7 Best Shopify QR Code Generator APPS and How to Use?

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A social Shopify QR code stores all your social media platforms, including Shopify’s online store, in one QR.

Consumers’ online shopping habits due to the pandemic continue driving growth in ecommerce platforms. It is imperative to create a mobile marketing campaign that is more strategic and engaging.

What’s Shopify?

Shopify, a Canadian ecommerce platform, hosts small and independent business online shops.
Many small businesses have turned to the internet to sell their goods and products during the pandemic.

Has been the lifeline for business owners using E-commerce platforms such as Shopify, as it provides an avenue to sell.

Shopify is now being used by shoppers as a shopping destination, since most brick-and mortar retail stores have closed.

Why would you use a QR code from Shopify?

The global potential of ecommerce means that sellers must use multiple channels to sell to customers or promote their products to wider audiences.

Social media is a great way to do this. It has been proven to be an effective marketing strategy to increase your online presence and connect with customers.

It can be difficult to make your Shopify business stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. A social Shopify QR code allows you to integrate all of your social media pages with your Shopify store URL into one QR code.

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It allows you to communicate with customers and engage them in new ways.

How can you make the most of this QR code solution for social media marketing? How can you get more sales online using your Shopify QR code?

QR code Social Shopify

How can I increase my online sales? As an entrepreneur selling online through Shopify, you might have once asked this question.

You have many options to increase your online sales and reach your customers using evergreen strategies. One strategy is to combine all of your social media platforms and e-commerce platforms into one QR code.

Social Shopify QR codes allow you to communicate with your customers in a new way digitally.

It is clear that online shops with a high success rate connect with customers. They also use key digital platforms to reach more people. This allows them to increase sales and retain customers.

Customers are now more active online during the peak of the pandemic. This encourages digital transformation in marketing and sales via e-commerce platforms.

Your Shopify customers can scan one QR code to access all of your social media pages and your Shopify online shop by using a social Shopify QR Code.

It’s a powerful QR code solution for online businesses that can generate leads, drive more business, and connect with customers in a new digital manner.

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Connect Shopify’s online store to social media platforms with one QR code

The social Shopify QR code can increase your brand’s online visibility, and drive more sales. Customers can scan one code to connect with you on multiple social media channels.

The QR code can be scanned to redirect your customers to Shopify’s online storefront.

It displays all social media pages that you have used to promote your company.

You can, for example, add Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to your social Shopify QR code.

QRTiger allows you to add many social media channels or e-commerce platforms to your Shopify QR code.

Your customers will be able to see all of your business pages and your Shopify store with a simple scan.

Potential and loyal customers will be able to connect with you by subscribing to your channel and liking and following your social media accounts.

It’s easy to reach new customers, engage them effectively with social media.

How do I generate a QR code to Shopify

Step 1 – Copy the URL to your Shopify online shop

Copy the URL of your Shopify online shop.

Step 2 – Go to QRTiger’s social media QR Code solution

Then proceed to www.qrcode-tiger.com.

Visit its social media QR solution, which will allow you to connect and house all of your online resources using one code.

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Step 3 – Click on Shopify to copy your URL

Click on Shopify, then paste your URL. The Shopify tab will be placed at the bottom in the link tabs after you have added the Shopify icon. Click the up arrow icon to the right of the Shopify tab and move it to the top. Continue the process until all social media tabs are at the top.

Step 4 – Add your social media pages to the website.

You can maximize the use of social media QR codes solutions by including your social media pages where you are most active in customer engagement and social media marketing efforts.

Step 5: Click the button “generate dynamic QR Code” to generate your QR

Step 6 – Customize your Shopify social media QR Code

Personalize your Shopify QR code to increase brand recognition and recall. Your QR code will look more consistent with your campaign theme and be more on-brand.

Step 7 – Scan

To verify that your Shopify QR code works correctly and redirects to the correct URL addresses, test it first.

Step 8: Download your Shopify QR code and deploy it

To get the best out of your QR code campaign, download and distribute your QR code on both online and offline media.

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How to use the social Shopify QR code

Shopify traffic and social media followings increase

Traffic growth is a bridge between your brand and consumers.

You can promote Shopify’s store by using a QR code social Shopify. This will allow you to build stronger relationships with customers through social media.

This QR code solution can help you build your brand as an e-commerce platform and allow more business owners to list their businesses on your site.

Shopify store owners can increase their website traffic by using the code as part of their marketing efforts.

Social media is often considered the gateway to customers. Shopify’s social media QR code allows them to increase web traffic and reach more customers by connecting with them via the QR code.

QR code to display on offline/print materials

Shopify allows shop owners to print QR codes on flyers, brochures and magazines. This will allow them to reach a wider customer base.

These persuasive marketing materials are a powerful and effective way to promote your brand, no matter how small.

Entrepreneurs can bridge offline marketing and online marketing by adding their social Shopify QR code to printed materials.

The QR code is customizable so it can be blended with the visual design without affecting the overall theme of the print material.

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It brings a digital dimension to customer’s visuals and encourages customers to interact with them and take action.

Online Marketing

The social Shopify QR code can be scanned online. You can display your QR code on your website and social media channels to reach more customers.

It allows shop owners and marketers to communicate with customers via both online and offline thanks to its flexibility.

QR analytics to track your social Shopify QR code successes

Social Shopify QR code allows you to measure the effectiveness of your QR code campaign.

It is a dynamic QR code that tracks how many scans you have made, their demographics, and where they were when they scan the code.

You’ll be able monitor the performance of your QR code campaigns regularly, and will be more data-driven in your execution strategy.

You can also edit the code embedded into it.

If you have already printed or posted your QR code online, and want to modify or add digital resources, you can still do this with Shopify social media QR codes.

This saves time and money as you don’t have to reprint the code again in the event you want to change the content.

Create a QR code on social media for Shopify to increase your online visibility and order more.

Social media is your gateway to customers. It is crucial to capitalize on its potential to drive sales, maintain brand identity and use QR code technology for its success.

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Shopify’s social media QR code can help your business get more orders online. It will also allow you to grow your traffic and improve your brand visibility online.

This digital tool is a powerful one that can help you increase your customer base. You can use it both online and offline.

Best QR Code Generator for Shopify

A QR Code is a barcode matrix that includes information about the product attached to it. A QR code can be used to scan products or services and identify them. A QR Code can also be used to increase customer engagement in today’s fast-paced e-commerce market.

To create QR codes for Shopify’s e-commerce store, you will need a QR code generator. Shopify has many QR code generators that you can use. This blog post will discuss the best Shopify QR code generator that you can use to improve your business’s flow.

1. QR Code Generator Hub


  • QR Code Generator Hub offers QR codes that can easily be customized to include options such as discounts, product details, purchase info, and so on.
  • QR codes generated with QR Code Generator Hub are easily added to any blog post or website.
  • This QR code generator app can be used in bulk with a paid subscription.
  • Google Analytics can be integrated with your QR codes.
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The QR Code Generator hub is simple to use and offers a variety of customization options.

Cons There are no significant issues recorded with this QR code generator application.

2) Super QR Codes


  • This app is free to download and allows unlimited scanning with a widget that can be used to generate a QR code.
  • Super QR Codes offers Whatsapp, SMS and Wifi QR codes for a free subscription.
  • Pro subscriptions include unlimited QR code downloads, scans, and archiving.

Pro:Super QR codes are easy to use and provide reliable customer support.

Cons : A good app, despite the minor glitches that may occur while using it.

3 QR Codes-Magical QRs


  • This app allows you to create unlimited QR codes that can be customized for your ecommerce services and businesses.
  • QR Codes-Magical QRs App provides data analytics and reports to help you sell your products.
  • The app is completely free and allows unlimited scanning.

Advantages: QR codes-Magical QRs is a powerful QR code generator that offers great features and a free subscription.

Cons: This app is still new and needs to be reviewed and analyzed.

4) Shopcodes


  • Shopcodes provides customizable QR codes that can be personalized to be added to shopping carts or product pages.
  • You can track and analyze all traffic to your products with this QR Code Generator app
  • Shopcodes’ dashboard allows you to easily edit QR codes whenever you need them.
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The pros: This app is simple in design and offers excellent customer service.

Cons: Shopcodes generated QR codes with do not direct customers to the ecommerce business page, but to the products page.

5) Wave Voucher


  • You can review all QR codes and view reports using a dedicated dashboard.
  • Wave Voucher can be used to create QR codes branded for your e-commerce business.

The pros: This app can be used to generate QR codes and is flexible.

Cons: Voucher doesn’t offer many features to support different types of e-commerce business models.

6. QR Code Ninja


  • Shopify allows businesses to place QR codes on social media channels or other selling platforms in order to increase online conversion.
  • Merchants can create their QR codes and offer discounts. They can even print them later.
  • QR code Ninja provides detailed analysis of the number scans and other information to help customers gain insight.
  • You can create customized checkout links and QR codes with the app to help you make future purchases.

Pros: Even after the QR code is printed, Dynamic QR codes allow for many changes.

Cons: The app is still relatively new and doesn’t have many reviews to testify to its performance.

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7. DCode – Discount codes in cart


  • Shopify merchants can use DCode to create and place a discount code at their checkout window.
  • Customers can use DCode to get discounts at checkout, reducing shipping costs and overall costs.
  • DCode improves customer satisfaction and retains Shopify shoppers.
  • DCode allows for many customizations. DCode support can create a discount code design for Shopify merchants for no cost.

Pros – DCode’s tech support team is excellent and can help with both the installation process and in creating beautiful designs.

Cons This QR code generator app may sometimes experience glitches that cause discount codes to appear invalid.

8. Bulk Discount Code Generator


  • Bulk Discount Code Generator allows Shopify sellers create unique QR codes that relate to discounts.
  • Bulk Discount Code Generator generates QR codes that can be used to create loyalty programs, email marketing, and even convert abandoned carts.
  • Shopify sellers can also create unique discount codes.
  • Bulk Discount Code Generator automatically eliminates any code with confusing signs for QR code readers.

The pros: This app is completely free and comes with a decent customer service unit that will walk you through the set-up process.

Cons:Customers are often stuck when creating code sets.

9. Save on Cart + Stack Codes


  • Discount on Cart allows you to generate QR codes for multiple discounts or automatic QR codes that customers may use across different platforms.
  • Customers can see the savings they are making before placing their order.
  • Shopify users can use Discount on Cart to create multiple discount boxes to match their existing store layout without the need to use a Shopify store designer app.
  • Shopify POS offers Discount on Cart integrations that are easy to integrate with Shopify email marketing apps such as Sezzle, AfterPay and Klarna.The QR code generator is extremely easy to install. Amazing customer service with a 12-hour wait.Cons: The Discount on Cart’s Configuration Page can include some new features such as the ability to display the price of the discount both on the item page, and at checkout.
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10. Discount Code, Discount PopUp By Premio


  • Shopify sellers can lower abandonment rates by using Premio’s Discount Code or Pop Up Generator. They can also offer premium discounts and promo codes.
  • Merchants can display popups at fixed times during the day by using the Discount Code App
  • To attract loyal customers, the app can be integrated with email marketing apps such as MailChimp and Klaviyo.

Customers can display QR codes based on their age, country and buying habits.

Pros: The QR code generator Shopify app offers many useful features and excellent customer service.

Cons: Customers have complained about issues after installing the Discount Code App.

How to Choose the Best QR Code Generator For Shopify


You need to take into consideration all aspects of your ecommerce business to ensure it succeeds. You need to ensure that your QR code app works with other Shopify apps.


While everyone is discussing QR codes and how they can drive ecommerce sales growth, few people are discussing the importance pricing. A QR code app that is free to download does not necessarily mean it’s the best choice for you business.

3) Tracking Feature

For managing products and analyzing consumer traffic, it is essential to have a QR code generator.

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As consumers and businesses realize the benefits of QR codes generators, they are increasingly in demand. QR code generators can be used in many settings, including retail stores and ecommerce websites. You should look for apps that offer a broad range of functions, such as the ability to track scan activity and create custom codes.

5) Customer Support

You’re constantly looking for ways to improve your business. QR code generator apps have become so popular because they allow you to quickly create and scan QR codes. What happens if your app goes down? Your business may suffer if you don’t get the customer service you need. Customer service should be your number one priority.

6) Usability

QR code generator apps have become more popular to direct customers to certain pages or products on company websites. It is important to make sure these apps are simple to use. Your QR code generator app should be easy to use and navigate. You could lose out on sales or customers if your QR code generator app is not user-friendly.

7) Option Of Social Media Login

A QR code generator app that includes social media login functionality is one of the biggest benefits. You don’t have to manually enter your personal information. Instead, you can use your social media login credentials. This makes it much easier and faster.

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8) Applicable across Platforms

This is a Shopify QR Code Generator app. However, customers may want to use the codes generated for other platforms as well. When choosing the best QR code generator app for Shopify, make sure you inquire if it is compatible with multiple channels.

Overall Recommendation

These are our top five choices for Shopify’s best QR code generator app. These apps can help you manage and create your codes quickly and help you increase your sales and engagement with customers. This blog post will help you understand QR code generators better and to choose the best one for your company.

FAQs about the Best QR Code Generator app for Shopify

1 How do I generate QR codes on Shopify?

Shopify can be created QR codes using a QR Code Generator. To create QR codes on Shopify for your ecommerce business, you can use any one of the five top QR code generators.

2 Does A QR Code Expire?

QR codes don’t expire. However, the code can be made inaccessible if it is changed or disrupted.

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