Is it Possible Dropshipping Adidas Products Globally?

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Adidas Original is a top-selling brand in dropshipping.

The dropshipping model is quite helpful for selling Adidas Original products because of the lower costs, there are so many Adidas wholesale suppliers and dropshippers in the world now, in this post, I will introduce the products from Adidas Original which can be the potential products in the market.

How to dropship Adidas Original to your business?

Sporting accessories should be the main products for the brand Adidas and Adidas Original, in this part, I will introduce 3 main products from Adidas Original which can be sold for the global dropshipping business.

Sport clothing

Google Trend data clearly shows that people are still interested in ‘workout’ at a higher level than 75 to 100. People are beginning to exercise outdoors and in gyms to improve their health. Sports clothing is a potential drop shipping product.

Below is a picture of the Adidas Original’s most popular women’s shorts.

It can be seen that these shorts were inspired by the sweatshirts of 1994. They are also very comfortable for working out due to their high waisted and regular fit for most women.

It also comes in a variety of colors, all authentic Adidas colors.

We can see that Adidas Original sports clothes are not only high-quality and comfortable, but also feature fashionable designs and special designs for working out.

Sneakers and shoes

Adidas Original’s main products are sneakers and shoes. It is also possible to have the most popular products for drop shipping.

According to Oliver, BBC, 75.3% of Americans over 18 have more than one pair of shoes. This means that shoes and sneakers are the most likely drop shipping products on the market.

In the last few years, sneakers and shoes have become fashionable with young customers. This means that sneakers and shoes are now worn as accessories and can be worn up for walking.

According to some, sneakers and shoes are becoming a popular way to judge if someone is fashionable.

The following image shows that the NMD Series is one of the most popular shoes ever since its release in 2016.

NMD’s designs were combined with MIcropacer Rising Star, Boston Super, and MIcropacer. These are some of the most popular Adidas shoes ever made. This makes NMD unique and trendy.

The second generation of the NMD series is called ‘R2’. It should be profitable to sell shoes and sneakers from Adidas Original. Dropshipping is also possible if you have the right suppliers.


It is clear from Adidas’s recent developments that Adidas isn’t just making common sports goods anymore but is also seeking out unique designs.

Adidas Original is the brand that does this. Jackets are the main product matching fashionable designs. It can be clearly seen that this is a vintage-style outerwear, and it uses bold blocks of color to make it look trendy and different.

Adidas Original’s most loved product is this outwear. It should also be the possible dropshipping product in the future.

Chinabrands and Adidas Original products

Adidas Original is a well-known brand, so dropshipping should see higher sales. There are however some drawbacks to selling Adidas Original.


There are many imitations of Adidas Original around the world. This is why it is important to warn sellers that they should not buy counterfeit Adidas Originals as this could directly impact the sales of dropshipping businesses.

Unstable product quality

Dropshipping is a business model that allows sellers to ship products directly to their customers.

Sellers should have limited access to quality control, especially for shoes and costumes. To address quality issues, sellers should think about ways to work with reliable dropshipping platforms.

Dropshipping is also possible by selling products in similar categories to Adidas Original.

Chinabrands, for example, is one of the largest drop shipping platforms in China. Chinabrands sell sneakers and other sporting goods through their websites. To show that dropshipping can be as profitable as selling Adidas Original products, I will briefly describe two products that are selling on Chinabrands.

Below is an image of one of Chinabrands’ most popular products, a pair of sneakers for women.

The sneakers are classic and stylish with different color blocks. This sneakers are made from rubber on the bottom and canvas on the top. It ensures that customers feel comfortable while walking or working out.

It is clear from the above description that many people enjoy working out at the gym. In the future, dropshipping could be possible for sporting goods such as sports clothing. Chinabrands sells a half-zip sport corset online right now, as shown in the following image. This corset is for women who work hard and need protection to their backs and lumbars during lifting or running.


There are so many sporting goods stores are available whatever online or offline now, like Sports Direct wholesale store, it is the store that selling a bunch of products that are different brands, rather than Adidas only.

Because of the high quality products and strong brand recognition, it is possible to make a profit selling Adidas Original products. Customers prefer to buy products from well-known brands or companies.

It is hard to find genuine Adidas Original suppliers, as there are many imitations around the world. Dropshipping can still be lucrative for both beginners and veterans, so it is worth looking into reliable platforms that sell products from the exact same category.

Because of its strong brand recognition, dropshipping Adidas Original can make it a profitable business. It is difficult to dropship Adidas Original products, since it is a big brand for drop shipping sellers. Dropshipping sellers can make a profit by selling sporting and clothing items by partnering with reliable platforms.

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