Best & Hand Picked Dropshipping Resources for a Easy Start

Benjamin Franklin once stated, “An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest.” We couldn’t agree more! Education is a great investment and never a waste. Professionals may not have much time. The internet offers a wealth of free and brilliant ecommerce marketing tools that are available to anyone. They are free and it will be a shame not to use them.

We thought it would be a good idea to share our favorite ecommerce marketing resources.

Ecommerce Websites

#1 Shopify

This blog is by far the best for ecommerce players. Their expert writers offer tips and advice to both new and established entrepreneurs looking for ecommerce marketing tools. Oh, and how can we forget the amazing customer acquisition/conversion/retention tips and ecommerce trends they publish regularly!

#2 TechCrunch

TechCrunch is known for its excellent coverage of technology trends and new gadgets. We can’t not include them in our top ten. You may not realize that they also cover ecommerce news and stories. Subscribe to get access to their ecommerce marketing resources

#3 Ecommerce Platforms

Caitlyn Zorzini founded Ecommerce Platforms, a site that reviews ecommerce platforms. After struggling to find the best ecommerce platform, he set out on this project. His website helps people to understand the “good, great, bad and ugly” of online store building software.

These articles are very comprehensive, but easy to understand. The comparison chart that compares 10 ecommerce websites across nine variables is one of our favorite ecommerce marketing tools.

#4 Practical eCommerce

Practical Ecommerce was founded in 2005. It has continued to serve its mission of providing ‘down to earth’ commentary and articles to assist ecommerce businesses in growing. You won’t regret getting their advice from journalists and ecommerce professionals. They cover everything from data analytics, marketing, advertising, conversion, finance and design to development. This book is an excellent source of ecommerce marketing resources that you won’t want to miss.

#5 Better Lemonade Stand

Richard Lazazzera started ABLS as a way to share his experiences. He shares the complicated aspects of building, launching, and growing an online business. He shares his ecommerce marketing tips that will help entrepreneurs succeed.

His website currently serves more than 100,000 entrepreneurs. It is considered one of the best online resources and active networks for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

#6 Casual Ecommerce

There are tons of Shopify tutorials, discussion and videos about Facebook ads on Casual Ecommerce. This channel is run by Jake Alexander. This channel is a great resource for anyone who has or plans to open Shopify stores.

It’s your turn, people! These resources are good for getting you started and boosting your sales. Do you have any other resources that are essential to your success?

Possibility to start a new business or an e-commerce store is not sky-scraping for everyone due to the factors like time, money and efforts. However, this seriously doesn’t mean; one has to shut down all the dreams and sit doing the same job. It is only possible with the emerging trend of the drop shipping business. The e-commerce business is new but is growing tremendously, giving space for a plethora of such companies in finding their way. 

In this blog, we will get along with the concept of drop shipping like its working process, selecting a niche in the sector, and so on. 

Do you know about the working structure of drop shipping?

Instead of going into the definition, why don’t we understand using an example? At the time of doing drop shipping business, you will hold the place of the seller who needs to connect with the supplier. In the dashboard of the supplier website, the list of products, customer’s order and other things will pop up. You have to make the settings in the dashboard followed by paying the supplier so the order can be processed. Now a day, most of the suppliers are instantly fulfilling the work from their end with minimum commission. 

Five main prospects of starting a drop shipping company

Wholesale vs. Manufacturer

These are the two sources from which you will get the supply of products at any amount so that it can be delivered to your customer. Either one or both can be chosen by the seller to ship the merchandise and hereby known as the drop shipper

  • Manufacture is known as the producer, creator or the builder of the product like Nike
  • A wholesaler is the party known to take products in large numbers from the manufacturer to make it available to the sellers and customers. 

Here, you should hold the thought; the work is going on with the manufacturer or the wholesaler. It is the reason; you should not get involved with the middlemen as it will lead to confusion. Instead, you can directly connect with any of the party and not the third party. 


A lot of things need to be covered here on the context of shipping like – what the products allowed for shipping, accessibility of international shipping, tracking order options, and so on. Along with this, is the company you are dealing with is comfortable with repeat orders, multiple shipping, and whether the company is directly working on the front or have others.

Order Placement 

Try to get this element added with your new drop shipping business. With the latest technologies, the drop shipping company can automatically get the update about the orders and will process too. While on the other hand, there are many where the seller has to keep the supplier updated 


The payment solution is a vital part of this entire process, and if you are overlooking this, then most of your customers will leave you aside. Many companies offer various payment options that you must get hold too.

Return Policy 

The first question is whether the return policy available and working? Everything should be validated like the time frame, return rates, flexibility, charges of the shipping company etc. all the rules and regulations must favour the customer most and should not bring loss to you as well. 

List of 8 best drop shipping companies 

Still concerned about which drop shipping to come with, then check this 


This website has a countless number of products almost all manufactured in China. In addition, the rates arising from Alibaba are extremely low, leading one to make the right profit margin. On this site, you will see various manufacturers, resellers and trading companies together. 


With 2 million products and counting, this American drop shipping site is the one to be on your list. You will have to update Doba for every order made so it can be carried forward and the customer will receive it on time. 


This website will ask for a membership fee of 67$ for a year and considered different from other sites from the list. By choosing this site, you will see around 1.5 million products, many categories that can reach the market of Amazon or eBay. 

Worldwide Brands

There will be no upfront fee, membership charges to register on this site. All in all, you will easily come along with 700 thousand various types of products in one place. Here you are only paying for the products, and it can be chosen as per your wish. 


Simply create an account and get access to 1.5 million products. Yes, there are many plans that you can pick to activate the process, and rest of the steps will be done by the website, leaving you satisfied. 

Dropship Direct 

The site includes the presence of 1000 manufacturers and 57 thousand sellers (merchant). You can get the products without paying any membership fee or account creation. Don’t forget, if you turned out to be holding an active account then 47$ application fee will get blown over. 

Inventory Source

This site is recognised for its appealing tools, ease of working, customised categories, loading and pulling the products directly etc. Though, the marketplace is limited to 30 and it works only for a fewer set of suppliers only. These limitations are considered positive for the integration and beneficial for others. 

Wholesale Central 

The site will not have any kind of membership fee as the charges are made on the supplier based on the product list of 700 thousand. As well as, options are there for multiple advertisements celebrated better than paying the charges for creating an account. 

13 Trusted drop shipping companies 

At this time, you are on a phase where product selection will come into the picture. Well, look out to these 13 drop shipping companies from popular categories including price, and related choices. 


It is among the most reputed fashion drop shipping company that you must look into. The overall design is straightforward to use, and if you are trying it for the first time, then just get on with the steps. The process works as follows – the time order is made from the side of the customers; the website starts performing the task. For the payment part, Printful will come with the invoice after the completion of the work only means after the customer pays off.


This website adds an extra effort from your drop shipping business. Here you have the complete liberty to pick the design, colour etc. on the respective t-shirts, mugs and so on. After that, the website will send all the selected products on the webs store. The customer can pick and choose the merchandise, shared and Merchify will pass on updates with email along with a tracking number especially in case of international shipping. 


The website takes full responsibility for informing the seller for the order made by the customer and its processing. You can first check with the t-shirts, coffee mugs, Smartphone cases, sweatshirts etc. and then the design. The work of printing the design on the product will be carried on by the Shopify dashboard giving an on-the-spot update to the sellers. 


Want to make a new line of business of protein bars, then nothing can work better than YouBars. It will cost you one top fee for the process set-up, and then the website will perform all the task. In short, you can sit at you home and not worry about updating about the orders to the support team. 


Set up your jewelry store without much ado, as 14.Co. will proffer you with extreme results and excellent profit margin on the bar. It reflects the high quality and amazingly designed jewelry.

Fragrance Net

With the name, it would be easy for you to understand that it works for perfumes. You can quickly start your own perfume store with the help of an immensely supportive team.


This website is dedicated to the survival and emergency-related products. Started with a wonderful thought, here you can list all the products without paying any charge at all. Plus the range of product is too much, and it will include kits for survival, hurricane kits, food storage, emergency needs etc. 

Pet Retail Supply

This site has multiple benefits that will make you enjoy your pet-related business for sure. First is the assortment of products that can be counted around 20,000, free shipping, no middlemen included, and so on. The products are like a leash, toys, collars, clothing, beds, etc.; everything for the pets only. 

Essential Pet Products

This drop shipping website is for all those who are planning to sell products not only for dogs but for all other animals like rabbit, birds, fishes etc. Yes, here sale is not the only aspect to be worked upon but is about helping more. 

CWR Electronics

The website assist the life of outdoorsmen and women at large but providing them with climbing, automotive, cycling etc. The list of categories is unlimited making you plan enough for your business. 

Roam Outdoors

It’s time to make your own brand for camping added with invoice, packaging, purchase order, marketing collateral through Roam Outdoors. This website will fulfil all the orders on your part with visible customer experience. 


The site works for the seller in the best possible manner. In minutes the process of printing, shipping, and packing will be done from the time you notify the team. The site is not only for t-shirts etc., but you can choose it for embroidery and various houseware products. 

Honest Green

This site is devoted en route for making the environment greener. Holding a list of 15,000 products and each one of them comes from one place only. Besides, the categories are for health supplements, food & beverage, hair care, household, etc. with no minimum order size, or drop-ship fee. 

Anyway, you should now think of merging all the elements of drop shipping on the table to give a kick start.