Dropshipping Pet Niche Product Made Six Figures

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Last Updated on October 12, 2020

The simple products are sometimes working.

I met this product on Aliexpress a few months ago, but I saw it right behind me. Some other knowledgeable marketer decided to promote this project, and that is what they had. (Comment 18k!).

The niche of dog or cat is enormous. There are several killer campaigns if you can get a few products working there.

The niche itself can easily connect you to more than 20 million people. A public with a viral $15-$20 profit is BIG money.

Analyzing the Image

The actual ad image is straightforward, but it works. It’s very easy to figure out’ you and your dog’ what this product is and how it should be used.

I’m a great simplicity fan and in practice, that’s a perfect example.

A beautiful, clear picture of how to use it in less than 2 seconds you can grasp the entire product concept. 4 if you are slow extra.

People are not very careful; especially on Facebook so what you are promoting must be very clear and preliminary. Nobody stops reading a text wall or squinting to see what the text reads on a shirt.

You’re going to lose them if you make them ‘ work.’

How much profit does it make?

It’s not my campaign so I don’t know how great the total profit is, but how much you sell on the Web,

And how much can you get on AliExpress, $15+ with delivery probably included?

This is an excellent value for money for jewelry. I found that the best price point was around $16-$20 when I was selling gems and donations. The profit and sales margins are both considered.

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Variation Product Ideas

I look at products like these and perform some reverse engineering when I research.

What the niche is? What is the niche? Animals what is the product doing? Together with your pet, share a piece of Jewelry.

Is anything else in line with these Aliexpress criteria?

I look around and look. This is where I look.

So what about a cats or horses like piece?

These are also enormous niches.

Other Opportunities

These were not commercialized on Instagram, I’m pretty sure.

Why not try to find Instagram pages related to your dog and pay for a scream?

This is where you have to think outside the box and make every possible effort to make use of this product.

You can see that it sells clearly; it just goes to people who haven’t had it yet, and to find other similar products.

Click here to Check the product at Aliexpress

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