Wiio VS CJ Dropshipping Free Platform Comparison

Wiio was established in July 2015, and focuses on dropshipping fulfillment. We manage product development, customizing, and international fulfillment. Although there were only four people at the start of the company, it was difficult for a start-up to manage. We didn’t have an ERP system at that time which made it slow. We were able to improve our application and services five years later, with a team of over 150 people.
Wiio has had to overcome many difficulties in its early days as a startup. We had only four employees at the start, and we didn’t have an ERP system, which caused orders to be processed slowly.

Our chairman and president, both computer-related, had to search for the right ERP system. It took them three years. We now have not only an ERP system, but also a CRM and a first-asked accountability program. Additionally, we have an IT professional team. This allows us to efficiently meet the needs of our customers. Since the beginning of the company, we have experienced steady growth and passionately hold the “No pain no gain” motto. We have learned from every stumbling block and are now ready to overcome any obstacle that may come our way. We currently have 150+ employees. We have participated in many exhibitions, including AWE (Affiliate World Europe), AAS, Arab Affiliate Summit, Mastermind, and many others.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Company Value
Our company values are based on ‘Job Satisfaction, Happy Life, Hard Work’. This is our spirit that keeps us positive through all of the challenges.

Satisfaction at work:
The company’s cohesion and job satisfaction are what will allow it to grow and go further. This will make Wiio more reliable and satisfy customers. Wiio strives to improve employee morale. We also care about the best interests of our employees.

Happiness is the key to a happy life
According to the old saying, a happy heart makes a radiant face. Happiness can be contagious. Our employees should be happy, so customers can also feel satisfied. We believe happiness comes from within. However, job satisfaction is also important. This is achieved by offering outdoor activities and a variety of facilities to our employees. There is a basketball court and badminton court, as well as a cafeteria and KTV.

The Rigorous can be changed to more dilligence

We are committed to customer satisfaction with diligence and a disciplined approach. With our full effort, we aim to make dropshippers’ businesses more profitable and efficient. We know that we must be careful when placing orders. Therefore, we can’t afford to make any mistakes. With hundreds of SKUs, we ship to more than 200 countries around the globe. This is a big responsibility. However, success people never forget to do what they do wherever and whenever it is. Work and life should be characterized by rigor.

Only through hard work can one learn to love themselves. We insist on making this more of our values. WIIO’s mission is to save dropshippers from operational difficulties and do all the hard work. WIIO will make sure for you not to trouble yourself with team building and keeping, enabling you to run a worry-free cross-border business all-around with Wiio’s one-stop services: sourcing, purchasing, quality inspecting,warehousing, value-added services, and fulfillment.

CJ Dropshipping is a great option for dropshipping. Dropshippers are quickly turning to them as their go-to option.

This might be the right answer for you if you have been disappointed by AliExpress’s slow shipping times and poor products during dropshipping.

Don’t get too excited.

Before you dive in to CJ, there are some important facts you should know. Here is my CJ Dropshipping Review.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

CJ Dropshipping, a Chinese company, will source products from you (usually from the same sources as Ali Express sellers), store it in their warehouses and fulfill your orders. They then ship them to you. If your product is damaged or lost in transit, they offer after-sales service.

Although the concept is straightforward and not very impressive, what’s really remarkable is that it is completely free.

It sounds too good to true, and it is. Many apps and fulfillment services charge quite a high fee for this.

CJ has been a great experience so far. Although it’s only been four months, the overall experience is 5 stars. This is in comparison to AliExpress, which has a very low standard.

CJ Dropshipping: The Best Features

* No Order Limits
CJ Dropshipping connects seamlessly to Shopify and WooCommerce, which is a huge bonus for people on a tight budget. Shopify now lists them in their App Store as of January 2020. This adds trust to the app and their operation.

CJ is easy to install and connect to your shop. It makes it easy to list products, place orders, manage orders, and track orders. Everything order-related can be done right from your My CJ dashboard.

* Higher prices
CJ Dropshipping has prices that are very comparable to AliExpress. This is where they make most of their profits. They know how to price products well, even though they may match AliExpress prices.

When you begin to do volume, you can negotiate with your agent for prices. If you do more than 50 units per hour, your agent will almost always offer you better pricing.

* Fast Shipping from China (or USA).
This is the greatest benefit. CJ Dropshipping offers many shipping options. Many of the products they offer are already in stock at US warehouses. Then, you have the option of using local USPS Shipping. This is usually more expensive, which makes perfect sense.

CJPacket is their shipping option (5-15 days shipping), and USPS+ ships from China, but usually takes 4-8 days. You can also use the ePacket or the rest, but these are the two shipping options that you will need.

* Processing times
Dropshipping via AliExpress can be a problem because Ali sellers are often dropshippers. After you place your order, the supplier orders the product.

Suppliers often require minimum orders. They might need to wait for enough orders before placing an order. Sometimes, it may take up to a week for them to process your order.

CJ Dropshipping usually has the product listed in their warehouse, so processing times are usually within 1-3 days. It takes about 3-5 days for products that they don’t have in their warehouse. AliExpress is still a better option than AliExpress.With super-fast shipping times, it can be an advantage to ship products from the USA. Also, you can make use of the Thailand warehouse to cash in on dropshipping’s booming cash flow.

* Quality Control
CJ Dropshipping, unlike AliExpress does quality control before shipping products to ensure that they do not ship damaged items or items that are clearly defective. This can prove to be very frustrating for suppliers who aren’t able to do much.

* Large Inventory of Proven Products
CJ has accumulated a large inventory of products to offer dropshippers who are turning away AliExpress.

It is also divided so that you can find exactly what you need. Pay special attention to “Trending Products”. These are products with which other dropshippers have success.

* Products with Videos
CJ Dropshipping’s videos are another great feature. CJ Dropshipping has its own production studio, where they create their own product videos. They are available to you for free – perfect for Facebook Advertisers.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

A photoshoot can be requested to create a product video or photos exclusively for you. If you would like exclusive rights to the video, the cost will vary and can be as high as $150. It is not a great video, but it is acceptable.

* Products to Sourcing
Their sourcing feature is my favorite feature. CJ Dropshipping can source products for you. All they need is product photos and the AliExpress URL. You can submit as many sourcing requests as you like, depending on how many products have you sold through CJ. However, you should start with five per day.

* Custom packaging
CJ Dropshipping can provide custom packaging. You need to establish a brand if you want to stand out from your competitors in Dropshipping. Branding your packaging with “blank product” is an easy and cost-effective way to do this.

There are many options, but even putting your logo on a small box can make a big difference in how your product is perceived.

They offer engraving/etching as an option starting at 202. This could be a branding option, depending on your products.

* Access to an agent
An agent will be assigned to you when you begin selling. Your main contact person will be this agent. My agent has been amazing. He responds quickly via Skype.

Dropshipping agents can make a huge difference in the success of your business. Agents are your eyes and ears. They are able to quickly send photos of products or answer questions about the product.

They can also give you an overview of what is selling.

* Chat support
CJ Dropshipping has never made it more than 10 minutes for me to reach someone. My time zone, which is Sydney, Australia, works well. Dropshipping from China is made easier by being able to quickly reach people and their fluency in English.

* Print on Demand
Print on Demand is one of the most popular CJ Dropshipping features. While some of these products are the same, there are still a few worth looking at. You may recognize some of these ads from FB Feed ads. (and then wonder why you didn’t know about it 1 year ago, lol).

CJ Dropshipping can be a nightmare. There are problems with CJ Dropshipping, just like any other service that seems too good to be true. These are the things that I don’t like about them.

CJ Dropshipping: The Problems

* Too fast
AliExpress is seeing dropshippers leave in large numbers to seek better opportunities. CJ Dropshipping is no longer underground and has become mainstream. This is a sign of rapid growth, which can lead to growing pains. They can feel overwhelmed sometimes, which can lead to mistakes.

* Processing times
Recently, I have noticed a slowing down in processing times. It could be due to the Xmas season, but it is still unknown how things will turn out after the Chinese New Year.

* The winning products are highlighted
This is not something that everyone is worried about. However, if they think you are the only person selling your “winning product”, then they can see how many units you have sold and what your profit is. It is always possible for it to be picked up by another person or agent, exposing it.

* Shipping to China
CJ Dropshipping offers 1 million times more shipping options than AliExpress. However, your products still ship from China. The shipping labels will clearly show that it is shipping from China. This will eliminate the usual problems associated with Chinese shipping.

I recommend that you immediately move to their US warehouse.

* These are not the most expensive prices
CJ Dropshipping is comparable to AliExpress in terms of prices, but it isn’t significantly cheaper. You will still need to use a private agent to get the best prices or bulk ship to your fulfilment company.

* Apps can be broken
Although I don’t mind freebies, the CJ App can sometimes be slow. Sometimes the search function on their site does not work and you may have to refresh your browser or clear your cache manually. This is annoying, but it’s not an issue.

* Aliexpress is less agile than Aliexpress
It is very easy to use AliExpress to fulfill orders with Oberlo. CJ Dropshipping is slower and more labor-intensive. Although they do offer bulk fulfillment, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the app and process before using it.

You can list and launch virtually any product quickly and easily with Oberlo and AliExpress. It can take longer on Cj, especially if you need to source the products first.

Many new services have sprung up since AliExpress, PayPal, and Stripe began penalizing stores for slow shipping and poor products. These services include Eprolo and Silkroad, as well as Spocket and UDroppy. They all provide dropshipping that is easy to use without AliExpress.

CJ Dropshipping is my favorite. This is a low-risk way to open a shop, sell quality products, and get fast shipping. You can speak with someone in English and even get the opportunity to brand your products.