8 Best Print on Demand Clothing Companies (Free and Paid)

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For businesses looking to expand quickly, the best Print on Demand clothing companies can be a great partner. You can make your ideas come to life using Print on Demand. This allows you to stand out among the rest by offering a variety of custom products. Print on Demand also offers the benefit of not having the product created by you.

One of the most important product areas for business leaders who work with POD companies is apparel. Print on demand companies are capable of creating a variety of clothing items. These include dresses, skirts, shirts, caps, and leggings. These items can be made in many styles and with as much or little customization as you want.

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How do you select the right POD manufacturer when Print on Demand clothing has become so readily available? Today we will be looking at the top print on demand clothing brands. This is what you need to know in order to make the right choice.

How Print on Demand Clothing Works

Print on demand clothing is a great option if you have always dreamed of owning an online shop selling apparel all over the globe. Print on demand is a form of dropshipping. It involves working with a partner in creating and shipping the products you wish to sell. Instead of making your own clothes at home and selling them online, you can rely on a professional company to create your clothes.

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Partnering with print on demand clothing allows you to make your own products with little upfront investment and minimal work. Print-on-demand can provide everything you need, from white phone cases to sweatshirts or face masks.

Many POD solutions can be integrated with your existing online tools, so you can connect to Shopify to increase sales. You only need to purchase the products that you wish to sell once someone else has purchased them. Print on demand is a low-risk business option.


It is easy to quickly create a variety of products, so it is possible to rapidly grow your portfolio of apparel items and products.

There are many branding options. It’s easy to create a memorable brand by adding your branding to both men’s and woman’s clothing.

There are no fulfilment worries: Your dropshipping company for print on demand will deliver your products to your customers within a few days so that you can concentrate on your ecommerce business.

Investment and low risk. Access competitive prices for your clothing lines and keep costs low when you start an ecommerce business.


Lower margins: You could see lower returns if you work with POD printing partners than if your graphic design work was done yourself or if you purchase bulk items.

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Shipping control is less: It’s not always possible to ensure quick fulfillment for customers. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Limitations on customization: Although POD companies offer many customization options, there are limits to what you can sell.


Printful is the most trusted Print on Demand company for business leaders. Printful has distribution centers all over the globe, so you can reach your customers with minimum shipping costs and minimal fulfillment hassles. Printful has a large selection of products that you can personalize for your POD catalog. However, there are plenty of clothing options.

Printful lets you design anything from T-shirts and sweaters, to shirts or dresses. You can also apply customizations in many ways. Printful allows you to create your own unique designs by using cut-and-sew, embroidery, or screen printing.

Printful’s ease of use is perhaps its greatest asset. Printful is quick and easy to use. You can create stunning mockups in minutes. This will save you time and help you avoid headaches. Printful allows you to order samples of items that you wish to sell. You can also take photos and inspect the quality. Samples are available at a 20% discount


Printful charges based on the items you wish to sell or buy. There is no monthly fee. Instead, you only pay the base price for your products and the cost of customizing them and shipping them to customers all over the world. The costs are often quite affordable due to international partnerships with shipping companies.

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If you need to have your products covered in custom designs or if you have special packaging requests, you may be charged more for Printful POD selling.


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A huge selection of clothing products

Integrates with leading tools

Mockup Generator with samples of products

There are many printing options and customization options available

Back-end environment is easy to use


Depending on the product you are selling, costs can go up.

Shipping settings can be complicated

Best for

Printful is the best all-around solution to Print on Demand. Printful allows you to create a portfolio of clothing products that you can sell with different customizations. Printful’s mockup generator is especially useful.


Printify can be a great alternative to Printful for those who don’t like the idea of Printful. Printify is similar to Printful because of its large range of customization and product options. This will allow you to make a name for your self as a clothing retailer. Printify makes it easy for you to search for manufacturers around the globe and to order samples to verify the quality.

There are many options for clothing, including T-shirts and hoodies as well as accessories. You can also choose to have your designs embroidered or cut-and-sew. Store owners have the option to add unique labels or packaging options to enhance their brand. Printify gives you access to many shipping partners to help your customers reach you as quickly as possible.

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Printify isn’t as widely-reaching or as popular as Printful, however, it is a strong competitor with unique bonuses like the ability to sign up to a premium plan. Premium plans allow you to get discounts up to 20% on all orders, which is great for volume sales.


Printify can be used in two ways. You can choose to use Printify’s free service. This is similar to Printful. This option allows you to pay only the shipping, customizations, and cost of your item.

You can switch to Premium selling for $29 per month. This will give you unlimited product options and a discount on all products you sell. If you sell a lot of products, this is a good option.


There are many global vendors available to choose from

There are many printing options available

There are many product options available

Excellent service

Shipping partnerships worldwide


Some vendors may not be as reliable as others

Premium can be expensive for newbies

Best for

Printify’s Premium pricing option makes it a great choice for companies that sell POD clothing in large quantities. Printify’s premium package allows you to save money on large quantities of products for your customers.


Gooten, another market leader in apparel sales, offers a variety of product options. Gooten is different than other Print on Demand options. You can print your own designs. A wide range of artists are available to assist you with custom creations.

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There are many ways to grow your brand in the Gooten ecosystem. You can either bring other people’s artwork to life through t-shirts or other apparel, or sell your own artwork. Gooten takes care of all the details, from making your products to shipping them to your customers.

One of the greatest things about Gooten’s POD solution to selling clothing is its integration with many ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, and eBay. You can sell everything from accessories for your home to apparel for kids.


Gooten is similar to other POD companies in that there’s no monthly charge. The company will quickly take your information and allow you to start selling within minutes. You only need to pay the base price, customizations and shipping fees to ship your products to customers. You have the option to choose your profits.

Be aware that Gooten’s products may be more expensive than other POD companies in certain areas.


A great selection of clothing products

For beginners, very simple backend

Many integrations with ecommerce platforms

Amazing range of design options

Automated order tracking


Some items can be quite expensive

Marketing support is not a big deal.

Best for

Gooten is a great way to get started selling your art or help you find custom designs for your products. Even beginners can use it.

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Although not as well-known than some other POD companies Apliiq is a top choice for clothing design. The company focuses on apparel and offers many different options including joggers.

Appliq is unique in its approach to Print-on-Demand selling. Users can partner with specific designers to create exactly the type of clothing they desire. You also have access to many customization options that you won’t find anywhere else, such as private labels, patches and woven labels. There are many options for customization, including applique, embroidery and cut and sew.

Apliiq is the best option for fashion-conscious people who want to sell premium quality clothes. Although production can take up 7 days, you have the option of shipping to more than 150 countries.


Apliiq offers a free service, similar to most POD providers. You only pay for the products that you sell, shipping and customization. This plan doesn’t require you to sign up for a monthly subscription. There is an alternative.

You can upgrade your plan to include 100 custom labels that you can sew onto your product for as low as $100 per annum. Quality assurance is also available. This includes having your product checked by an artist in house and making any necessary adjustments.


High-quality clothing design is possible with this product

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You won’t find these unique extras anywhere else

Great wholesale discounts

Shipping worldwide

There are many options for partners to choose from


The production time may be longer than other POD brands

You have one option for sales: clothing

Best for

Apliiq is the perfect choice if you are serious about making a name for yourself as a fashion icon and want to ensure you produce high-quality products every time. With Apliiq, you can create clothing that is unlike anything else.


CustomCat, which offers hundreds of custom products, is another contender for best print on demand company to sell apparel. Its business-friendly structure makes it easy for entrepreneurs to start, even if their experience is limited with POD technology.

There will be hundreds of products available to you, including flip-flops, shirts and tanks as well as hats and hats. You have many options to personalize your products, including digital printing, dye sublimation and embroidery. CustomCat integrates with WooCommerce and Shopify to provide additional benefits.

CustomCat has more than 50,000 partners and produces approximately 40,000 units per day to ship around the globe.


CustomCat follows the Print on Demand standard. This means that companies will need to pay the base price for the products they sell, any customization fees, and shipping costs to customers. A monthly or an annual subscription is not required.

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For beginners, it is very easy to use

Integration with the most popular site-building tools

Quick fulfillment worldwide

There are no monthly or subscription fees

High-quality products


There are some limitations on product options

Best for

CustomCat is one the easiest products for printing on demand business development. With a large selection of products, you can set up a store quickly. Easy integration is another benefit.

Print Aura, one of the most sought-after options for custom apparel, is an easy and cost-effective POD solution that can be used by all types of entrepreneurs. You can choose from a wide range of products, including oneies and face masks. Your branding can be added in many different ways to make your products stand out from the rest.

Print Aura is a popular choice for beginners in the world of POD. There’s no minimum order, so you can order one item at once. Printing and shipping are reasonably inexpensive, with turnaround times of between 3-5 days. If your customer needs it urgently, you have the option to expedite processing.

Print Aura’s design tool makes it easy to check the quality and ensure that everything is perfect before you sell.


Print Aura is similar to other Print on Demand companies. Users are only required to pay the shipping and manufacturing costs. You pay the base price, any customizations and the shipping fee to ship your products to customers.

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Print Aura has a calculator that you can use to calculate the cost of your products and how much profit you can make.


Numerous customization and printing options

Many label options for products

Minimum monthly order not required

Mockup generator for checking your designs

Automated order tracking

Pricing calculator


Sometimes shipping can be expensive

Slow responses from customer service

Best for

With a wide range of product customization options, Print Aura helps brands stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. For beginners who have to figure out their profit margins ahead of time, we love Print Aura.


Spreadshirt is another popular option for printing on demand products, especially if you are interested in selling apparel. There are many great products available, including sweaters and hoodies as well as baby clothes. The service is also available in 12 languages which makes it great for international sales.

Spreadshirt is unique among print-in-demand companies as it is committed to making eco-friendly products. Spreadshirt places great emphasis on transparency in manufacturing and working conditions.

Spreadshirt offers many ways to grow your brand. You can either open your own store or use the existing Spreadshirt marketplace.


Spreadshirt is available for free for POD services. This means that you only need to pay the base prices for your products as well as the customization costs. Most products are comparable to other Print on Demand leaders. However, it is important that you pay attention to the fees when you add custom features.

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Spreadshirt shipping costs can quickly add up if Spreadshirt isn’t careful. International shipping can be quite costly.


It is easy to sell on the marketplace or in independent shops

A wide range of customization options available

PayPal payments available

Decent commission profits available

Design and customization that is eco-friendly


It can be challenging to market your products

Shipping and custom designs can be very expensive.

Best for

Spreadshirt is an excellent way to sell custom apparel online. It’s easy to use an existing marketplace to find customers and start making money quickly.


Teespring was founded in 2005 as a print-on-demand company that sold customized T-shirts. Teespring has grown tremendously over the years, offering a wide range of products, including socks, accessories and tote bags. You can get started quickly if you are new to POD with the simple design features.

Teespring offers tons of customization options so your products can stand out. You also have the option to browse the top creators in case you need more inspiration. Teespring will advertise your product as a featured selection to help companies sell more.

Teespring’s existing marketplace and its boosted network service mean that you don’t need to do much promotion to attract customers.


Teespring’s services can be used for free. You pay only the base price of your items and any shipping and customs costs. Teespring will take care of all the complicated things for you and you have full control over your profit margin.

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Teespring can make it difficult for some people to get results. However, you need to set a time limit on your sales.


Amazing mock-up generator to design your creations

Easy marketing with a boosted network

There are many product options available

Straightforward ordering

Simple, intuitive interface


Each product has a time limit for selling

There are limitations on product customization

Best for

TeeSpring is a great choice for those who are looking to quickly get their products in front of a large audience of potential buyers. Due to time limitations, it is important to be able to act quickly in order to generate sales.

How to choose the right POD company

It can be difficult to find the right custom printing provider for your print-on-demand clothing business. There are many great companies to choose from. We have some tips to help you think through the various factors.

  • Product options You want a wide range of products to expand your business in any way you like. You can sell everything you want, whether you are working with TeeLaunch or Printify.
  • Customization Many POD companies will provide you with helpful templates that you can use for customizing your items. You should look for a company that offers many options to customize your items. You should look at direct to garment printing, embroidery and sublimation printing as well as custom labels and multiple placements.
  • Shipping A reliable print provider should be able help you sell your products quickly with fast shipping times. Your customers want their orders as soon as possible. Do not choose companies that take too long to ship.
  • Fees: There are many fees that you will need to pay when working with a POD company. Consider the costs of base items, customization costs, shipping costs, and subscription fees.
  • Minimum Orders:This ensures that you are able to order as many items as you need at once. It also means you won’t waste money if you only order one or two items. You may also find it useful to get discounts on sample products.
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Other things to consider include customer support and how fast they will answer your questions. You might also want to consider how your POD solution will integrate with your current website builder.

Find the right Clothing POD Company

Print on demand clothing is a popular area of print on demand. The top POD companies offer a wide range of clothing products that can be customized and sold. You need to think about your future before you choose the right provider. How do you want your products to look?

We wish you all the best in finding your POD provider.