Customizable Fashion Express Dropshipping APP Review

Global Fashion Favorites

There are more than 500,000 products that can be shipped quickly. To avoid stock&pricing issues, every product you import is continuously auto-updated.

Sync Products using a Click

Select the products that you wish to sell, and import them into your shop in a single click. We connect you with top manufacturers and vendors.

Customer Service Guarantee

We will provide you with the best customer service to protect your consumer’s rights and interests.

FashionExpress – International Fast Fashion Dropshipping

FashionExpress has a wide range of fashion products, from everyday wear to elegant pieces that can be used for galas. FashionExpress allows dropshipping of fashion products. You can sync waistcoats and vests, swimwear, suits, sporting goods, sleepwear, shirts, outfits for kids, jumpsuits, and many other items. You can be sure of the quality of your fashion products.


We are committed to helping our customers grow their business. You might be at a different stage in your business journey. However, this Customization category can help you find the right services no matter what phase. All the tools you need to make your own designs are available here: custom brand bag/swing tag, custom thank-you cards and custom logo printing

Five easy steps to get started with Dropshipping at FashionExpress

  1. Set up FashionExpress Account by adding app
  2. Browse the products you are interested in and click “Add my products”.
  3. Promote to clients and start selling
  4. FashionExpress allows you to order and pay for your orders
  5. Products delivery