Statista in 2018, the average monthly number Amazon’s website visitors was 200,000,000.
  • Your business is managed by a trusted platform that has been recognized all around the globe. Your store visitors won’t have any concerns about your business’ reliability.

However, although selling on Amazon is a great idea for online entrepreneurs, dropshipping is not recommended.

Why Amazon can’t legal dropship

Amazon has many requirements that make dropshipping via the platform impossible. If you are selling products through Amazon:

  • It is not permissible to shop at other online retailers. Instead, ask them to ship the order directly to the original customer.
  • You cannot send your buyer invoices, stickers or any other elements that indicate a seller’s contact information or name, which are different to your personal details, in a package.

This system has a strange loophope: You may try marking the order as a gift. To keep the price of the gift from being seen by the recipient, the packing slip will be enclosed in a separate envelope. This may seem like a way to hide the identity of the seller.

These options are not available for items in Amazon Global Store and other products. Worse, this information is only available at checkout. It’s not a good idea to fulfill orders and hope that this strategy works every time.

Amazon claims it still allows dropshipping, but in reality it means you can use the Fulfillment By Amazon service. You can store your products in Amazon fulfillment centers. The team will put together the packages and provide packaging services. They will arrange shipping to the addresses.

Is it possible to dropship on Amazon with no stock?

It’s not the type of business model that you would expect to see dropshipping. It’s simply an outsourcing of many business functions. It requires that you maintain stock of products previously purchased or manufactured by yourself.

Let’s say that you own the products in your ecommerce shop and use Fulfillment by Amazon. As the store owner, you must:

  • You are officially recognized as the seller of record for your products. You must be legally authorized to receive payments from buyers. This means that you are responsible for refunds. You are also responsible for tax calculation and payment
  • If necessary, fully responsible for processing and accepting product returns
  • All invoices and packaging elements identify the seller of the product
  • You are fully compliant with Amazon’s selling policies. It also placed restrictions on products that can be sold, and countries that are acceptable for seller registration.

Dropshipping with Amazon – Use the platform as your supply source

Let’s now see if it makes sense to use Amazon as a supply source for your dropshipping shop.

Profit margins

Dropshipping business owners don’t just want to trust their supplier. It is important to ensure that the seller offers low-priced products and low shipping costs. Your profit margins will be higher if the initial price of the supplier is lower.

Amazon is an exception to this rule.

These screenshots show almost identical product listings on AliExpress and Amazon. The price difference between AliExpress and Amazon is amazing, as you can see. AliExpress’s item is 4.5x cheaper than its Amazon counterpart!

This is an important distinction for you as a dropshipping shop owner. You can’t make a profit if you choose the most expensive product.

Delivery options

Amazon isn’t the best choice in terms of delivery coverage and customer service quality. You can see it in Amazon shipping limitations. Not all products on Amazon can ship to every country. To find products with better shipping terms, it is recommended that you use AmazonGlobal. However, even these items cannot be shipped to more than 100 countries.

Amazon is unable to reach more than one third of the countries around the globe, despite the fact that there are 195 countries. It is sad that the exploration of developing markets is considered one of the best strategies to grow your dropshipping company in 2021.

AmazonGlobal has a problem even if you don’t really want to serve these markets, but prefer to target more common regions. This could cause problems: shipping rates, fees and product lines will differ for each delivery address. It is certainly not convenient.

AmazonGlobal has only 30 million+ products. Compare it with AliExpress’s 100+ millions items!