Some of the Worst Products to Avoid in Dropshipping

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Last Updated on August 10, 2020

Some Dropshipping Products You Don’t Want to Sell

This blog entry will separate five products you absolutely ought not sell in case you’re new to dropshipping. But we won’t stop there. For each product on this list, we’re going to offer an alternative product to sell that will spare you time and make you cash.

Before the finish of this article, you’ll recognize what products to sell so as to:


Dropshipping is probably the easiest approaches to start an online business. You can peruse through thousands of products on Oberlo and sell them in your own Shopify store. But, what products would it be advisable for you to pick, and which ones would it be a good idea for you to keep away from?

That’s one of numerous questions that surface for new dropshippers. Also, here at Oberlo, our responsibility is to assist you with discovering answers. Alright, let’s get to the list. After consulting dropshipping experts and helping countless merchants, we’ve put together five types of products you ought not sell in case you’re new in the dropshipping market. We’ve seen the issues they have caused firsthand, and we’re here to assist you with keeping away from these regular dropshipping pitfalls.

List of Worst Countries to Avoid in Shopify Dropshipping

1. Tight jeans

The first product you ought to abstain from selling is tight jeans.

On the off chance that you’ve at any point needed to return clothes due to the estimating or fit, this first product won’t shock you. The ascent of web based shopping has additionally meant the ascent of clothes that don’t fit once they show up. For your business, that implies progressively potential returns and discounts.

The first issue you’ll run into with tight jeans is the distinction between U.S., European, and Chinese sizes. Pant sizes differ from store to store, even in a similar shopping center. Along these lines, it’s no big surprise that sizes from a provider in, state, China will shift also. Typically, Chinese sizes run one to two sizes littler than U.S. sizes. On the off chance that your customer in the United States ordinarily wears a medium, they should arrange a size up.

Certainly, you can incorporate a size chart. But most customers will instinctively arrange a similar size they generally wear. Counting a disclaimer to arrange a couple of sizes up can create turmoil and doesn’t make for the best customer experience.

On the off chance that your customers wind up requesting jeans in an inappropriate size, be set up for potential returns and discounts. The second issue you’ll run into with this product is that customers are just plain exacting about how their jeans fit. Regardless of whether they do arrange the right size, it’s not phenomenal for customers to whine that the jeans don’t flatter their figure true to form. That’s the reason this product is so tricky to sell. Regardless of whether you’re clear about size contrasts, there’s a high potential for returns.

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So what do you sell instead?

Consider selling stockings or pants that stretch. Although you’ll still want to incorporate a size chart, the stretch will help guarantee a solid match. Free or stretchy pants are simpler for your customers to purchase. Customers will feel increasingly confident requesting a medium realizing that there is some stretch in the material. For you, the entrepreneur, this implies less returns!

Alright, let’s proceed onward to the second product new dropshippers ought not sell.

2. Trademarked sneakers

The next product to abstain from selling is trademarked sneakers. On the off chance that you don’t have an affiliate permit, then you cannot lawfully sell trademarked sneakers. This is a typical pitfall I’ve seen new merchants fall into. They go through hours on their store, and after they open their business, it gets shut down. Why? They didn’t have an affiliate permit. In the event that you don’t have a permit to sell trademarked sneakers, your store and your difficult work will be to no end.

It’s tempting for new dropshippers to sell trademarked sneakers since they sell truly well. They have a conspicuous brand that customers know. But it’s not worth the hazard. Dropshippers cannot assemble a sustainable business around trademarked sneakers. Sometime their store gets shut down. Also, you’d be amazed how rapidly merchants get caught.

This is what to sell instead: Shoes that are unbranded, or are marked with the providers claim brand. Numerous providers have their own in-house marking that isn’t trademarked. You can sell these shoes without any issues.

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There are thousands of top notch shoes to sell that are sans trademark. They are trendy and take inspiration from famous models, so you can be confident that they will sell well. Not just will this assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from trademark issues, but it will permit you to fabricate your business for the since quite a while ago run. Alright, let’s proceed onward. Have you ever browed products on the web, just to locate that equivalent product in a nearby department store? Provided that this is true, you likely bought it there instead of waiting for shipping, right?

That’s the reason you shouldn’t sell this next product.

3. Black bags

You might be asking yourself, “What’s off with a straightforward black sack?” There’s your answer: it’s too basic! Whatever you sell, you want your customers to feel like they should buy that product right away. Effective dropshippers have a strong understanding of how to get their customers to spur of the moment purchase. On the off chance that you run Facebook advertisements for a product that’s too plain, you’ll see extremely low transformations. The equivalent is true in the event that you try selling a product that customers can discover in their nearby shopping center.

Products like this geometry pack will immediately catch the eye of somebody looking through their Facebook newsfeed. They’re beautiful, bizarre, and makes for a decent video advertisement. Customers will be unmistakably increasingly slanted to tap on the advertisement to study it.

Here’s a Facebook hack to assist you with making sense of if your product is catching your crowd’s attention. In Facebook Business Manager, you can see the active clicking factor of your advertisement. This is the quantity of individuals that saw your promotion and tapped on it. On the off chance that the number is underneath 2%, this is an indication to accomplish all the more testing. You can advertise different products, or try other formats for your promotion, similar to video!

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The next product is one that is a result of another trend in dropshipping. Some dropshippers are trying to sell just a couple of costly products rather than numerous economical products.

But I would caution you against this due to this next product.

4. Furniture

Although you can sell furniture at a high markup, furniture is almost guaranteed to cause you a lot of issue. Selling furniture violates one of the most important guidelines for fledgling dropshippers: You ought to never dropship a product you can’t transport with ePacket shipping! ePacket shipping is a shipping method from China that is modest and fast.

ePacket shipping is so fast since it has a size restriction: To be qualified for ePacket, a product must be 90 by 60 cm, and weigh under two kilos. Don’t stress, most products meet these constraints!

But furniture – well, not to such an extent. That implies you’ll have to select another shipping method. Other shipping methods will cost considerably more, sometimes much more than the product itself. What’s more, they may take any longer than ePacket. That isn’t a decent encounter for you or your customer.

Simultaneously, home stylistic theme is an entirely profitable specialty. So on the off chance that you want to stay right now, what you should sell instead.

Turnkey Dropshipping Stores For Sale Only $10 USD. Fast Shipping Suppliers.

Demo Store: 


It is a General Store. We do Niche Stores as well.

shopify dropshipping store set up

Think about selling bedding sets, or any products that can be utilized as accomplices to huge furniture items. Think throw pads for couches, tablecloths for lounge area tables, etc. These products are in the home stylistic layout specialty, but they’re sufficiently little to transport with ePacket.

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Alright, one more product that we prescribe not selling.

5. Face masks

Why? All things considered, in the event that you read Facebook’s Advertising Policy intently, you’ll see that you’re not permitted to advertise products that make health claims.

That’s a moving guideline to manage on the grounds that health claims are so wide. To put it essentially, none of the products you advertise on Facebook can guarantee they change somebody’s state of health. That implies, for instance, that you can’t state your face masks brighten individuals’ skin in light of the fact that, in Facebook’s eyes, that is viewed as a health guarantee. Is that a stretch? Possibly. But to take advantage of Facebook’s enormous crowd, you have to play by their standards. On the off chance that you sell something and guarantee it will improve somebody’s health, your advertisement will be refuted and your account could be prohibited. Genuine stuff! After observing numerous amateur dropshippers commit this error, I have a promotion endorsed alternative

Makeup mirrors! Sell this and you’ll have the option to target a similar wellbeing fixated crowd, but you won’t have any stresses with regards to advertising on Facebook.

Not just are these mirrors Facebook-accommodating, you can rest guaranteed that your customer won’t have any sensitivities to it.

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On the off chance that you’ve discovered a triumphant product that cannot be advertised on Facebook, don’t stress. Locate an embellishment or related product in a similar specialty. Advertise that frill on Facebook to direct people to your store. From that point, customers can pick in the event that they want to purchase the vanity more, or maybe they’ll find those face masks. This way you won’t need to re-try your store or marking, and you won’t get restricted on Facebook.

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Over to you! What products would you never under any circumstance dropship? Why? Make a point to leave a comment underneath so we can gain from you!

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