Unfi Honest Green-eSolutions Dropshipping Review

After people ask, “what is drop shipping?” the next question we usually hear is, “how does dropshipping work?” or “how to dropship”.

It is actually simpler than you might think. Similar to consignment inventory and 3PL eCommerce fulfillment, the model does a lot of the work for you so that you can concentrate on selling.

Read on to learn how dropshipping works, the structure of the model, the steps involved, how to start a dropshipping business, and how to make money.

Dropshipping: How it Works

Dropshipping is where a supplier handles all inventory storage and fulfillment for any orders that you place through your storefront. The supplier owns the products and stores them until they are sold. The reseller then pays to ship the products to the customer.

You can use dropshipping websites as a supplementary source of products to sell or as your sole source. For example, if you already sell DTC food, you can seek out other food suppliers with food that complements yours. Then, you can list your best dropshipping products in a digital catalog and continue selling food online without having to store inventory.

Nurture the small things. All.

Our suppliers are our partners and we work closely with them. Our Supplier Relationship Managers, (SRMs), provide insight and expertise to maximize your opportunities. Create marketing plans that increase sales, profits, and market share. The right strategy is essential for your business.

The Future of Food is Here

UNFI Next incubates and curates emerging brands. We help them grow at retail and bring them into distribution. This is the next big thing, new brand introductions and breakthroughs that aren’t currently in distribution.

Supplier Diversity

UNFI serves customers from diverse demographics and geographies. We embrace diversity in our business to best serve our customers, from coast to coast to border.

Our Program

Our Supplier Diversity program is an important component of meeting these needs in many cities and communities. This program gives minority, women, and diverse-owned companies equal access to do business with us.

We work with many companies, from office supplies to grocery products. But they all share a common trait: a passion for customers.

Our Commitment

UNFI is committed to building, fostering, and retaining relationships between diverse businesses owned and managed by women, minorities, veterans (and service disabled veterans), and members the LGBTQ community. We also provide supplier opportunities that can offer high-quality, innovative, cost-effective, and competitive products and services to our supply chains.

Inventory Source + UNFI (Honest Green)

Inventory Source has partnered with UNFI (Honest Green) to provide you with an easy way to dropship by automating the inventory data feed directly into your online store.


Upload UNFI (Honest Green), products automatically using bulk filter, pricing, and category tools.


Integrate product details, inventory levels, and images directly into your marketplace, store, or multi-channel platform.


Connect UNFI (Honest Green), as well as other suppliers. Check out our list of integrated dropshippers here.

Register for a Free Account

Register for a free Inventory Source account and view full product feeds from suppliers.

Add Integration

Select a supplier to integrate with your ecommerce platform or marketplace.

Create and go live

You can customize the product feed of your supplier using our tools and then start pushing products to your shop.

Automate your sales channels with Sync Dropship Suppliers

Integrate the inventory of your supplier to automatically upload product data, sync inventory quantities and more than 25 online marketplaces, stores and multi-channel management platforms.