3 Tips to Use Dropshipping Facebook Ads From Facebook Officials

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Last Updated on September 18, 2020

Facebook ads are one of the most important factors when it comes to your revenue in Dropshipping business. Facebook is the most used social media platform in today’s scenario. People don’t just connect with others through this platform but it has been used as a source of advertising for e-commerce business these days.

It will be very profitable for any Dropshipping store if they make the best use of Facebook ads. Today, in this article, we will talk about the best ways in which you can utilise Facebook ads to reap the best results. We will talk about How to get best results and how to scale your Facebook ads in order to get best results and what Facebook recommends in terms of scaling ads.

People have a lot of problem in scaling their ads properly, which sometimes become a reason that they don’t get enough sales of their products. It often happens that even if some people scale for sometime and get good results but as they increase the number of ads they are scaling; their performance goes down. We will tell you how to avoid this thing to happen.

1 – Should you edit the budget of your ad set or should you duplicate that ad?

People are often confused whether they should edit the budget of their ad set or they should just duplicate their ads.

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People often suggest that you can duplicate your ads but it is to be kept in mind that Facebook doesn’t recommend duplicating the ads.

Difference between Duplicating an ad and editing the budget of ad set

You are creating a whole new ad when you are duplicating an ad. It means that your duplicate ad will have a completely new ID attached to it. So, when you are duplicating an ad you are starting a new learning process from zero starting.

Whereas, when you are editing the budget of an already successful ad set that will reap a lot of profit for you. For instance, if you increase the budget of a successful ad set, that set will already has an ID and learning attached to it. So, when you increase the budget of that ad set, you will increase the learning with that budget.

It happens many times that if you scale your ad too quickly it will destroy your ad set. This will not only kill your ad set but will ruin your ad performance. on the other hand, if your change the budget of your ad too quickly at a short interval of time, it will change eth ID of your ad. The ID of your ad also changes if you increase your budget too much.

The point that we want to make here is that the best way to scale your ad is to scale them vertically and increase your budget very slowly and carefully. The best way to edit the budget is to increase it slowly over time. In this way the ID of the ad will not be changed and the old ID will be kept intact to the ad.

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If you change your budget too quickly or increase it too much in a short period of time, the ad set will not be efficient in performance. Whereas, if you increase the budget of your ad slowly and carefully, it will not affect the performance of your ad set. By increasing the budget of your ad slowly and carefully you also keep the learning attached to your ad set. These are the reasons why we recommend you not to duplicate your ads. By duplicating you are basically creating a whole new ad set and id associated with that ad. Also, duplicating ads is something which Facebook never recommends.

2 – Should you use a daily budget?

Using daily or a per day budget is a very common practice associated with associated with Facebook ads. A lot of people use daily budgets for their Facebook ads. However, we recommend everyone to use a lifetime budget.

Now, you may have a doubt that for how long you can scale your ads in a lifetime budget? Well the solution is to extend the time period of scaling your ads. For instance, if you are running a successful ad set from December 1st to December 31st, you may go ahead and increase the time and budget of that ad set.

Why you should run a lifetime budget?

The learning process becomes much efficient and smoother if you have a lifetime budget for an ad set and you are providing Facebook the time duration of running that ad set. Most of the people who are involved into Dropshipping don’t know this thing about Facebook ads that is why they prefer daily budget for their ads. For instance, there are lots of agencies and companies which run a lifetime budget for their ads and keep on increasing that budget along with the time frame of running the ads. These companies run their ad sets very successfully and efficiently.

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So, we highly suggest you to run a lifetime budget and extend the time period of running ad sets instead of using daily budget.

3 – Should you use added placements or use automatic placements?

This is a highly debatable topic. Lots of people do mistakes when it comes to placements due to lack of proper knowledge about placements. Even very successful Dropshippers are confused about this. They don’t know if they should use automatic placements which Facebook recommends. When you use automatic placements, your ads run on platforms like Instagram, messenger, and your audience network all together. Or they should they use added placements and have their ads only running on Facebook or on Instagram or on Messenger.

There are people who use added placements with their ads successfully but we highly suggest you to use automatic placements.

Why you should prefer automatic placements over added placements?

When you are using automatic placements with your ads Facebook automatically, Facebook gets an idea about the audience that you are targeting. So, Facebook know where to drive your budget. For instance, if you use automatic placements Facebook will not allocate your lifetime or daily budget just to messenger or just to Instagram but Facebook will allocate your budget in the best efficient way.

Facebook, basically wants its customers (people who are running ads on Facebook) to make money because when you earn money through Facebook you will ultimately spend more money on the same platform. Facebook recommends automatic placements and when you run automatic placements, Facebook makes sure that your budget is going in the correct direction and your ad is targeting the correct audience. For example, if you are running automatic placements, so Facebook will utilise your 45 percent of your budget on Instagram, 5 percent on messenger or 45 on messenger or 10 percent on Instagram. Basically, Facebook will allocate your budget in the whatever way it works best for your ads with the audience that you are targeting.

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So, when you increase the budget of your Facebook ads, and use lifetime budget on them along with automatic placements, you are basically giving Facebook a lot of knowledge about that ad set. This will help your ad in the best possible way as Facebook knows how to direct your ad towards the right audience. By doing the above three things you will help your ad and then you can scale your ads in the bigger numbers without ruining the performance of your ads. Agencies which have a very good performance in the beginning and then their ad performance becomes down, the main reason behind this is that they don’t take care of the above three things.

These points are proved right through testing by a lot of Dropshippers. The chances of mistakes are there but this is what Facebook recommends regarding its ads. We don’t suggest that you won’t get any results if you duplicate your ad set or if you use added placements for your ads but the above three practices are the best practices that anyone can opt for Facebook ads. So, you must edit your budget slowly, don’t duplicate your ads and use a lifetime budgets and the last thing that you should do is to use automatic placements.

To know more about Facebook ads, watch the video given below:

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