Wiio vs Oberlo Dropshipping Product Platform Comparison

What is WIIO?

WIIO is a dropshipping company. WIIO provides dropshippers with fulfillment services, such as sourcing products, stocking them, and shipping them out to their customers. WIIO is a service that dropshippers use when they don’t have an agent but require better logistics. These companies offer more options and faster shipping than AliExpress suppliers. These services offer E-Packet, Standard AliExpress shipping and can ship with USPS and PostNL as well as DHL and their own line. It sounds great, right? As is often the case in life, not all things are so wonderful. I am sharing my dropshipping experience with WIIO, and my thoughts about whether it is worthwhile.

My Story: Why did I start dropshipping with WIIO

I discovered a winning product in March 2020 that was performing really well. I didn’t have an agent at that time so I relied entirely on AliExpress. Problem was, AliExpress Standard Shipping delivery was very slow. WIIO was the solution I found when I searched for it on Google.

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What was the best?

WIIO was a great service. I was pleasantly surprised at all the options for fast shipping: DHL and USPS. These options are not usually available through AliExpress suppliers. WIIO’s “special line” promised delivery in 7-14 days. They don’t indicate if these are business days or normal days. WIIO’s “special line” was quite expensive at $3-4 USD. However, I am willing to pay a little more to ensure good customer feedback scores. So I didn’t mind.

Was it not so great?

Gradually, I noticed that AliExpress Standard Shipping was often better than special line delivery. Delivery was still slow and tracking numbers were not uploaded quickly. WIIO had promised to stock my product but they didn’t, at least not in my case. WIIO purchased the product from AliExpress suppliers and then waited to receive it. This led to poor delivery times which negated the original purpose of WIIO.

WIIO was also mishandling my orders too often, which was another issue that I had to face. WIIO changed my product’s packaging and case without my consent. It also replaced the Chinese characters and color on it with another. My customers sometimes received products that I wasn’t selling. All of this led to extreme dissatisfaction among my customers, chargebacks, and allegations of fraud.


Is it worth dripshipping WIIO?

Based on my experience, dropshipping with WIIO is not something I recommend. Dropshipping with WIIO will generally result in more losses than gains. It is possible that COVID caused long delivery times, which could have adversely affected special lines. However, this may not have been their fault. Even so, my business was still severely damaged by the irresponsible handling my orders.

If WIIO is not an option what can you do if you require better logistics? Here’s what I recommend. Ask your AliExpress supplier to ship your product with YunExpress or 4PX if there is a demand for it. They almost always can. While you search for an agent, this should be your temporary solution. You will find that not all agents are the same, but if you do find one you like, you’ll enjoy smooth shipping and order handling.

Oberlo Review 

Oberlo, a popular Shopify tool that connects sellers and manufacturers online, is very well-known. With its simple integration with Shopify, Shopify’s largest online eCommerce platform, it makes dropshipping easy. Since Oberlo was founded, more than $85,000,000 products have been sold by its merchants.

Oberlo offers dropshippers/sellers a simple, hassle-free ordering process that doesn’t require them to have an inventory, warehouse, or logistical problem. All the items are available under one roof by simply clicking. It allows sellers to import products online and then sell them to their customers in one click. The integration with Shopify makes it possible for the products to reach customers quickly and safely.

It works directly with Shopify so any problems with third-party integrations, such as transparency, are eliminated. Oberlo keeps sellers informed about the status of their orders by providing tracking and shipping details. Oberlo’s marketing pitch states that it provides tutorials, eBooks and other course materials online to help beginners understand dropshipping. Oberlo is a bridge between suppliers from around the globe and sellers who wish to sell their products online to end customers.

Oberlo is only compatible with Shopify stores. It is important to note that Oberlo does not work with standalone websites or stores using WooCommerce. Oberlo also has a drawback: Oberlo only has AliExpress and Oberlo Suppliers as suppliers. Most of its products are imported from AliExpress. AliExpress is based in China so shipping times can be longer for Western buyers. Quality-checking of products is also difficult because many manufacturers are far away.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Dropshipping isn’t as simple as it sounds. It can be difficult to find suppliers who meet your needs, negotiate reasonable prices, and then update the products on the website. Sellers who do all this themselves often have lower margins, poor time management, frustrated minds, and end up in a difficult situation.

Oberlo, a platform that facilitates dropshipping for sellers, aims to change this.

What is Oberlo?

Oberlo was founded by a group friends and used to be an independent dropshipper until Shopify purchased the company in 2017. Shopify transformed Oberlo into a tool that could help the business generate leads and traffic. Oberlo can be installed on Shopify-supported websites by dropshippers to allow them to enter dropshipping. It allows dropshippers to easily find products and sell them online. Oberlo allows sellers to add products they wish to dropship and helps them identify all products from their suppliers.

Oberlo allows sellers to add products to their website easily without having to store large quantities. A customer orders the product from Oberlo’s eStore and they purchase it. You can also import products directly from AliExpress, which is the largest online marketplace for products, to your Shopify store. Oberlo recently added Oberlo Suppliers as well as Verified Suppliers. Oberlo’s suppliers can pack your products anywhere in the world for you and ship it to your customers with personalized branding. Oberlo’s dashboard is easy to modify and allows you to make any changes to the product.


Oberlo is a platform that connects thousands of merchants with suppliers looking to dropship products directly to customers via the internet. Oberlo makes it easier for sellers to reduce their capital investment, and provides solid integrations.

Importing is easy and effective

Oberlo simplifies the process of selling by allowing them to import products from AliExpress or other suppliers in one click. It gives the seller access not only to the products but also the details of the prices and images. Oberlo makes it easy for sellers to view the entire product display, including images and editable descriptions, without additional time-consuming tasks.

Once the seller has decided what products they want in their store, they can click on the “Import” section of Oberlo’s dashboard to add the products that they are interested in. You can edit the product details before you import them to your Shopify store. Your product will stand out from the rest by customisations.

Easy product management via a user-friendly interface

Oberlo dashboard is simple to use and has a clear menu. The left column gives sellers access to a variety of tasks, including searching for products, setting featured products and importing lists. The import list allows sellers to organize all products in a systematic way. Products can be added or removed easily with just one click. The dashboard also lists sales information and earnings.

Oberlo offers extensive product metrics and sales reports, which enable sellers to analyze how their products perform and add/subtract products to their lists accordingly. If the sales reports and product metrics show that electronic items are most popular, the seller can concentrate on offering a broad range of electronics from all over the globe.

Automated inventory and price updates

Oberlo updates the product listing on the seller’s Shopify site every now and again with new prices and items. The inventory is automatically updated, meaning that the seller doesn’t have to constantly check product availability or update it.

If a seller lists products that are out of stock on AliExpress on their store, the profile will be automatically updated. If a dropshipper does not provide such an automatic feature, sellers run the risk of selling out-of stock products that are not delivered. This can lead to customer complaints, negative impressions, and a poor reputation.

Oberlo has a solid management plan that includes regular updates and notifications. This keeps sellers up to date with any changes. If prices change, sellers are notified in advance.

Automated Order Fulfillment

Oberlo’s automated order fulfillment makes dropshipping simple and easy. The seller only needs to locate the product they want and click the Order Product button. Oberlo takes care of the rest. Oberlo will pack and ship the items in your name once you hit the button.

The seller must do everything in order to fulfill an order. It is up to the seller to handle everything, from packing and shipping, to tracking, all the way. Oberlo makes it easy for sellers to order their product and wait for it safely to arrive at their customers.

Transparent sales and tracking of shipment

Sellers who use the Pro and Basic plans have the special option of tracking their orders. These features help sellers ensure that their products reach customers on time and in safety. Automated features allow sellers to track orders from any location. The cost dashboard allows them to track their sales and profits. The cost dashboard calculates the total profit sellers make for each order.

Sellers can monitor their inventory in real time and react quickly to any changes. The tracking feature helps sellers avoid a bad impression by preventing the shipment from being lost. Oberlo can be contacted immediately by the seller to resolve the problem. With tracking, they have all of the evidence and information about the package.

Returns and refunds available for orders

Oberlo’s terms and conditions are fair for both merchants and customers. Oberlo orders are generally non-returnable unless one or more of these situations occur.

* The products received may be incorrect in size, color, shape or any other aspect.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

* Damage to the package during shipment

* Products of poor quality

* Products are lost and don’t arrive at the address.

* Delivery is delayed beyond the expected arrival time.

Oberlo will verify the legitimacy of any situation and process refunds if it is true. Oberlo is transparent and loyal to both its customers and sellers.