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Today’s article will focus on a detailed Sellvia evaluation of a top ecommerce supplier located in the United States.

Drop-shippers know that finding the right supplier for your online store can be difficult. It is possible to automate and run your business smoothly if you find the right supplier.

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It’s not necessary to worry about product loss, delayed shipping, poor customer service, and inferior products. You can instead focus on your primary business activities every day.

It is a key aspect of your business that your dropshipping supplier will take care of. What product are you selling? What shipping options are available for customers who shop at your store? What satisfaction will your customers have with the delivery times, quality, and overall purchasing experience?

These questions will depend on your dropshipping provider, so make sure you choose the best.

Here’s our Sellvia review. Sellvia is a top-rated e-commerce supplier and aims to simplify the lives of drop shippers through its innovative supply services.

Is it able to achieve its goals? This dropshipping supplier review will provide all the information you need about the brand, including pricing, pros, cons, features, and any services they offer.

Let’s get started.

What is Sellvia?

Sellvia is an ecommerce supplier based in Irvine California in the United States of America.

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A team of experienced entrepreneurs and software developers created the brand. They have extensive experience in the business of e-commerce.

The primary purpose of the service was to assist ecommerce drop-shippers in making the most of their online store. Another advantage of selling with Sellvia is that drop-shippers don’t have to worry about being unable to sell in the United States.

Sellvia manages the dropshipping process, from fulfillment through product delivery. Users can focus on finding new customers.

It also targets to only offer products that are trending and hot selling on the platform. Let’s take a closer look at the Sellvia process.

What is the Work of Sellvia?

Sellvia is easy to use. You can quickly set it up, and it will be running in no time. Here’s how it works.

  1. First, subscribe to Sellvia’s Monthly Plan for $39 per month. This will give you access to their services.
  2. Sellvia can be installed on your online store. Then, import your top-selling products in one click.
  3. This service allows you to import and install products and gives you access ready-to use product bundles, sales-boosting pages and catalog presets.
  4. You can then start selling Sellvia products on your online shop. The orders will automatically be redirected to drop-shipping.
  5. Sellvia will then process the customer’s order, pack the items and deliver them to the doorstep.
  6. Sellvia strives for super-fast delivery within 1 to 3 business days.
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Main Features

These are the main features of Sellvia.

Sellvia’s Fulfillment Center has its headquarters in the United States

Their fulfillment center is located in Irvine, California. All of Sellvia’s most popular and trendiest products are kept there. Within one business day of placing an order, the products can be picked up, packed and delivered to their delivery service.

Quick Shipping to the United States

Sellvia products are available in the United States and can be shipped to any place within the country in as little as 1 to 3 days. The USPS delivers Sellvia packages, and this is why they can claim fast and safe packaging delivery all across the United States.

Unique No Label Packaging

The Sellvia fulfillment team prepares the item for long-distance shipping before it is sent to USPS. The product is shipped in a well-packaged box, with no labels or brochures that could indicate its origin. Dropshipping business owners know that this is a great bonus.

Import in a single click

It takes just one click to import product catalogues from Sellvia. Every product you choose will appear on your online shop.

Ready to Use Product Catalog

Sellvia’s catalog features tons of high-quality product pages. They include clear titles, detailed descriptions, authentic buyer reviews and high-resolution photos. Dropshipping ecommerce store owners are able to promote products directly from the service after they import them to their stores.

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Automated Order Placement

You don’t need to log in to the supplier’s website to refill the customer’s order, unlike most dropshipping suppliers. You can also use an add-on to automate this process. Sellvia provides automated order placing. This means that once a customer places an order, Sellvia receives it and proceeds to fulfill it. This happens without you having to be involved.

Promotional Materials

Sellvia also offers other marketing materials/campaigns, in addition to the product page content. These include pre-tested visuals, text and recommendations for setting up social media advertisements.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

10 Stores Per Subscription

Subscribers to Sellvia have the option of running 10 dropshipping shops for one monthly fee.

Get a free product catalog

Sellvia does require a monthly subscription in order to use their service. However, you can join the service for free. You can see the product catalogue and receive weekly stock updates before you sign up for the service.


While it is important to understand the details of a service, the most important question is: How will this service benefit my company?

These are just a few:

Low product prices

Sellvia has a lower product price than other dropshipping providers in the United States. However, shipping fees are included. This means you can expect higher profit margins.

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Lower Probability of Business Ban Experience

Social media platforms and payment providers monitor brands who use them. They can also restrict their performance if necessary.

Payment providers like MasterCard and Visa can monitor the chargeback rate of your business, for example. They can ban you from accessing money or operations if it is higher than 1%. It is important to avoid receiving any refunds and keep away from them.

On the other hand, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook randomly ask users to leave reviews about their shopping experience with different online stores. If customers leave negative reviews about your company, you can have your ADs account and your page banned.

It is therefore essential to make sure your customers are happy. Consider that customers are often unhappy about poor quality products and lengthy delivery times. Sellvia’s 1 to 3 day delivery service, which is comparable with Amazon, and high-quality packaging can help clients’ satisfaction.

Buying experience

Refunds allowed

In the event of poor customer service, Sellvia allows the consumer to return the product and also get their money back. This increases the customer’s trust in you business, which is an important factor when shopping online.

Increased likelihood of repeat purchases

A Sellvia-powered store will offer customers high product quality and quick shipping. This will help them return to buy more products. It costs five times less for old customers to convert than to attract new customers, so dealing with repeat customers can help reduce marketing expenses and build a loyal customer base.

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Products have been tested and proven to be in-demand

Sellvia’s product catalogue includes handpicked products that have proven to be in high demand and have potential for profit. You can find products in a variety of niches and types that are popular with consumers who buy online. These products can also be used to stimulate impulse purchases.

Top-Notch Packaging

Drop-shippers are more concerned about protecting their brand. Sellvia doesn’t include any identifiers on its product packaging to help drop-shippers achieve this goal. This means that any consumer who orders a product through a Sellvia-powered dropshipping shop will receive a secure, clean package with no labels, inscriptions, or brochures. This protects your brand and ensures your business stays in the first contact with the consumer.

A powerful marketing support

Sellvia’s product pages are dropshipping-friendly and ready for marketing. The pages are professional and trustworthy thanks to their unique layouts and similar product visuals that were inspired by top industry figures.

You can start driving traffic to your store as soon as you have imported the pages. There is no need to spend extra time editing photos, importing genuine reviews or rewriting descriptions. All such details are already in place.

These product pages also include unique shipping badges which display the delivery date. Sellvia calculates the delivery time based on the location of the customer and displays it to them.

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This increases the trust of your customers and motivates them faster to make a purchase.


No matter how amazing a product may be, there are always flaws. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Sellvia dropshipping service.

Global Shipping Limitations

Contrary to AliExpress and other alternatives, Sellvia is only available for the United States market. Sellvia’s features are not functional if you plan to sell to US-based customers. Sellvia might not be the best choice if you are looking to sell to global customers.

There are many products available

Sellvia currently has a product catalogue of just 1000+ top-selling products. This is a significant difference to dropshipping providers that offer thousands to choose from. This service may limit your product options.

No free trial

Sellvia does not offer a free trial. You can only join the service to view their product catalogue. However, to use the service you must subscribe. If you would like to try the service before purchasing, there is no option.


The subscription plan for Sellvia costs $39 per month or $299 annually. All features, unlimited order placements and product imports are included.

You can still join the service, as mentioned in this review.

Prices for Custom Store Design Services

Sellvia offers dropshipping services and can also build custom stores that run on autopilot. The team takes care of every detail. They handle everything from niche research and product creation to payment gateway integration and product importation.

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Simply order the custom store package, wait for it to be finished and you can start selling immediately. You will be assigned a personal manager by selling this package. They will assist you 24 hours a day, regardless of what you need.

These pricing plans are only available for one-time fees. They include the following:

  • Basic Plan: $299 plus $48 hosting fees
  • Advanced Plan: $499 plus $48 hosting fees
  • Ultimate Plan: $899 plus $48 hosting fees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Sellvia ships to countries outside the United States

Sellvia ships only to United States clients.

Who is Sellvia Best for?

Sellvia is a great tool for dropshippers looking to sell products in America and need a supplier or an automated business process.

Sellvia is located where?

Sellvia can be found in Irvine, California at 14460 MyFord Rd Irvine CA 92606.

How do I contact Sellvia?

Sellvia can be reached via email at, or via contact form.

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