Wix Pricing Plans and Website Costs Explained

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Are you unsure about the pricing of Wix? You are in the right spot.

Wix is a well-known site builder.

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Wix is a great way for businesses to get online. Wix is currently the driving force behind millions upon millions of websites. You don’t even have to be a tech expert to use it.

Wix offers everything you need from a professional website builder. From stunning layouts for small and large businesses to ecommerce solutions that can be used for online shops, Wix has it all. Wix’s drag-and-drop website builder makes it easy to get started.

Wix is a great website builder for small and large businesses, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s cheap. When it comes to growth decisions, budget is still a key factor for any company.

We’ll be discussing the pricing of Wix today, so that you can make an informed decision about which Wix price plan is best for your company.

Quick Look at Wix Pricing

Let’s begin with the basics.

Pricing options for the Wix website creator range from $4.50 up to much more. Your needs and the type of functionality you require will determine how much you pay.

The “Combo” package is currently the most affordable way to get started on Wix. It costs $13 per monthly. You will also see a “Connect Domain” option for $4 per monthly. However, this doesn’t allow you to build a website, it only gives you the option of adding your own domain name.

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Wix also offers a free plan. However, you won’t be able to get a custom domain or deal with Wix ads on your site.

Apart from the “Connect Domain”, there are six pricing options available with Wix. They range from Combo to Business VIP. Wix Enterprise is also available. To get started, you will need a quote from the Wix support team.

Each Wix pricing plan comes with certain features. Unlimited Bandwidth and extra storage are available starting at the “Unlimited” plan. All plans include the option to connect your domain with the “Connect Domain”.

Who’s Wix for?

Before we get into the pricing of Wix, let’s first see who this site builder was intended for.

Wix is, in our opinion, the best site-building tool for small businesses, creative professionals, and creative professionals who want to sell their work. You’ll be noticed by Google because of the stunning layouts. Plus, you can get extra apps to make you look like a professional.

Wix provides the structure needed to build a website, along with a free domain. You can also add additional features by selecting themes or using apps.

A Wix website could be the perfect choice for small businesses looking to start online. Wix is easy to use for beginners and offers a lot flexibility at a low cost. Wix is not for everyone.

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Wix Pros

  • Great templates that allow for a variety of customizations
  • Extremely flexible performance using “Pixel Perfect” editor
  • Animations and additional features are available
  • You can add functionality to your website with robust app markets
  • Powerful tools like Wix artificial design intelligence
  • Smart assistant support for websites
  • You can have automatic backups in case of disaster.

Wix Cons

  • Wix is a very affordable plan, but there are also more affordable options.
  • Once you have chosen your template, it can be difficult to modify it.
  • Wix’s loading speeds are not ideal

What Does Wix Really Cost?

Wix offers a variety of pricing options, starting at the Combo plan for PS6 to the Business VIP plan for PS22 per month. You can upgrade to Wix Enterprise if you need a pricing solution that is more tailored for enterprises. Wix Enterprise pricing starts at about PS500. However, it all depends on what functionality you require.

These are the Wix plans (based on GBP Prices)

  • Combo plan: $7.50 per month
  • Unlimited plan: $10.50 per month
  • VIP plan: $22 per month
  • $15.50 per Month Business Basic Plan
  • Business VIP Plan: $26.50 per Month
  • Enterprise plan: Quoted

This pricing does not include VAT. You might want to double-check to make sure you are paying the correct amount for your eCommerce plan before you go through the checkout.

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Wix, like most online store builders (Shopify to Squarespace), allows you to save money by paying an annual subscription instead of a year. An annual bill will help you save quite a bit of money, so it’s worth considering.

If you choose annualfees over a monthly payment, your business can save between 17% to 33%. This is a great bonus for those who are trying to reduce costs. Upgrades can also allow you to access premium apps and domains for free. Wix offers regular promotions to grab customers’ attention.

The PS6 Combo plan is required if you wish to remove Wix ads from your site and allow custom domains that don’t contain “Wix” as the title. While the Wix free plan is great for trying out certain features, it’s not what you need long-term.

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You will need the minimum Combo plan for online selling and shopping, but you’ll be more successful with something with more features. The Unlimited Plan, $17 per month, will give unlimited bandwidth which is very helpful for an online shop. The Business Basic Plan, however, is the first plan that offers dedicated features for online sales.

Deep dive into Wix’s pricing options

Wix divides its pricing options into 2 distinct categories

You have plans for those who want to create a website. These plans are for people who want to make money online through affiliate marketing and blogging. Plans start at PS6 to PS22 per Month.

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The Combo Plan

The Combo plan, which costs only PS6 per month, is the most affordable business online website plan. This plan offers tons more features than the free one, such as the ability to remove Wix ads and build your brand.

This service allows you to access embedded videos and grants you a domain for up 1 year. You can stream your video content in HD quality with the 30-minute limit. You can also use up to 2GB bandwidth and 2GB storage.

Wix currently offers up to PS75 worth of advertising vouchers to people who have the Combo plan. This could make it a great choice for those who need to launch online quickly.

Best for: If you are looking to create a website for personal or professional use, the Combo plan might be a good choice. If your website is small, it’s a good deal.

The Unlimited plan

At PS8.50 per monthly, the Unlimited Plan is slightly more costly than the Combo plan. It does offer a lot more functionality at a higher price. The Unlimited plan allows you to access additional storage up to 10GB and unlimited bandwidth in addition to all the features of the Combo plan.

You can still remove Wix advertisements and get a free domain for one year. You can also access two additional apps that will make your website more attractive. Site Booster, which costs PS60, can increase your site’s chances of being discovered by Google.

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The Visitor Analytics app, on the other hand, allows you to learn more about your customers and which products they are most interested in.

The Unlimited Plan is a great way to remove some of the limitations that Wix offers with its lower pricing options. You also have the opportunity to create amazing websites with new ways of engaging your audience.

This plan is best suited for small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. This app is for you if you are looking to get started with SEO and blogging. This app offers a similar experience to Google Analytics and many ways to connect to customers.

The VIP Program

There are other plans available if the unlimited plan doesn’t suit you. The Pro plan, for example, is the most cost-effective paid plan option from Wix. The Pro plan is available for PS18 per monthly and will allow you to master your branding.

You get unlimited bandwidth and 20GB storage with the VIP plan. Plus, you get all of the Unlimited plan’s extras. Two hours of video, visitor analytics and site-boosting apps are included. You also get a professionally designed logo.

The VIP plan also comes with social media logos files. This allows you to build your social presence and receive priority responses from Wix. This could be the right plan for you if you are looking for VIP support.

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This is the bestBusinesses option. They will need assistance in getting their website up and running, as well as some branding support. This is the best option for anyone looking to create a logo and establish a brand online.

What is the Best Business Plan?

Your business needs will determine which website plan is best. The Combo plan is a great way to save money for small business owners. The fact that you can create your own domain is an added bonus. The Unlimited option might be more cost-effective, but you may prefer it for the value you get. It allows you to scale up and down as you wish.

Wix Pricing: eCommerce and Business Plans

Once you have mastered the basic website plans offered by Wix, it is time to explore the eCommerce options. These are specifically made for those who wish to sell online. There are three additional pricing options available here. This does not include the Enterprise plan, which you will need to request a quote.

Business plans start at PS13 per month and go up to PS22 for those who want to jump in quickly to ecommerce.

Business Basic

The Business Basic plan costs only PS13 per month and gives you many tools to get started online. It even allows you to accept online payment. Unlimited bandwidth and 20GB storage will be available on your website, which is essential for selling.

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Business Basic includes the ability to connect to your domain and remove Wix ads. You also get access to Google Analytics and five hours of video. The Business Basic plan, like the Wix plans comes with a one-year free domain.

You can also unlock the Site Booster and Visitor analytics apps to increase your online success. It’s now easier to see which pages have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

This plan is best for: If you are looking to start an online business quickly and get customers, this plan is the right one. The Wix Basic Business Plan is a great starting point for small online shops that don’t sell many products.


The Wix Business Unlimited plan is available at PS16 per month. It mimics many of the functionality that comes with the Unlimited plan. This plan includes unlimited bandwidth and 35GB storage. It also comes with the site booster and visitor analytics apps.

This package, like the VIP plan, also includes access to your social media logo files and a professional logo. That’s quite a lot of money. Similar to the Basic Business plan you also get PS75 in advertising vouchers and can host up to 10 hours worth of video content.

This package includes more functionality, which makes it easier to get online selling faster. We recommend starting with the Basic plan if you don’t have an online store. This will ensure you only use the features you need, when you need them.

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Best for: We recommend the Unlimited plan to business owners who are looking to expand their online presence. This plan includes all the benefits of the Basic plan and additional features to help you scale and grow in the digital age. This plan could be right for you if you are looking to grow your sales or reach more customers.


The business VIP plan, which is priced at the highest Wix pricing option below the Enterprise service, has a quoted price based on your specific circumstances. The Business VIP plan, which is an eCommerce upgrade to the regular VIP plan, starts at PS22 per month.

Your professional logo is created for you as with the Unlimited plan. You also get your social media logo files. You also get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited video hours, and a free domain for one year. This package includes everything from the Unlimited plan, but you can upgrade to 50GB storage.

The Wix Business VIP Plan comes with priority support and VIP response, which is a huge advantage. This plan has the most storage available from Wix. It also includes a lot of functionality that will help you grow your business.

VIP Support is included so you can be sure that you will get professional support if you have any problems with your website.

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Recommended for: If you have a large store growing rapidly, we recommend the VIP plan. You will have more storage and a wider selection of features with the VIP plan. The VIP plan will also provide you with extra VIP support.

Wix Pricing. The Wix Enterprise Plan

There are many Wix premium plans to choose from, including the Unlimited plan that comes with 10GB storage and the VIP Business plan. You can choose whether you wish to accept credit cards or just want a simple site that is comparable to WordPress.

What if you require something more?

Wix offers options for freelancers and people just starting out in business. Wix even offers packages if you are willing to pay an annual fee and save money. If you are looking for an enterprise-grade experience, contact customer service.

Wix has an enterprise solution, but it’s not listed in the Wix pricing plans. To discuss your specific business needs, you will need to set up a meeting with a professional. Wix for Enterprise allows you to create, collaborate and bring digital transformations to your brand in no matter how short a time.

Wix Enterprise provides support for Human Resources and Design teams, as well as marketing gurus. There are tons of additional features available. The enterprise plan includes the following features:

  • Security at the enterprise level: Compliant with all international standards
  • Scalable hosting: Your hosting adapts to your needs automatically without the need for any installation
  • SSL certification: Support to encrypt your website and keep data safe
  • Corvid for open-source development: The Wix open-development platform allows you to add custom code and APIs in seconds to your site
  • Privacy regulations: Wix can help you comply with privacy laws in your region.
  • Collaboration tools: You can give roles to team members and allow them to work together to achieve new goals.
  • Advanced security monitoring: Protect your data with additional security measures
  • Integrations: Improve your site’s performance using APIs and third party tools
  • CS software: Ensure that you provide the best customer experience possible on every platform.
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You will need to contact Wix Enterprise to obtain a price quote for it. There isn’t much information on the site to give you an idea of the pricing.

What about the Wix Free Plan

Wix, as mentioned, is eager to offer something for everyone. Wix’s free plan is one of its most attractive features. It is however limited, just like other free plans offered by website builders.

You won’t find many of the features that you would expect in a more advanced plan. Your domain won’t be available, and Wix ads will not be allowed on your site. The free Wix plan has some advantages if you are looking to lower your Wix costs.

Your Wix website is unlimited in terms of how long you can use it. Your website can be built and published without any fees. You also get all the benefits of Wix features without committing to anything. Wix does not ask you for payment details in order to sign up for the free plan.

You can only create small projects with the 500mb bandwidth and storage that comes with the free plan. However, you will not be able to access all Wix’s templates and features.

These are the most important facts about Wix’s free plan.

  • A custom domain name cannot be used This is a major problem if you are trying to establish a brand online. Wix will give you a subdomain instead of a professional-looking URL. This means you will have to struggle with brand awareness. Customers might feel that you aren’t really invested in your website. To add your domain to the connect plan, you will need to pay an additional cost.
  • Wix Ads will be required to be dealt with Another downside to the Wix free plan, is that Wix ads may be displayed on your website. This could cause customers to be disinterested and decrease your chances of making a sale.
  • No, you can’t sell anything. To access tools and SSL encryption for selling online, you need to subscribe to Wix either monthly or annually. Ecommerce is not included in the free plan. It’s also not available on the lower priced plans with 3GB storage. Although you can connect a payment option to Wix, transactions cannot be accepted.
  • Limited features: Although Wix offers a lot of features for non-paying customers, it is still very limited in terms of what you can do. For instance, you won’t be able to access Google Analytics or your own email address. Wix domains are required.
  • Basic customer support: While you have access to channels for customer service on the free plan you won’t get the best care or attention. Wix’s free plan does not include priority support or quick response times.
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Why Use a Wix-Free Plan

We recommend that you use the Wix free plan to try out all the features without having to commit to anything. This plan won’t be enough to build your business, so we wouldn’t recommend it.

A custom domain and email account are essential for a professional website. This means that you will need to pay at least a monthly fee. You don’t have to pay for a monthly plan, and you can still use the services you need month after month.

It can be hard to decide when to upgrade, especially since the free plan is so attractive. Here are some indicators that you should upgrade if you have trouble deciding when you should cancel the free plan.

  • You are looking to sell products and accept PayPal or credit card payments
  • Your brand and business must have a more appealing image
  • Low bandwidth can cause slow website performance and poor customer experience.
  • You want to promote both your site and company on a larger scale
  • To attract more attention, you will need a domain.

Wix Pricing – Are There Hidden Costs?

You should now have a good idea of what price Wix will cost you. There are hidden fees you may not know about. You get a domain name free for a year, but it only lasts one year.

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These are the top hidden fees you need to know:


Wix will automatically renew any monthly or annual plan unless you notify the company otherwise. This means that you will continue to pay Wix unless you cancel your plan before the end of your subscription period.

Wix’s ability to prevent any website disruption is not necessarily a negative feature. People will be happy to use their site builder for a longer period of time without needing to renew each month.

You can also turn off automatic renewals by going to your Billing and Payments section on Wix. You’ll find Plan Actions and a “Cancel Now” button. You can still use your website up to the end of your plan by clicking on the cancel button.

Domain Name Costs

Wix gives you access to a limited number of domain names for a time. After that, however, your domain name will be charged to you. This usually costs around $2 per month or $25 to PS20 per annum.

Your company will determine the price of your domain name. For instance, Wix domains are free for the first year and then cost $14.95 each year.

It’s important to remember that even if you stop paying for your domain name, it’s still available to be registered and used online by anyone else. It is important to monitor your domain name issues.

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Wix charges a fraction of the cost of other options such as Squarespace and Weebly for domain names.

Custom email addresses

Wix has a hidden cost. You will need a custom email address in order to communicate with customers. Wix has partnered with G Suite so that you can create custom emails within your Wix account.

G Suite partners with you to give you access to a 30GB inbox, a professional address, Google Docs and collaborative calendars. You can even unlock your email on your desktop or mobile devices. These features are available for $5 per month on the monthly plan. A yearly subscription will save you nearly $4.

You can choose to use other email addresses from different companies, but this will require you to do more work.

Extra app functionality

Wix, like many other top website builders, has tons of great apps you can explore in the Wix App Market. These apps will allow you to build the functionality of the website. Some apps can be used for free, while others require a premium subscription.

You should always leave extra money in your budget if you believe you may need premium apps to better connect with customers and increase sales. Keep in mind that your Wix subscription automatically renews each year. Your subscription to premium apps will also renew.

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If you aren’t sure if you want to continue paying premium apps for the long-term, you can turn off auto-renewal.

Wix Pricing – Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to choose the right website-building tool. There are many things to consider, including Favicon, form builder apps tools, storage space, and free domains. Wix has been a leading provider of site-building tools in the modern world. You will get a 14-day money-back guarantee and a free plan to get you started.

Wix also offers a variety of pricing options, so it is more likely that you will find the right price for your business.

Overall, Wix pricing seems reasonable. Wix’s website-only plans are affordable enough, and they come with some features you won’t find elsewhere such as extra analytics. The eCommerce plans are also becoming more affordable in recent years.

The right plan for you will depend on your goals and expectations regarding your website. You should also consider additional fees that may be added to your monthly or annual subscription. Consider, for instance, the importance of having a domain name and a professional email address.

Wix pricing is very reasonable for the value you get, even though there are more affordable website-building services. However, we recommend that you start with the free plan to explore the tools and before you dive into any premium plans.